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Men’s timeless fashion trends

Every year, shop windows shift and change with bold, up-and-coming fashion styles. While these are nice to invest in at the time, often seasonal looks can be outdated within a year. Rather than turning in old fashion garments to the charity shop every year, choosing timeless looks will create staple pieces to return to in your wardrobe time and time again. These looks can be added to contemporary trends, which means they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You will never be out of season again.

Breton stripes

Timeless is often synonymous with ‘easy to wear.’ What makes fashion looks so enduring through the decades is often their ability to be thrown on and look effortlessly chic. Breton strips are one such look, which are most often associated with French sailors. Back in the day, these were merely regarded as being an easily identifiable part of a sailor’s uniform, that was made from fabric that could withstand the heavy elements. Nowadays, this look is associated with ultra-chic designers through the decade, and so wearing Breton stripes will never look out of fashion. Pair a Breton-striped top with simple, neutral colours for a look that can be easily accessorised.

Heavy coats

A heavy coat, or a winter coat that is tailored from thick, quality fabric, will always look stylish. For example, a navy pea coat or a duffle coat for men adds a stylish final element to any outfit. A well-designed coat should be stylish in its own right, and not merely be a piece of clothing to sit and cover up everything else you’re wearing. Wearing them open can showcase the layers underneath and show the thought that was put into your outfit. Meanwhile, buttoning up your jacket will add more structure and can be dressed up with the addition of a scarf.

Slim-fitting trousers

Trousers with a narrow fit, such as slim-fit chinos or drainpipe trousers always look effortless in any outfit combination. Wearing a cut that’s a bit more close-fitting gives the effect of tailoring without having to wear a pair of suit trousers, or something that’s deliberately fitted. Chinos give off the same effect as an Oxford shirt: they add structure without being overly formal. Drainpipe or skinny-fit jeans allow you to bulk up on the top half of your body and keep the illusion or narrowness.

Chelsea boots

Whether you wear in them in oxblood red, light tan or black, Chelsea boots look good with almost anything. Not only are they comfortable and low-maintenance, but adding them to any dress-down outfit immediately adds an element of class. Lace-up boots are also a good addition, however Chelsea boots have such a recognisable design that they’re worth adding to showcase an iconic look.

What makes for a timeless trend is something that adds class and sophistication without being completely seasonal. Wearing apparel that will look great, no matter what the decade, creates timelessness. Looking to film stars and red carpet walkers who seem to always look refined is a great place to start for inspiration if you’re looking to add some effortless chic looks.

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