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Synth City: Love and lose the App way


Welcome to another month- September, with Summer, slowly drifting off and the notion of winter just around the door, we look for indoor entertainment and or ongoing life long addiction to smart Apps. In my chatty bit this week we spoke about how we download all these hot apps to our phones then forget all about them, and then later on think, shall I use them again or what. Some apps were for fun and some for specific tasks, but we seem to have fallen out of love; of course, some were free but it is all the paid-for ones we should worry about I guess. Then there is the creative world of plugins, a real rabbit warren…

Plenty of new music as always to discover and never forget, as we had New tracks on this weeks radio show came from Empirion – Paragon Cause – Husk – Empathy Test – The Mystic Underground – Majeure – April33. Plus few remixes and as always a few classics along the way, including a classic track voted by you on my Facebook group.

Check out the podcast edition of this week’s show right here;


1) Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again
2) Jaani Peuhu – No Regrets
3) Charlotte Someone Feat Lokka Vox – Never Enough (Rusty Egan Remix)
4) Dissonance – Poison Kiss (Album Mix)
5) NUMB – Redact
6) EMPIRION – ADSR (Radio Edit)
7) Tactile Frequency – Lifetime
8) Scarlet Fantastic – To Hell
9) TIN GUN – We Are Not Your Enemy
10) Paragon Cause – Save Me
11) Fighter Jets – Alone in Our Rooms (Radio Edit)
12) Color Theory – Avian
13) Ishani – Nothing’s Changed [radio edit]
14) Husk – Feeling Heat
15) Circuit3 – Safe to Sleep (Single)
16) Tiny Magnetic Pets – On An Inter-City Train
17) Empathy Test – Just Got Home
18) Chvrches – Recover
19) Eugene feat. Garbo + Andy – RADIOWAVE
20) The Mystic Underground – Tempted By The Sound Of Violence (Video Edit)
21) Vague Notion – Orion
22) Missions – Confused
23) Majeure – Face Dancer
24) IAMWARFACE – Say My Name (radio edit)
25) Mercury Machine – The Lost
26) April33 – The Shadowman
27) Projekt Ich – Lullaby For Alisa feat. Asia Wolf (END OF NEW)
28) Nature of Wires – Harry’s House