Synth City: Hot in this City


What a Month so far, all this hot air and football; much the same thing really. But hey, serously when was this part of the world as hot as it has been, I had to post the question, as it was very medaterianan of late, and as I’ve no holiday plans this year is this it.

Though it was a more cooler temparature for the show this week, we still had some heat in the shape of great new music, with delights from The Department – Girli – Shiny Darkness – Screamershock – S T F U – From Apes To Angels, along with a classic artist for the Voxless and the odd remix.


1Eat Raw Meat (Blood Drool) by Editors


3Number One (Dominatrix Remix) by Goldfrapp

4Pure White Light (Radio Mix) by LaGzz

5Electric City Of Light by Stereo in Solo


7Wasteland (Where’s All The Money) by Andy Ellis

8Spotlight by Promenade Cinema

9Into Place by Uno Prism

10Day Month Second by Girli

11Sunshine by Hemmingway

12Electric (2018 edition) by Eden

13Shadow Former Self by Graingerboy

14Get Out by Shiny Darkness

15Red Eyes by Thomas Azier

16The Bomb by Vandal Moon

17Rocket Rainbow Science by Screamershock

18Ghost by Depeche Mode

19Multiplicity by Dicepeople

20Vanishing by S T F U

21A Forest by Tokyo Witch Hunt

22Prayer by Sombre Moon

23Mood Music by Midge Ure

24I Don’t Want To Live This Way by Jigsaw Sequence

25Man Of Honor by Nius X

26Mere Mortal by From Apes To Angels

27Cold by Roman Zayats

28Sun In My Wake by Static Shore




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