Synth City: A Dodge ball


Here we go here we go….., dodging things and doing stuff. Now being a not very sporty person and a non football fan I am trying to find other things to watch instead if the World cup; which was a question I threw out to the listerners, so I didnt feel sad. Luckily I had 2 hours of a show to take me away from it, even thou I played my first ever football related song… HA!

Another full on show of 2 halves, well 2 hours of music and no tripping and holding ankles; as such. This week we played new from Real Experts – Huguenot – 2nd face – Methods – Samuel – Vain Machine – Trinity Ward – Searmanas – Photona and more delights along the way.


1Oh Well by Depeche Mode

2Wasteland (Where’s All The Money) by Andy Ellis

3You Look Like Warhol (Nando remix) by Photona

4She machine by Shmoo

5True by Eric C. Powell

6The World Deserves More by Real Experts

7Strange chemistry by LorD and Master

8Living For The Summertime by This Human Condition

9Miracle by Chvrches

10Blasphemy (Fiben Remix) by Huguenot

11We Keep Walking by Mind Machine

12True by Operators

13Generation V (Frixion Mix) by Massive Ego

14Nihilum (Essential) by 2nd Face

15Black Heart (Radio Edit) by Strange Eyes

16Norway by Promenade Cinema

17Fires by Methods

18Simone (Nicole) by Berlyn Trilogy

19Telethon by Perpacity

20Valentina by Samuel

21Sea of Dreams by Trans Atlantic Crush

22I Was Made for Lovin’ You by Vain Machine

23Shadowfire by Trinity Ward

24Nightbirds by GJART & Deggsy

25Undo by Searmanas

26Prayer by Sombre Moon

27Space Age Love Song (TMP Remix) by A Flock Of Seagulls

Check out the Mixcloud edition;


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