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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show for 13 July 2014

16:04:38 015 – Suno Deko – Bluets
16:10:02 021 – Ballet School – Cherish
16:15:33 Tennis – Never Work For Free
16:19:35 Zella Day – East Of Eden
16:23:45 HAUS. – Ceasefire
16:29:47 Grimes – Go Feat. Blood Diamonds
16:34:19 Los Campesinos! – Little Mouth
16:38:27 Fitness Club Fiasco – Hades
16:42:07 BROODS – Mother & Father
16:47:02 FEAR OF MEN – Luna (Version Française)
17:04:20 MVSCLES – Somethin
17:08:15 Superhumanoids – Come Say Hello
17:11:18 WRONGCHILDE – Gold Blooded
17:18:46 A. G. Cook – Beautiful
17:23:35 Champions League – Flaco
17:32:01 The Mercy Beat – An Act Of Mercy
17:37:25 LANY – ILYSB
17:41:18 The Kite String Tangle – Arcadia
17:46:17 Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days
17:52:20 Thomston – Caffeine
17:56:00 HETTIE – Rush Hour


Isn’t it funny that everything that happened on Max Headroom has actually come true in the 21st century?

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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show for 6 July 2014

Every week after finishing my show, I take a long train back to London (the studio is in Brentwood, Essex) and reflect on what just happened. Did I play enough new music to justify it being a “new music” show? Is all this new music alienating people who just want to hear some classic rock? Do people really want to listen to a show that plays new music at least 6 months before BBC 6Music, Radio 1 and XFM? As I pull into Liverpool Street Station I usually have the answer fully formed… “YES” I say to the person sitting nearest to me. I have never had one of these reluctant coversationalists come back to me and say “Jed, I disagree, I thought your show was average at best and I think you played one too many bands from Nova Scotia…”. Look at the playlist below. It’s awesome. Do you want a brighton band (Fear of Men) singing one of their songs in french? Check! Do you want a brand new american songstress singing about how much she hates a guy so much, its turned into OCTOHATE? check! And do you want me, Jed Shepherd peppering all this new music talk with tales of the supernatural, impromptu marks out of 10 (usually 7) and absolutely terrible puns on band names? check check check! well you better listen next week too then.

16:05:17 Jose Gonzalez – Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix)
16:09:49 THE NIGHT VI – Wonderlust
16:17:24 HETTIE – Rush Hour
16:22:18 Apple Eyes – Body Double
16:29:09 Thomston – Caffeine
16:35:22 PEPA KNIGHT – Rahh!
16:40:08 Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days
16:46:57 Paperwhite – Magic
16:51:03 HAUS. – Ceasefire
16:56:19 Tove Styrke – Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You
17:03:33 FEAR OF MEN – Luna (Version Française)
17:07:34 Superhumanoids – Come Say Hello
17:11:21 BEGINNERS – Who Knows
17:16:10 Au Revoir Simone – Fade Into You (Feat. Nikolai Fraiture Of The Strokes)
17:21:14 BROODS – Mother & Father
17:26:45 Bon Iver – heavenly Father
17:40:56 LANY – ILYSB
17:44:22 Grimes – Go Feat. Blood Diamonds
17:51:07 Ryn Weaver – OctaHate
17:55:09 Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves You


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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show for 29 June 2014

One band that I havent discovered recently are the brilliant Vinyl Theatre. I love them so much, I released their EP on my record label, POST/POP records. They sound like an even poppier version of two door cinema club and how could you ask for anything more? Electro-Rock-Pop stars in the making, all the way from Milwaukee! check them (and all the other bands Im doing stuff for!) on

16:04:11 Apple Eyes – Body Double
16:08:27 Carroll – Bad Water
16:11:39 SlowClub – Suffering You, Suffering Me
16:18:15 BEGINNERS – Who Knows
16:22:58 Paperwhite – Magic
16:29:28 PEPA KNIGHT – Rahh!
16:34:48 Hannah Diamond – Attachment
16:40:02 Yumi Zouma – It Feels Good To Be Around You (Feat. Air France)
16:44:07 Coasts – See How
16:56:39 Vinyl Theatre – Breaking up My Bones
17:03:08 HETTIE – Rush Hour
17:07:22 Arkells – Come To Light
17:11:28 CHVRCHES – Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys Cover)
17:18:38 RAC – I Should’ve Guessed Feat. SPEAK
17:23:20 Derrival – Original Script
17:27:20 Holy Child – Everytime I Fall
17:32:09 Vacationer – In The Grass
17:41:52 Wild Nothing – Counting Days
17:47:32 High Highs – A Real Hero (College Cover)
17:52:25 Fink – Looking Too Closely


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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show for 22 June 2014

Hey gang, today I played a song by a lady named Hannah Diamond. I hate it with a passion. I know what you are thinking – “If you hate it so much, why did you play it Jed? It’s YOUR show!” Well, that’s a good point and the reason is this: PERSPECTIVE. There is a difference in playing a song solo through my headphones when I’m on the northern line and when I am in a radio station studio with a million flashing lights around me. I hated the song so much, I wanted to see if it sounded “different” in a completely new environment. Hannah Diamond is one of myriad artists currently involved with the london label PCMUSIC. They produce and release songs that are essentially polyphonic ringtones from the 90s with an identikit pretty girl screeching over the top. I do hate it, but I am incredibly fascinated by the concept of it. They took a single idea and ran with it. I can identify with that. Here’s the rest of the playlist!

16:04:11 Apple Eyes – Body Double
16:08:27 Kings Of Convenience – Mrs. Cold Koko Remix
16:11:39 SlowClub – Suffering You, Suffering Me
16:18:15 BEGINNERS – Who Knows
16:22:58 Paperwhite – Magic
16:29:28 PEPA KNIGHT – Rahh!
16:34:48 Hannah Diamond – Attachment
16:40:02 Yumi Zouma – It Feels Good To Be Around You (Feat. Air France)
16:44:07 Coasts – See How
16:56:39 Vinyl Theatre – Breaking up My Bones
17:03:08 HETTIE – Rush Hour
17:07:22 Arkells – Come To Light
17:11:28 CHVRCHES – Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys Cover)
17:18:38 RAC – I Should’ve Guessed Feat. SPEAK
17:23:20 Derrival – Original Script
17:27:20 Holy Child – Everytime I Fall
17:32:09 Vacationer – In The Grass
17:41:52 Wild Nothing – Counting Days
17:47:32 High Highs – A Real Hero (College Cover)
17:52:25 Twin Shadow – Old LoveNew Love

See you next week, same bat time, same bat channel for another instalment of THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW!


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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show for June 15 2014

Hey all, so this show featured some of my favourite songs of the year. PEPA KNIGHT, is an australian guy who is also in the band Jinja Safari.”Rahh” is my personal tip to make waves this summer with it’s dreamy vocals and hooks aplenty. Almost as good is “Who Knows” from BEGINNERS. They are from LA, but they sound just like they were born and bred in Sweden, as the overload of scando-pop is as blatant as a shovel to the face. It sounds exactly like Tove Lo (super swedish pop princess) and Beginners recently supported her on tour so it all makes sense. Also we have “Jimi Savannah” from M&O which I haven’t stopped listened to since I discovered it on a random canadian music blog. These guys are 2 albums into their music career, so there is alot to catch up on, but this tune is a good place to start. It’s the story of a pretty messed up situation where a jealous girl quizzes her boyfriend about his intentions with another girl who also has a boyfriend. I think that’s what its about, I’m not sure because I’m distracted with how gorgeous it sounds. Here are some of the other songs I played!

16:05:31 Papertwin – Alkaline
16:10:41 Bahamas – All The Time
16:17:57 PEPA KNIGHT – Rahh!
16:21:29 BEGINNERS – Who Knows
16:26:29 HETTIE – Rush Hour
16:33:13 M&O – Jimi Savannah
16:38:38 Apple Eyes – Body Double
16:43:22 Cosmic Canyons – The Understudy
16:50:48 Kings Of Convenience – Mrs. Cold Koko Remix
16:54:42 Menswe@r – Crash – 2014 Single
17:02:09 Fink – Looking Too Closely
17:07:30 Kishi Bashi – The Ballad of Mr. Steak
17:10:53 Sondre Lerche – Bad Law
17:16:58 Coasts – See How
17:21:16 Emily Reo – Rainbow Road
17:24:20 Carroll – Bad Water
17:38:43 Paperwhite – Magic
17:44:57 Arkells – Come To Light
17:50:57 Tove Styrke – Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You
17:56:16 The Griswolds – Beware The Dog

thanks for listening to the Jed Shepherd Show on Phoenix FM for another week, your first stop for the best new music from around the world!


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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show on May the 4th Be With 2014

The whole May the 4th Be With You is one of the main reasons why the planet earth is always trying to kill us. See the polar ice caps melting? Global Warming? The bees going missing? This is earth’s way of saying “Hey guys, you know that Star Wars/ May The 4th pun? Yeah we get it. We got it in the 80s and we get it now. We get it on twitter and Fb and instagram. Please stop it. I don’t care if you have it up against a picture of a cute kitten dressed like Vader. Stop it. Stop it now or I will END things…”. Thanks Earth, a bit harsh, but you get the point. Never has one pun made me want to shoot myself in the face with a staple gun, more. I dread being outside on that day. I dread having to sit beside someone on the bus and see them looking at twitter (hey guys, I look at your phone on public transport, its my thing) and watch as they Retweet a comment from a “Celebrity” who tweets “May The 4th Be With You! Lol”. I just want the bus to drive over a cliff, with me on it, Season 2 of Veronica Mars style. What makes things worse is when people use the #starwars hashtag AS IF WE DIDNT GET IT. Just to drive it home that they know what the pun means too and to look “geek chic” in front of their virtual mates.

I didn’t mean to make this whole thing about that pun, but I think I’ve made my point and look forward to smashing my phone next year on this day. Until then, have a look at what I played!

16:02:04 Wild Nothing – Counting Days
16:07:38 Royal Canoe – Exodus Of The Year
16:12:33 Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You) [Slow Club Cover]
16:24:00 Rush Hour
16:29:43 Internet_Forever-Cover_The_Walls_Dreamtrak_Diamond_Sound(
16:33:34 Zulu Winter – Key To My Heart (Pinemarten Remix)
16:39:11 Theophilus London – Timez are Weird These Days – Why Even Try (RAC Remix)
16:44:44 Laura Stevenson – Runner
16:53:12 Menswe@r – Crash – 2014 Single
17:05:02 Marvin_Gaye_-_Stubborn_Kind_Of_Fellow
17:11:06 Keep Shelly In Athens – Recollection
17:23:26 The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Simple _ Sure
17:29:26 High Highs – In a Dream
17:36:09 Frankie Cosmos – Birthday Song
17:38:22 Sky Ferreira – Rancid Girl
17:46:52 The Popguns – Waiting_The_Winter
17:50:43 Robby Hunter Band – Hard on Me
17:55:21 M83 – I Need You

You can listen to my show every sunday 4-6pm, only on Phoenix 98FM.


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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show on 27th April 2014

Before you read this, type in “Slow Club – Complete Surrender” into google or youtube (or shave it onto your dog if you are so inclined) and hear/see just how incredible this song is. I’ve always been a fairweather listener to Slow Club, but once did meet the lead singer in a corridor (there is no cool story here, she just asked me if her shoes were cool and I told her I wasn’t the best judge of women’s shoes and awkwardly laughed and she looked at me as if I’d kicked her mum in the shin) so this was a complete surprise. Not only do I think this is the best Slow Club song ever, but I think it may just well be the second best song I have heard this year. If you are too lazy to track this song down (I fully understand the effort it takes to ctrl + c and then ctrl + v, sometimes its more than I can bear) then its essentially a cross between the theme song to a 1970s murder/cult movie, the Lithuanian entry in the 1986 Eurovision song contest, and a conversation with your ex-girlfriend at 3am where you are just audibly nodding while she tells you just exactly why everything is your fault. In other words… AMAZING.

Check out the other songs I played.

16:07:19 Slow Club – Complete Surrender
16:11:47 Royal Canoe – Exodus Of The Year

16:18:01 The 1975 – Settle Down (EMBRZ Remix)
16:23:04 Menswe@r – Crash – 2014 Single
16:28:04 Vinyl Theatre – Breaking up My Bones
16:32:14 Keep Shelly In Athens – Old Time Glory
16:36:06 Local Natives – Ceilings (Kasbo Remix)
16:41:11 London Grammar – Hey Now Bonobo Remix
16:54:00 Bahamas – Caught Me Thinking
16:57:03 MISUN – Travel With Me
17:03:39 Tears For Fears – My Girls (Animal Collective Cover)
17:08:21 Alina Baraz _ Galimatias – Pretty Thoughts
17:11:57 FRIDA SUNDEMO – For You, Love
17:17:04 Last Lynx – Lacuna
17:20:54 Son Lux _ Lorde – Easy (Switch Screens) Feat. Lorde
17:25:33 Made In Heights – Murakami
17:33:57 Shugo Tokumaru – Lovely Allen
17:40:11 Eli Mardock – Everything Happens for the First Time
17:48:56 Future Islands – Cotton Flower
17:53:46 Germany Germany – Departure

Listen to my show every week on Sundays 4-6pm!


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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show for 20th April 2014

So you know I’m releasing the new single by MENSWE@R right? I’m going to right something a bit more substantial on Phoenix closer to the time (Mat 26th) but it’s a pretty big deal for me. I grew up listening to Britpop and MENSWE@R were one of the biggest names in that mix, so it’s terribly exciting for me to be releasing a single for them. Vinyl and Cassette Tape (because everyone loves tapes) and there will be gigs and announcements and FUN. I played the new single “CRASH” on this show and the band tuned in, so I hope you did too!

16:03:00 Slow Club – Complete Surrender
16:07:21 Johnny Foreigner – Le Sigh
16:10:19 Yumi Zouma – It Feels Good To Be Around You (Feat. Air France)
16:15:10 Say Lou Lou – Everything We Touch
16:18:54 The 1975 – Settle Down (EMBRZ Remix)
16:22:41 HAERTS – Call My Name
16:26:32 Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend (Ra Ra Riot Remix)
16:30:25 Keep Shelly In Athens – Old Time Glory
16:33:59 HETTIE – Rush Hour
16:39:33 Menswe@r – Crash – 2014 Single
16:43:39 CHVRCHES – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus Cover)

16:55:21 Howling Bells – Slowburn
17:03:25 SOAK – Blud (CHVRCHES Remix)
17:07:47 Saskwatch – Born To Break Your Heart
17:11:38 Lowell – The Bells

17:19:31 MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Mix)
17:24:41 Ra Ra Riot – When I Dream

17:35:03 William Onyeabor Vs. Hot Chip – Atomic Bomb
17:42:28 Wild Nothing – Counting Days

17:49:52 Banoffee – Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover)


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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show 13th of April 2014

On today’s show I debuted HETTIE’s new song, a cover of Jane Wiedlin’s (from the Go-Gos)80s smash hit, “Rush Hour”. Hettie’s favourite artist is Sky Ferreira, and surprisingly Rush Hour sounds like it has come straight from Sky’s debut album. In case you hadn’t noticed, EVERYONE is trying to recapture that 80s sound. I don’t know if it’s just because to was a simpler time back then, when we could appreciate music because we didn’t have all the distractions we do now, or if its just because there music was “better” than it is in the 21st century, but it’s definitely happening. Every new band, touted as the next big thing, more often the not has an 80s-tinge to their sound, whether it be synths, or reverie drums, or just jangly guitars… 2013-14 will forevermore be known as the years the 80s came back to stay. 90% of the bands I played today fall into that category…

16:02:08 RAC – Ready For It (Feat. St. Lucia)
16:06:21 Johnny Foreigner – Le Sigh
16:09:51 COIN – It’s Okay

16:15:32 Slow Club – Complete Surrender
16:19:15 MVSCLES – Somethin
16:23:11 Sylvan Esso – Coffee
16:27:30 Say Lou Lou – Everything We Touch
16:32:01 SOAK – Blud (CHVRCHES Remix)
16:37:23 Hettie – Rush Hour
16:43:28 Angel Interceptor – Apple Eyes

16:49:34 Vinyl Theatre – Breaking up My Bones
16:53:20 Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You) [Slow Club Cover]
16:57:25 Frankie Cosmos – Birthday Song
17:03:04 Wild Nothing – Counting Days
17:07:01 Au Revoir Simone – More Than
17:12:17 Menswe@r – Crash – 2014 Single

17:18:23 FRIDA SUNDEMO – For You, Love
17:22:53 Favela. – Easy Yoke
17:29:43 HAERTS – Call My Name

17:40:52 Saskwatch – Born To Break Your Heart
17:45:16 Fight Like Apes – Crouching Bees
17:51:16 Hamilton Leithauser – Alexandra


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Playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show for April 6th 2014

Having my own record label, POST/POP Records, means that I have extra incentive to find the best new music for my show. Getting to play new music on the radio is like a dry run, a test, to see if a song sounds good to played to an audience. If it sounds good blaring out of the studio speakers, it will most likely sound good to you guys at home. It’s this method I used to gauge how much I liked the first song I played today. “Breaking Up My Bones” by Vinyl Theatre. Within moments of playing this song, I was tweeting (always my first method of contacting a band) Vinyl Theatre, asking them if they were cool with my releasing something for them. They are based on Minneapolis and they are fantastic, and with this in mind, they said YES! So On June 16th I am releasing the very EP (Chromatic EP) that this song comes from.

I don’t just want to PLAY new music, I want to LIVE it! Anyway, I played some other new music too…

16:02:05 Vinyl Theatre – Breaking up My Bones
16:06:42 The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Simple _ Sure
16:10:25 Cloud Nothings – Psychic Trauma
16:13:52 Strange Talk – Young Hearts

16:22:46 Wild Nothing – Counting Days
16:27:24 Hettie – Rush Hour
16:31:49 Real Estate – April’s Song
16:36:45 Banoffee – Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover)
16:40:56 Flight Facilities – Crave You (Royal Refix)

16:45:57 Say Lou Lou – Everything We Touch
16:49:54 HAERTS – Call My Name
16:54:47 Sylvan Esso – Coffee
17:04:03 Local Natives – Ceilings (Kasbo Remix)
17:09:02 Yumi Zouma – It Feels Good To Be Around You (Feat. Air France)
17:13:46 Future Islands – Fall From Grace

17:19:00 M83 – I Need You
17:22:22 London Grammar – Hey Now Bonobo Remix

17:29:45 SAFIA – Paranoia, Ghosts _ Other Sounds
17:38:08 Daughter – Smother (Tennyson Remix)
17:41:14 RAC – I Should’ve Guessed Feat. SPEAK

17:46:13 Gallant – Jupiter Grayscale
17:50:43 Tame Impala – Stranger In Moscow (MJ Cover)
17:53:23 Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend (Ra Ra Riot Remix)
17:56:46 Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You) [Slow Club Cover]


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Playlist for THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW March 30th 2014

New Music. When I tell people I have a New Music show, they don’t jump for joy, or say “New Music? I know EXACTLY what you mean!”. They usually need further explanation and I am not the type of person to spell things out, preferring to just point them toward the radio, or internet or IOS app and tell them to find out themselves. I am going to tell you guys though, as you have taken the time to read this! So what exactly IS new music? Well, not to be too patronising, its music that has not been played much before, possibly due to it being extremely new, or maybe its just not that popular…. yet! I grew up listening to the master of new music, John Peel and the thing I loved about his show/s the most is the unpredictability of the playlist. You would get some local indie band demos, right next to the exciting delights of some far flung African country. I try my best to channel even a fraction of the great man, and I make my playlists as unpredictable and as fresh as I possibly can. Of course, I DO get biased towards certain bands, but who isn’t?

The Neighbourhood – Afraid (4e Remix)
Keep Shelly In Athens – Old Time Glory
Local Natives – Bowery (Zebra Safari Remix)
Vinyl Theatre – Breaking up My Bones
SOAK – Blud (CHVRCHES Remix)
HOW SAD – It Is What It Is (Blood Orange Cover)
Giraffage – Mama
Shadow Shadow – Kill Screen
Small Black – Lines of Latitude (ft. Frankie Rose)
Hettie – Bad Blood
Strange Talk – Young Hearts
Fleet Foxes – IWannaDancewithSomebody
Africaine 808 – Lagos, New York
James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier (The 1975 Remix)
Prawn – Why You Always Leave A Note
Shugo Tokumaru – Katachi
We Have Band – Someone
Alice Jemima – By Your Side
MVSCLES – Somethin


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Playlist for THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW March 23rd 2014

I’ve been watching Veronica Mars non-stop for the lasr couple of weeks and I have decided that if I, Jed Shepherd, was ever in a coma and in that in-between state, hallucinated being in a fictional universe, it would most likely be as a student at Neptune High. I’m not 100% sure if I would be best friends with Veronica Mars or be the main antagonist (when I was in school I thought I was the best thing since sliced Smiths) but we would definitely have one episode where we share our feelings for each other while locked in a car boot, hiding from some killer janitor. With this in mind, know that I too was a great teenage detective and this has blossomed into being an older detective that searches, not for who cheated on algebra tests, but for new music and CHVRCHES remixes (seriously, how many have I played in the last 2 years?!). Here is the playlist for March 23rd. GOOOO PIRATES!!!

Shadow Shadow – Kill Screen
SOAK – Blud (CHVRCHES Remix)
Lowell – The Bells
Vinyl Theatre – Breaking up My Bones
Hettie – Bad Blood
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Simple _ Sure
Frankie Cosmos – Birthday Song
Giraffage – Mama
Woman’s Hour – Her Ghost
Woman’s Hour – I Need You
Local Natives – Bowery (Zebra Safari Remix)
CHVRCHES – Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys Cover)
Eternal Summers – Never Enough
Atlas Genius – Centred On You (Viceroy Remix)
RAC – Repeating Motion (ft. Karl Kling)
The Neighbourhood – Afraid (4e Remix)
Pomplamoose – Happy Get Lucky (Pharrell Vs. Daft Punk)


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Playlist for THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW March 16th 2014

A wise man once said “Beware the Ides of March” and true to his word, someone died that day. He never said anything about March 16th though, so I am pleased to say that nobody died on the Jed Shepherd Show on March 16th. Instead, I played this music! Pay particular attention to the Frankie Cosmos song. Its only a minute long and she is the daughter of Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline, so she is basically Gremlins The Next Generation. COOL.

CHVRCHES – Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys Cover)
Vinyl Theatre – Breaking up My Bones
Local Natives – Bowery (Zebra Safari Remix)
Karen O – The Moon Song (Ft. Ezra Koenig)
Los Campesinos! – Going Away To College (Blink 182 Cover)
Frankie Cosmos – Birthday Song
Sky Ferreira – Rancid Girl
Hettie – Just The Way
Lowell – The Bells
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Simple _ Sure
Mimicking Birds – Bloodlines
SOAK – Blud (CHVRCHES Remix)
Woman’s Hour – Her Ghost
Atlas Genius – Centred On You (Viceroy Remix)
Holy Child – Everytime I Fall
Solar – Existing Stars
MØ – Say You’ll Be There
Eternal Summers – Never Enough
bobby pickett – MonsterMash

I apologise for that Blink 182 cover btw. I thought it was sweet at the time. We all make mistakes.


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Playlist for THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW March 9th 2014

Playlist for March 9th 2014

16:02:03       CHVRCHES - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus Cover)
16:10:34       CHVRCHES - Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys Cover)
16:17:42       Karen O - The Moon Song (Ft. Ezra Koenig)
16:22:05       Yumi Zouma - The Brae
16:27:41       Hettie - Bad Blood
16:32:34       Frankie Cosmos - Birthday Song
16:35:30       New Arcades - Don't Let Go (feat. Chloe Pamplin)
16:40:39       The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Simple _ Sure
16:46:56       Lowell - The Bells
16:51:46       Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami
16:58:25       Slow Club - Tears of Joy
17:03:42       Bombay Bicycle Club - Home By Now
17:10:29       Strange Talk - Young Hearts
17:26:10       Sky Ferreira - Rancid Girl
17:31:56       Atlas Genius - Centred On You (Viceroy Remix)
17:36:55       We Have Band - Someone
17:47:01       Keep Shelly In Athens - Old Time Glory
17:50:54       Los Campesinos! - Going Away To College (Blink 182 Cover)
17:54:13       MVSCLES - Somethin

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Playlist for THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW March 2nd 2014

Playlist for March 2nd 2014


16:02:06       CHVRCHES - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus Cover)
16:07:40       We Have Band - Someone
16:11:50       SALES - Chinese New Year
16:16:28       HOW SAD - It Is What It Is (Blood Orange Cover)
16:21:46       Internet Forever – Cover The Walls (Dreamtrak_Diamond_Sound)
16:25:55       Hettie - Just The Way
16:30:20       Alina Baraz _ Galimatias - Pretty Thoughts
16:34:27       Yumi Zouma - The Brae
16:39:58       Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna
16:44:52       FRIDA SUNDEMO - For You, Love
16:48:20       Soak - Blud
16:50:56       Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami
16:54:55       Fickle Friends - SWIM
17:03:36       Keep Shelly In Athens - Old Time Glory
17:07:53       Mutemath - In No Time Pierce Fulton Remix
17:14:32       James Vincent McMorrow - Gold
17:19:55       Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)
17:23:32       MISUN - Travel With Me
17:29:10       Zoo Brother - Fourth Of July
17:33:53       Sky Ferreira - Rancid Girl
17:45:27       Advert - White Horse
17:58:54       boris karloff - monster mash

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Playlist for THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW Feb 23rd 2014

Playlist for February 23rd


16:02:05       French Horn Rebellion _ Savoir Adore – The Fire

16:07:48       Made In Heights – Murakami

16:12:46       Fickle Friends – SWIM

16:17:46       CHVRCHES – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus Cover)

16:22:42       Favela. – Easy Yoke

16:28:08       Ricky Eat Acid – It Will Draw Me Over To It Like It Always Does

16:32:37       MISUN – Travel With Me

16:37:34       Pure Bathing Culture – Wildest Moments

16:43:01       Hettie – Just The Way

16:48:51       HOW SAD – It Is What It Is (Blood Orange Cover)

16:53:15       Bipolar Sunshine – Where Did The Love Go

16:56:50       Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight

17:03:23       James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier (The 1975 Remix)

17:09:25       Com Truise – Subsonic

17:15:56       We Have Band – Someone

17:20:39       Wye Oak – The Tower

17:25:49       Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Rush Into Love (Feat. Slim From 112 _ Chuck Inglish)

17:38:25       Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

17:48:38       023 – Sylvan Esso – Coffee




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The Popguns – Interview and Live Session

IMG_3521 The Popguns (l-r: Greg Dixon, Wendy Morgan, Simon Pickles) and me in a glow-in-the-dark bio-cop tshirt!


Here are a few of my favourite things:

1: Waking up on a Monday morning, realising it’s a bank holiday, going back to sleep to resume a treasure hunt dream.

2: That episode of ‘Lost’ that always secretly makes me cry even though I’ve seen it over 100 times. (the constant)

3: The Popguns.


Thats it in a nutshell really. I make no bones about it, I love The Popguns. That’s the simple basis for inviting them on my show. For me, its like Xmas came early as The Popguns have the distinct honour of being the band that performs one of my favourite songs of all time, ‘Waiting for the Winter’. It’s the song I have listened to the most in my life, and its the song that reminds me how powerful music can be. If you haven’t heard the song before (I’ll put a link to the original video somewhere down the bottom) then what you are missing is a song with the ability to both send you into a spiral of melancholy AND uplift you to new heights of unbridled happiness. So, when I was told that Wendy would do something “special” on my show and I saw her appear at the studio door with a keyboard, I crossed my fingers that it was going to be ‘Waiting for the Winter’… LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN THE VIDEO BELOW…

So that was quite simply the best thing that’s ever happened on my show. Before posting this, I’ve watched this video about 50 times because its a beautifully stripped down version of possibly rhe greatest song ever written. That might sound like hyperbole, but show me a better song and I’ll show you a liar.


Wendy models a signed Popguns tshirt, which was given to competition winner Andy Lowe!


Okay so now a little history lesson from Wikipedia to bring you up to speed:


The Popguns were an indie rock band which played a part in the British jangle pop scene. Originally from BrightonEast Sussex, they formed in 1986 by vocalist Wendy Morgan, guitarists Simon Pickles and Greg Dixon plus bassist Pat Walkington and were joined by Shaun Charman, the former drummer for The Wedding Present in 1988.

Their first release, Where Do You Go?, came in the form of a split flexi disc (with How Many Beans Make Five?) given away free with an issue of a local zine in 1988.[1] The next year this was followed by the single “Landslide”, (released by Medium Cool Records), which reached number 20 on the UK Indie Chart,[2] and made it to No. 46 on BBC radio DJ John Peel‘s annual Festive Fifty list for that year. The singles “Waiting for the Winter” (1989) and “Someone You Love” (1990) featured on their debut album, Eugenie (also 1990), released by the record label Midnight Music.[1] The single “Still a World Away”, preceded second album Snog, which was followed by the EPs XXX and Crazy (all released in 1991).[1] Charman left, leaving the group on a brief hiatus which saw them lose a significant amount of their media coverage. The single “Star” saw them debut for their new label, 3rd Stone, who released their third album, Love Junky(1995), which also contained the 1995 single, “Get Out”. Their final album, A Plus de Cent (1996) – which features the French language version of their last single, “Harley Davidson” – was released by Tall Poppy Records.


Thanks Wikipedia. So that’s where the story ended until last year, when they took inspiration from renewed interest from the next generation discovering their music, so reformed and played a few shows and wrote some new music and I’m going to show you the videos of the new songs they played on my show right now! First up is something incredible. It is a sequel to ‘Waiting for the Winter’ called ‘STILL WAITING FOR THE WINTER’. YES! This is the World Exclusive, so enjoy!



Well that was some kind of wonderful. Can I have The Popguns on my show every week? Here is the other new one they did on my show and it highlights the fact Simon’s songwriting skills haven’t faltered over the years. Catchiness personified and I cannot wait to see this one live. It’s called ‘Long Way To Fall’ and it would fit quite nicely on Eugenie or Snog.



So you’ve read the band’s history and you’ve just watched the band’s future… now listen to the whole show again, where I speak to the band for 2 hours in an almost ‘Behind the Music’ marathon of chat and music.


20131215160010 – first hour

20131215170010 – second hour


And a wonderful time was had by all. But thats not the end, I am going to further convince you how important this band is to the perception of British Music and why we need them now, more than ever, Lets take a look at their music videos from the late 80s, early 90s.


LANDSLIDE (from the 1990 album ‘Eugenie’)


WAITING FOR THE WINTER (from the 1990 album ‘Eugenie’) – they don’t really like this video, but I love how raw it is and its always good to see Brighton beach and suicide hotspot Beachy Head!


SOMEONE YOU LOVE (from the 1990 album ‘Eugenie’) – filmed with a Super 8 camera so 2 thumbs up from me.


STILL A WORLD AWAY (from the 1991 album ‘SNOG’) – eagle eared listeners will notice that this song is referenced in ‘Still Waiting for the Winter’!


I hope you can now all see why I love this band so much and why I have played ‘Waiting for the Winter’ on every show I’ve done, even though paradoxically, my show is a ‘NEW MUSIC’ show!


You can find out more about the Popguns in these places:


So I’ve convinced you and you want to see The Popguns LIVE?

See them live in london in April 2014 and buy tickets here: (I will be there so that’s DOUBLE reason to go! :P)

or do you want to see them play THE WHOLE OF ‘SNOG’? Well they are doing that very thing at the Lewes Con Club on March 29th 2014 (

Or are you in France and can’t get to the UK to see them? FEAR NOT, Parisians, as ANOTHER SUNNY NIGHT  and Just Handshakes are inviting them over to Paris in February 2014 to play a little gig (








If you are one of my favourite bands of all time and have written the greatest song ever, please get in touch and you too can be on the Jed Shepherd Show, only on PHOENIX 98FM!





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IMG_3499I was actually taking a photo of that door, but Kamila Bleax got in the way!

On 24th of November 2013, KAMILA BLEAX came to my show, carrying the BIGGEST KEYBOARD OF ALL TIME. As I helped her carry it into the studio from her car, I had to summon the strength I kept back for such tasks as 1: Trying to get off the tube during rush hour, with a pregnant lady, a pushchair, a suitcase and 60 tourists in my way; 2: getting off the sofa with enough speed to turn off the TV when I can’t find the remote and TOWIE comes on. She taught me some Polish and we discussed the fact she hates Twitter and that I hate Facebook 


Here she is performing the Delilah song “I Love You So”. If you listen back to the show using the links below (somewhere) you can hear me really flogging a joke until it’s dead about that song title :)


Kamila came in with a really decent camera, so we spent alot of the show taking photos of each other. I think I got the best end of that deal, as now she is lumbered with an SD card full of me pulling stupid faces, trying to make a cup of tea between songs. You want to see some of those photos? Cool, I will stick them at the end of this post. First up…




FIRST HOUR – 20131124160010

SECOND HOUR – 20131124170010


IF you are a regular listener of my show (and I assume you are, thats why you are reading this) then you will know that Matt Jolley always turns up at the end of my show to do ASTEROID NEWS and he did not fail us again last week. Maybe he should have a permanent slot with his own mini theme song.


You can see and hear more from the lovely Kamila Bleax in these places:







So thats it for another week. If you are a singer or in a band and you are any good… email Phoenix FM or hit me up on twitter @jedshepherd and you too can come on my show! (maybe). I will leave you with some photos of Kamila, taking photos of me, taking photos of her, taking photos of me.


stay beautiful,










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Nome and the Natives (l-r JACK-guitar/bass, RACHEL – vocals/guitar, KAYLEIGH – drums/cajon!) came on my show on November 10th 2013 and they were BLOODY GRATE* indeed. The best thing about them isn’t their instantly catchy songs that I am STILL humming in the shower (best reverb) but it’s the fact it’s the first time someone has brought a CAJON onto my show. I’d seen them used by bands at gigs but never got to see one up close and played by Kayleigh. Now I want a Cajon, so I can casually be walking along the street with a big box under my arm and pretend to struggle with it, and when someone asks if I need any help, I can say “No, but here is MY rendition of Sky Ferreira’s Everything is Embarrassing” to rapturous applause.


Listen again here:

1st hour: 20131110160010

2nd hour: 20131110170010


Jack pointed me towards their music a couple of weeks prior to coming in and I knew I had to have them on my show. I’m a sucker for anything even remotely 80s sounding (with a 21st century twist of course, because there were also some truly bad 80s music!) and NatN sound like they are a female fronted Killers – which is always a good thing. Epic songs of lost love and lost youth with – and this is the most important thing of all, songwriters – an incredibly catchy chorus. Nome and the Natives have found the elusive formula for incredibly emotive songs with an incredibly catchy chorus and if that isn’t what you want to listen to then I hope you kept the receipt for your ears, because you’ll need to return pronto. I have also decided that I need to say “pronto” more. Watch a video below of Nome and the Natives performing “Whisper in the Night” which is their best song if you ask them… but I think it’s ‘The Young Ones“, especially the acoustic version with the Cajon in full force!


Good eh?


You can catch them playing all over the place by visiting the links below, where you will also be able to hear more music, see more photos and generally interact with them, which I encourage you to do as they are v.lovely folks and an exciting new band.


[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”250″ iframe=”true” /]




download/buy the new EP here:

visit their official website here:





Thanks for coming on my show Nome and the Natives! Next up it’s Kamila Bleax!


If you are a singer or in a band and want to come and sing/be interviewed on my show, then either email the station, or find me on twitter @jedshepherd and link me to your music.



stay cool,




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Keebo – interview and live session

photo (3)


So, I’m currently lying in bed, writing this blog post, when it hits me… THIS IS HOW WOODY ALLEN WRITES ALL OF HIS SCREENPLAYS! Once I remembered that factoid, I realised that while under cover of my covers, I can write a Phoenix FM blog post thats just as good – if not slightly better – than the multi-oscar winning film ‘Annie Hall’. If ‘Annie Hall’ was less about the relationships of a bunch of annoying rich people, seen through the eyes of a jewish genius, and more about KEEBO. Then I realised that ‘Annie Hall’ featured characters breaking the ‘fourth wall’ and addressed the audience directly… BUT THATS JUST LIKE THIS BLOG POST! So, as you can imagine, it was a surprise to me too, that so late on in my Phoenix FM stint, that I was a living breathing reincarnation of still-alive neurotic patchwork of a man who makes a good movie every other try. So in that instant, I immediately adopted one of Keebo, married her, and hoped nobody would notice.


photo (4)


OR if you want to really find out what happened when Keebo came on my show and played some incred songs, you can start by watching the video below. It’s a little shaky at the start, but thats because we don’t have producers or cameramen at Phoenix, so I have to press some buttons on the mixing desk, adjust volume levels, keep an eye on 3 computers, make sure everyone is mic’d up correctly, be funny AND film this beautiful little snapshot of life at the same time. AND THEN I REALISED, THIS IS WHAT WOODY ALLEN WOULD DO IF HE HAD A SHOW ON PHOENIX FM, but he would most likely do it from his bed with his wife/daughter sleeping in a ball next to him.


Now I know it seems that its only been girl singers/girl bands on my show over the last few months… and you’re right, but it’s not intentional! You’ll see, in the next blog post there is a band with 3 girls and 1 guy in it. I’m trying to create a balance here! It reminds me of when I interviewed a swedish band for a magazine once, and from that point forward I was the ‘scando-band specialist’. I guess at the moment, I flying the flag for the fairer sex,and I think it’s because guys in bands are terribly boring right now. We’ve been on top for so long, we got complacent and now, all of the inventive/innovative music is coming from women, or at least has a string female influence. Look at the best albums of the year so far… HAIM, CHVURCHES, ARCADE FIRE… all female fronted (Regine from Arcade Fire is essentially the joint lead vocalist) and it’s made music all the better for it. Keebo are at the crest of this wave, producing some of the best dreamy pop I have heard since the 90s. You can hear the whole show below! (Keebo from the 2nd hour onwards).


First hour = 20131103160010

Second Hour including Keebo = 20131103170010




Find out what Keebo are up to and listen to more of their sounds using the links below:









I loved having Keebo on my show, and I hope you did too! See you next Sunday 4-6pm only on Phoenix 98FM (though you can talk to me on twitter @jedshepherd if you want to get into an argument about which Nightmare on Elm Steeet is the best. (answer: Part 3. obviously)


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Once upon a time (specifically 20th of October 2013), in a land far far away (Brentwood) there lived a mythical creature (Helghyer) that was oft seen during the twilight hours (4-6pm) conjuring all manner of magic and mystery (singing) twixt dream and reality (the jed shepherd show). Some say that the sighting of this creature would herald a bountiful harvest (a good show), but there were others, the naysayers, who tried to convince the village elders that it was a bad omen…

BUT THE VILLAGERS WERE RIGHT! Helghyer was great on my show, and we shared bizarro stories, Cottingly Fairies, folky pop and SNAKE MEN. See Helghyer (pronounced Hell-Hear) sing ‘The Price We Pay’ in that little rectangle below.

She also sang a song which scared me and now sometimes at night, I can hear it on the breeze. You’ll know which one it is if you are currently listening to the show while reading this.


See and Hear Helghyer using these links:

also I would very much like to point you towards this stop-motion animation that Helghyer made herself… painstakingly. Its beautiful!

If you are a singer or in a band and think you might suit my show, hit me up on twitter @jedshepherd as I am always found there. Hope you all had a good Halloween, though everyday is Halloween for me. Until next time…


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On the 6th of October, Selin Clayton came onto my show to join the other BIMM alum that have recently been on (only Hettie so far, but I’m sure there will be others). BIMM stands for Brighton Institute of Music and Mayhem, but I may have one of those words wrong.




I am always surprised by just how talented people are at such a young age. Selin is only 16 and yet she has such a mature sound to her voice, and like Hettie, she is not one for covering standard chart fare. In the video below Selin covers the band Daughter with her own unique and apt take on ‘Youth’.

When I was 16 all I listened to was The Smiths and Punk and nothing inbetween, I could barely play my guitar and I had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Supernatural. Not much has changed since then, but the way Selin has started her music career leads me to believe, that she is well on her way to be a genuine star of the future. She could also giggle for England, in the Annual giggling contest held on the moors of GiggleLand.

selin 2

You can find more about Selin through the below portals…

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You know that saying? You know, the one that everyone says? I’ll remind you in case you’ve not been near any people lately. It’s the popular saying that people say about music and bands in general. “Every band needs a Piers in it“. You remember the saying now right? WRONG. Its a saying I just made up because Piers from Slowgun is in every band thats been on my show ever. Okay two, two bands, but you need to stop trying to pick fault in my words and concentrate on the below video of Slowgun doing ‘Stephen’ on my show. Its the tale of Toni’s (lead singer) friend who is coincidentally named Stephen as he gets into a fight, leaving the other guy “in bits”. It’s the best song about a Stephen I’ve heard since the one I sang in the playground at the tender age of 7 to my friend Stephen Appiah, provocatively titled “Stupid Stephen”.

You can hear the whole interview and session again using the links below and I rather think you should because “it’s better to listen to Slowgun, than to fight a man with a mouthful of tadpoles”. As you may have guessed, I have once again made up a saying, but rest assured, THAT one will catch on.

Part 1

Part 2

I love Slowgun alot and you be interested to know that their new single “Next Time/ Sidekick Me” was released last week 29.09.13 and they also just played with Japan’s very own ‘Shonen Knife’. I would like to one day play with Shonen Knife, but I don’t sing or have a band, so I will just have to play with Stanley Knife in my bedroom again.. (I don’t really dear readers – I’m not a Muse fan).

You can hear and read more about Slowgun and their many adventures with Tim Burgess in the below portals:

and buy the new single here:

this is the bio that someone else wrote which I recommend to read first before any of this. I shouldnt have put it at the bottom really, but I like each post to be a little like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book where the narrative jumps all over the place to keep you on your toes:

SLOWGUN formed in 2005 and have been playing their catchy indie-rock-pop tunes on and off ever since. Toni sings and plays guitar, Piers plays another guitar and occasionally attempts to sing, Stef plays bass and Matt hits the drums with drumsticks. Slowgun have played gigs with Shonen Knife, Yuck, Bellini, The Primitives, Pete and the Pirates, Versus, Wussy and many more. Their self released green 7” single “Stephen” has been played on 6music and an earlier demo of “Sidekick Me” was played on Huw Stevens’ show on Radio 1.



p.s. If you are in a band and want to come onto my show, hit me up on twitter, or do what most people do and contact Phoenix FM and make it for my attention.. it will get to me! If you currently go to BIMM, you’re probably all following me on twitter anyway :)

pps. shout out to all the people who read this far down.

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IMG_3332hettie steinmore – almost TOO photogenic.



hettie part 1

hettie part 2

Every now and then I come across an artist that surprises me. It’s not often, but sometimes it happens. Disillusioned with years upon years of seeing singer/songwriters cross my path and then fade away into obscurity due to general lack of – dare I say it – the X Factor, it’s rare I actually sit up and take notice. The music blogosphere is currently overloaded with female singer/songwriters who all sound the same, writing the same old emotional song, using the same vocal nuances, until its almost all white noise. I’m sick of them. In fact I want them all to walk slowly into a river with their acoustic guitars and keep on going until the last thing I see is their capo, glinting in the moonlight while fishes cover their ears with their fins at the indentikit ‘heartfelt’ bullshit these clockwork female singer/songwriters spout.

ON THE OTHER HAND, Hettie Steinmore is not your typical female singer/songwriter. She’s got that indescribable aura of a girl who is going places and has the talent to take her there. I’d seen her on youtube and heard the track she sent me pre-show and the signs were all there – this was gonna be great. So she came in and I crossed my fingers she would even be half as good as what I’d seen/heard and luckily for all involved she not only exceeded expectation, she has almost restored my faith in female singer/songwriters (much like the amazing Emily Capell).

I’m used to seeing girls come in and so Adele covers and if Hettie had attempted ‘rolling in the deep’ I would have had to throw her out of the studio, but NO, she did two original songs (the incredible ‘Cut me Off’ and my absolute favourite ‘Bad Blood’) and a cover of The Staves song ‘In The Long Run’. I actually didnt believe that her two originals weren’t just obscure covers of established bands because they were so so good. Nope, she wrote them herself as you can tell from the audio/video within this post, the lyrics/music belies her years. IT’S LIKE SHE’S POSSESSED BY A 50 YEAR OLD FOLK SINGER (in the best way possible!).


IMG_3331lumpy space princess y’all!


If I had to compare Hettie to any artist currently out there it would have to be Laura Marling, but y’know, when Laura Marling actually had songs you could hum along to (incidentally, why is Laura Marling awful now? so much promise!). I’m mystified how Hettie manages that incredible vocal tone without youth conspiring against her to show her up as a false prophet of folk… she’s just damn good at what she does.


nother photo for the CD inlay 😛


The thing about Hettie that should inspire every unsigned young artist out there is that she is just at the start of her journey; a journey that I have no doubt will take her to deserved fame and fortune, but I am confident she’s not in it for Facebook likes, she is in it to preach her story to anyone who is willing to listen, and people WILL listen. For those of you reading this now, you can say you were here at the start. You were there when Hettie made her first radio appearance. You were there when Hettie made a weird smoothie pre-show that tasted like blood and soil and you heard her talk about adventure time and her fave songs… and somewhere in the middle of all that played 3 songs that heralded her arrival. You can see/hear more by just sticking her name into youtube or visiting the below sites…


playlist for this show (in a weird order):

bitter rivals – sleigh bells

campfire – satellite stories

come a little closer – cage the elephant

crazy – au revoir simone

king city – swim deep

moondust – james young

now is not the time – chvrches

pretty green – white denim

street of dreams – frankie rose

trojans – atlas genius

what death leaves behind – los campesinos!

jennifer – little comets

kisser – step rockets (thanks for the CD by the way step rockets, got it yesterday!)

rebirth – yuck

the hum – dan griffin

just the way – hettie steinmore



On Sunday 22nd of September I have SLOWCLUB coming in for an interview and session, so tune in 4-6pm for more fun!


follow me @jedshepherd on twitter, especially if you are a singer/band wanting to come on my show. thanks to hettie (and hettie’s mum) for coming in on sunday and hope to see them back soon.


until next time beautiful readers,




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NED Interview and Session on The Jed Shepherd Show!


NED in session on the Jed Shepherd Show




This was the day I had two lovely bands on my show! First up is NED featuring my mate Rob Glenister! It was so great to see him and his new band. NED is a 4 piece from London/Essex and they were amazing. Loud and amazing!

You can see and hear more about them at their website:


but right now you can listen again to the interview and session by clicking on that link below. You can stream it or right click and save it to your computer for some ipod action!


here are some upcoming gigs, so go see them and say I sent you!


25_8_13      The_Silver_Bullet_London

26_10_13    The_Silver_Bullet_London

4_10_13      The_Ship_Leigh-On-Sea_Essex



ned in a car

ned in a car


If you are in a new band and want to be on my show, hit me up @jedshepherd and say nice things.




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MODEL VILLAGE on The Jed Shepherd Show (VIDEO)


In June, Model Village came on my show for a chat and a session. I’ve been meaning to get this video up since then, but life and rollergirls got in the way, but lo… here it is.

I love it a bit too much, and as you can tell from how good they sound, it was all down to me fiddling with the buttons and distracting them by shoving a camera in their faces. Being a new music show, I think we have found a gem right here.

This lovely lot can be seen and heard

on Facebook:

on Twitter:

on Tumblr:

on bandcamp:

and possibly on mushrooms.



p.s. if you are a new band/singer and want to come in for an interview and session, hit me up on twitter.

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The Jed Shepherd Show ft. Wolventrix

though i look surprised, i really wasn’t as I knew Wolventrix were there.

Another week, another #SWEETABIX band on The Jed Shepherd Show. This time around it’s WOLVENTRIX!

Hear the audio of the whole show below:

[audio:|titles=Jed Shepherd Show ft. Wolventrix]

Things they are:

1) Lyrically a great band
2) Musically a great band
3) Really into underground animals

Things they are not:

1) The 14th letter of the alphabet
2) A long lost dinosaur
3) All that remains of a terrapin’s dream

So now you know that, have a look at the videos of the live session below!

We talked about their influences which include Rammstein, classical music and worms.

That’s Tom on guitar and Alex on keyboard.

Don’t get them mixed up with Alex and Tom from SNL.

For the second day in a row I named a guest’s new song. On Saturday it was Emma Prendergast’s (Emmy Poltergeist) new track, now called ‘Man of My Dreams’. Today it was Wolventrix’s new track ‘on endings’! (though it was more a confirmation the original name they had was right :) )

To find out more about Wolventrix, follow them @wolventrix on twitter or on FB!


10: The Crookes Afterglow
9: CavemanIn The City
8: Young DreamsFirst Days of Something
7: World’s MostBig Ideas
6: Atlas Genius Trojans
5: FallulahOut Of It
4: Young ManIn a Sense
3: GiraffageAll That Matters
2: Brave BabyLakeside Trust
1: Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege

Hope you enjoyed my show this week. See you 406pm next Sunday.

Follow me @jedshepherd and say funny things to me.


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The Jed Shepherd Show ft. Dropout Dan AND B Sydes!

Whats better than a live band in session? TWO LIVE BANDS IN SESSION!
The Jed Shepherd Show this week featured Dropout Dan & B Sydes, who played the last gig of their UK tour in Brentwood last night, but luckily for us, stopped by for a chat and to play some songs.

Being my show, against their will they played about 100 songs each and I forced them to collaborate at the end, but I think the results speak for themselves!

I really enjoyed speaking to both Ben from BSydes (his name is Ben Sydes!) and Dan from Dropout Dan (His name is Dan!). We spoke about girls from the past, girls of the current and Rolf Harris from the future. I accidentally insulted Ben by calling him pretentious (I meant the song name could be construed as pretentious, but he certainly isnt! Lovely bloke!) and they agreed with me that Matt Bellamy isnt fir to breathe the air of this planet we call “Home”.

Listen to the whole saga below!

[audio:|titles=JedShepShow (3rd March 2013)]

And look, you can watch videos of all the songs too. This is like Xmas, Easter and The Day After Halloween all rolled into one!

For those of you that dont know, the day after Halloween is amazing as supermarkets put the prices down on chocolate to almost nothing, so I often buy enough chocolate to make Willy Wonka worried and to give myself diabetes.

I played alot of new music too. Below the next video you can see what I played. Fancy!

The Alternative Chart Show – 3/3/2013

10 – AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies
9 – Ghost Beach – Close Enough (Ft Noosa)
8 – Knocking Ghost – Distraction
7 – Jonny Hughes – Running (no doubt cover!)
6 – Haim – Falling
5 – Born Ruffians – Needle
4 – Urban Cone – We Should Go To France
3 – Darwin Deez – Good to Lose
2 – HAUS – Token
1 – CHVRCHES – Recover

I’d like to highlight the fact that CHVRCHES was my band of 2012 to watch and it seems in 2013 the rest of planet is finally giving them the credit they deserve. Like HAIM, they produce incredibly intricate pop masterpieces that really stay with you. The living definition of an earworm.

The video below is the result of me coaxing Dan and Ben for an hour and 45 minutes to do a song together. I think its borderline magical.

So I want to thank Dropout Dan and BSydes so much for coming into the studio, and once you’ve been on the Jed Shepherd Show, you’re a friend for life, so come by anytime!

Next week I am very excited to have WOLVENTRIX on the show. It’s a band I’ve loved for years and lyrically, one of the best bands you’ll ever hear.

Just before I go I want to say thanks to Alex Moore for basically being amazing. Filming all the above videos, not just for me, but for other DJs at the station too. One of the unsung heroes at Phoenix, and has lots of really good guests on his show8-10pm on Saturdays.

Also, there is a NEW new music show called ‘SWITCH’ in my old timeslot of 10-Midnight on Saturdays, presented by Joe Box. He plays lots of new stuff, remixes and isn’t afraid to throw a pop banger in there too. Essential stuff.

follow me on twitter @jedshepherd and say hello.



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The Jed Shepherd Show ft. Japanese girl band – NO CARS!

The Jed Shepherd Show featuring Japanese girl-band No Cars! Listen to the podcast below (click that little play button) and watch the video too! I loved having them on the show because they taught me a lot about what its like living in Japan, eating horse in Japan and finding Japanese girlfriend (apparently you have to pretend you hate them and they will be yours forever). They also let me do backing vocals on “Tuna Tuna Tuna Tuna Tuna” which so far is the high point of my radio time at Phoenix (besides doing a ouija board with Emily Capell). That reminds me, on the show they told me the difference between Japanese Ghosts and British Ghosts is that in Japan, ghosts have no feet. So now you know.

[audio:|titles=JedShepherd ft. No Cars (Full Show)]


This is the No Cars theme song. They heard my one so wrote one really quickly to compete like rivals. Their theme song is better but mine has more explosions.

This song is ‘Scrabble Mug’ about a Scrabble mug that Haruna’s ex-boyfriend gave her.

If you want to see NO CARS play live, they are playing the Brixton Windmill on March 29th and its free BBQ day too so get there early! IF you have listened to the podcast you will know all the words to their songs now and can sing along at the gig… especially to the Tuna song.

I beat them at foosball, but they won the ‘best theme song’ contest!

The show was also notable for The Alternative Chart and below is this week’s TOP 10!

10. Bliss Club – Breeze Punk 2
9. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being In Trouble
8. Deptford Goth
7. Wildlife Control – Different
6. Autre Ne Veut – Play By Play
5. Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile
4. Youth Lagoon – Dropla
3. The Little Ones – Forro
2. CYMBALS – The Natural World
1. Zulu Winter – Key To My Heart (Pinemarten Remix)

follow me on twitter @jedshepherd
follow no cars on twitter @nocarsmusic (theyre on FB too but Im not so i dont know how to find them)

Haruna holds the Essex Riding Girl Calender!

a dream come true for Haruna

If you are in a band or you sing solo, pester me on twitter until i listen to your stuff and I’ll play it if its more than half good!

Also, if you are a Japanese Girl and want to join No Cars, let me know too and I will get Haruna to speak to you.

Don’t Forget: My show is now only on a Sunday 4-6pm so tune in for more great bands in session every week.


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The Jed Shepherd Show/Alternative Chart Show ft. Emily Capell


The Jed Shepherd Show featuring Emily Capell – 3 February 2013

I love having Emily on the show. She came in during November and we did a ouija board together and from then on the radio station has been haunted (probably), so I decided to get her in again for my new Sunday show to see what her songs sound like in the daytime (still very very good). If I was pushed to describe her sound it would be; Kate Nash but less annoying mixed with Emmy the Great but less pretentious mixed with a dash of Billy Bragg’s political vitriol and rounded off with a dollop of Bjork’s quirkiness all smooshed into one cute package.


Click on the player above to listen to the whole show from 3/02/13 featuring Emily Capell doing 6, yes SIX songs! I know I often listen to myself while on the bus and laugh at my own jokes. During the second hour it was the Alternative Chart Show and below is the top 10!

10. iyes – lighthouse

9. flume – left alone ft. chet faker

8. shout out louds – walking in your footsteps

7. the strokes – one way trigger

6. snakadaktal – dance bear

5. global deejays – sound of sanfrancisco

4. the hood internet – pyramidspeak

3. zz ward ft kendrick lamar – cryin wolf

2. cat power ft angel haze – manhattan

1. bastille – pompeii (monsieur adi remix)


Thanks again to Emily Capell for coming in and singing so many songs!


You can find her on twitter @emily_capell and I’m @jedshepherd


Next week I have the Essex ghost hunters in so stay tuned for that interview (the show was today, im just a week behind :P)





if you want to download the show, you can do that here:



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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 11

“That New Music Show That Has That Weird Guy That References Stuff I’ve Never Heard Of And Laughs At His Own Jokes But God I Love It” – a slogan I’m working on.


So I’ve been doing Saturdays AND Sundays for a couple of weeks now and its settled into a nice routine. I’ve got at least 2 more Saturday shows in me before I go completely to Sundays. Who is going to tell bad jokes in the last 5 minutes of Alex Moore’s Saturday Night Live now?


Later, when I get the audio from last Sunday I will put up the audio from the session with Emily Capell. For now, this is my playlist from last Saturday:



Saturday 2nd February – Playlist

Global Deejays – The Sound of San Francisco

The 1975 – Chocolate

Shout Out Louds – Walking in your Footsteps

ZZ Ward ft Kendrick Lamar – Cryin Wolf

Chloe Howl – No Strings

The Hood Internet – Pyramidspeak

The Knife – Full of Fire

Disclosure – White Noise

Tegan and Sara – Closer

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

Jakwob ft Maiday – Fade

The Neighbourhood – Let it go

Sun City – High

The Royal Concept -World on Fire

Cat Power ft Angel Haze – Manhattan

Misun – Coffee

Theophilus London – Why Even Try

Chairlift – I belong in your arms


I need to point out that the new The Knife song is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Sometimes I am bound by the ‘new music’ label I have bestowed upon myself so felt I needed to play it, as they are a good band, and its new music… but it was borderline electroshock therapy. Sorry.


follow me on twitter @jedshepherd especially if you are a singer or in a band and want me to play your new music.




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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 10!

half lady, half werewolf, all good.

half lady, half werewolf, all good.

This is the playlist for The Jed Shepherd Show for 26th of January 2013.


Childhood – blue velvet

Hunter hunted – keep together

Iyes – lighthouse

Skelocrats – bitten by the bug

Chloe howl – no strings

Dems – christabel

London grammar – hey now

Alunageorge – diver

Saintseneca – mallwalker

Emily Capell – Louis Matthews

The 1975 – you

Solar year – magic idea

Albert ryan – we’ll meet again

Local natives – heavy feet

Crystal castles – affection

Haerts – wings

Electric youth – the best thing

New found land – mirror

Banquise – round and round

Ra ra riot – when I dream

Chvrches – the mother we share

The Antlers and Brent Arnold – empty castles

Dirty projectors – about to die



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The Alternative Chart Show – 27/01/13

bastille - sounds french but south london's finest

bastille – sounds french but south london’s finest

The Alternative Chart Show – 27/01/13


There are a few songs that managed to stay in the top 10 from last week, but mostly new entries. I really love the Chloe Howl song, I think it’s a borderline earworm. Also, do you know why she is called Chloe Howl? She is called Chloe because her dad is French and she is called Howl because her mum is a werewolf. So now you know.


I also have no time for that Strokes song. It sounds like a banshee shouting into a Gameboy. Still love their back catalog though.


10. mndr – feed me diamonds (rac mix)

9. dems – christabel

8. flume – left alone feat. Chet faker

7. iyes – lighthouse

6. high highs – in a dream

5. the royal concept – world on fire

4. sun city – high

3. chloe howl – no strings

2. the strokes – one way trigger

1. bastille – Pompeii (monsieur adi remix)


Find me on twitter – @jedshepherd





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The Alternative Chart Show – 19/01/12


IYES – This week’s Alternative Chart Show number 1!

And so it came to pass that I thought to myself “Jed, Phoenix FM doesn’t have a Chart Show… isn’t this one of your main memories of growing up? Didn’t you used to huddle around the radio on a Sunday afternoon, waiting for the slick DJ to announce the arbitrary line up of the most popular bands in the UK? Didn’t this excite you and influence you in your formative years?


The answer is a resounding “No”. I’ve never been the kind of person to care what was in the charts, preferring to discover new music organically through word of mouth, going to gigs, finding cds on buses and the lost art of the magical mixtape. (as an aside, if anyone wants to make me a mixtape, please do and send it in to phoenix for me!)


So why on earth am I doing a chart show then?

Good question and the answer is simple. This is no ordinary chart show. This is the Alternative Chart Show. It is not based on number of sales, because the masses usually get things wrong. This is why reality shows do so well because they cater for the lowest common denominator. This chart is based on the music that is REALLY getting talked about on music blogs across the world.


How does it work then?

There are hundreds of very very good music blogs out there; some popular, some not so popular. I pretty much read them all. I like to think I know whats out there in the zeitgeist and make a emphatic effort to discover new music. I am helped by the fact that there are systems and websites out there that aggregate all of the information on these blogs and spit out what bands and songs are being mentioned at that precise moment, by day, by week, by month, by any other factor you can think of. This means that I can accurately gauge which songs are REALLY about to blow up; which songs are really being discussed and fawned over; which songs deserve a place in the all new Phoenix FM Alternative Chart Show!




Phoenix FM Alternative Chart Show – 4-6pm – Sunday 19th of January 2013


10. banquise – round and round

9. the airplanespaper hearts

8. albert ryan – we meet again

7. sin fangyoung boys

6. the antlers & brent arnoldempty castles (no windows refracted)

5. magnetic poetry – paper hands

4. mndrfeed me diamonds (rac mix)

3. bowmont – ruphmiup

2. demschristabel

1.     iyeslighthouse



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The Jed Shepherd show – Episode 9


dems – one of the best new bands of 2013


It’s the first show of a double bill this weekend.


This is the Saturday playlist for the Jed Shepherd Show.




ra ra riotwhen I dream

blue rosesriver (joni mitchell cover)

bowmont – ruphmiup

local nativesheavy feet

mndrfeed me diamonds (rac mix)

cy dunewhere the wild things

magnetic poetry – paper hands

1975 you

chVrchesthe mother we share

the airplanespaper hearts

iyeslighthouse (SINGLE OF THE WEEK)

future islandscotton flower

sin fangyoung boys


wait what?speak breathe

sky ferreiraeverything is embarrassing

strfkr leave it all behind

chrome sparkssend the pain on

emily capelllouis matthews



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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 8

playlist for 12th of January 2013.


The lead up to this show was strange. My train from Liverpool St to Shenfield was delayed and I didnt think I was going to make it. I gave Alex Moore a call to hold the fort just in case I was too late. While on this train, I met a girl who was scared of dogs and suddenly a massive dog appeared behind her. An old American woman vowed to stay between the dog and the now scared stiff girl. Then the scared girl told me she was scared because she read a story about a dog eating a baby. I asked her to elaborate but she was frozen. I also sat opposite a lovely girl named Hannah who gave me some tips on who to play on my show that night… if I was ever going to make it. she told me to play AlunaGeorge which I didnt remember at the time, but I had played them the show previously.


I got to the studio with seconds to spare before Alex put on Justin Beiber and this is the playlist you heard…


GEMS – All I ever

Zoe Sky Jordan – Broken Bone

Chromatics – Ceremony

dems – Cristabel

AlunaGeorge – Diver (for hannah!)

MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix)

Velveteens – Japanese

The Antlers and Brent Arnold – Empty Castles

Local Natives – Heavy Feet

Magnetic Poetry – Paper Hands

Ra Ra Riot – When I Dream



I also spoke about the urban legend of Gloomy Sunday, the hungarian song linked to a bout of suicides 50 years ago. I played the Billie Holiday version of the song which was unusual to say the least!


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i never knew what zoe sky jordan looked like until just now. might play her again…

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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 7

Playlist for January 5th 2013.


AlunaGeorge – Watching Over You

Electric Guest – Waves

Dan Deacon – True Thrush

Taquwami-vvi+h You

Vacationer – Trip

Geographer – The Myth of Youth

Stars – The Theory of Relativity

Dr. Dog – These Days

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

Bear FVce – Taste My Sad

Triathlon – Teenager

The 1975 – You

Beach House – Lazuli

Absofacto – Lies



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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 6

This is my playlist for show 6, again its THE MUSIC OF TOMORROW, TODAY.


Andy Shauf – You’re Out Wasting

Majical Cloudz – Turns Turns Turns

Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter

Holobody – Ninnyhammer

Lovelier Other – Leave This Behind

The New Division – Kids

Tropics – Invitation

The National – I’ll See You In My Dreams

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

Oh No! Yoko – Mimi Ashi

Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love

The Little Ones – Argonauts

Plaid Dragon – Dog Physics

Flume – Holdin On

Wake Owl – Gold


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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 5 (Apple Eyes in session and interview with Alan Bagh)

This was a great show if I do say so myself.


I had the ultra great APPLE EYES in session, playing a few songs (I even joined them on White Xmas at the end!) and an interview with actor Alan Bagh on Birdemic, Birdemic 2 and fandom!

In the process of uploading the whole show now and will be (here) very soon.


The rest of the show looked like this:


Mystery Pills – Anti-Pattern

The Little Ones – Argonauts

Widowspeak – Ballad of the Golden Hour

Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love

OMN – Between us now

Hey Rosetta! – Carry Me Home

Chromatics – Cherry

Guards – Coming True

Autre Ne Veut

Plaid Dragon – Dog Physics

Pacific Air – Float

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Give Me A Sign

Wake Owl – Gold

Flume – Holdin On

Bambery – House Wrens

The National – I’ll see you in my dreams

Tropics – Invitation



@jedshepherd on twitter




this is claire from apple eyes. matt from apple eyes is hiding.

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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 4

Four shows in and all is well… except I still cant get the news to play dead on. I’ll get there though!


Looking at the list below, I could easily just make up most of these band names, but I didnt! It’s a new music show with music so new, it looks strange on the eyes.


George Pringle isnt so new, she has been around for a while and once gave me her phone number but I lost it, so quite upset with myself about that.


31 Knots – Candles on Open Water

B.Hantoot – Sonatarabidus

Future Islands – Cotton Flower

Damien Jurado – Arkansas

Listener – Wooden Heart

Fiction – Curiosity

Diedre Muro – Mememory Monster

Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

Eye Emma Jedi – Crucified

Finelle – Modern Dance

Foxes in Fiction – memory pools

Gardens & Villa – Cool Summer Records Ltd

George Pringle – Kill Her if you can, Loverboy

How I Became the Bomb – Harvest

Little Red – Coca Cola

Animal Collective – Todays Supernatural

Weismullers – Sci-Fi



Show 5 playlist coming up!


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i lost this girl’s number, what an idiot.

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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 3

Hi all,


I’ve been more lax with updating my page than I would like to be, so now you’re going to get a data blast, much like the end credits of that 90s computer game show hosted by the blonde girl with spiky hair. I think her name was Violet? Or am I thinking of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I digress, here was my playlist for show 3…


FEWS – Things

Hammock – Tonight we burn like stars that never die

The Airplanes – A Summer Daydream

Amenamy – Purity Ring (Single of the Week)

Silver Firs – Away We Go

A.Zebra – Bassador

Twin Shadow – Beg for the Night

Jethro Fox – Blinding Light

Little Comets – Bayonee

Future Islands – Cotton Flower

The Very Best – Motorcycle

Trails and Ways – Mtn Tune

The Helio Sequence – October

fthrsn – oooweeooo

Oh No! Yoko – Mimi Ashi

California Wives – Purple

Emily Capell – Louis Matthews

Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler – Zombie Xmas



so there we go, that was show 3, playlist for show 4 coming up in a minute…




@jedshepherdone of my fave new bands


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The Jed Shepherd Show – Episode 2 ft. Emily Capell


Hello Again.


Episode 2 was a rollercoaster ride of supernatural goings-on. Actually a  supernatural rollercoaster would more or less be a Ghost Train right? Episode 2 was a Ghost Train. A Ghost Train with a soundtrack FROM THE FUTURE.



That link above may save you from having to read all of the below but then you don’t get to see the two hastily show videos below of Emily Capell singing!


This is Emily singing ‘Louis Matthews’. I shot it using a super 8 filter on my iphone so it would look like an Amblin movie. Instead you can see my fumbling around trying to line up the next song, falling over my chair AND I think the alarm on my pink Casio digital alarm went off. Emily sang beautifully though. She even self-censored the bad word in the song for me. The word that rhymes with “hit”.

This is Emily singing ‘Plastic’. It’s from the forthcoming EP “Who Killed Smiley Culture” which is so named to highlight the fact, MC Smiley Culture was killed in the recent London Riots in mysterious circumstances.


For show 2, Emily basically co-hosted with me, as I just left her mic up the whole time so it wasnt me just talking to myself. I told the story, nay URBAN LEGEND, of The Brentwood Witch, Elsie Woodrich.

Oh you want to hear all about this story? Well LISTEN TO THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW HERE again. Even if you’ve only just heard it.


I played ALOT of new music too and here is my playlist:


The Jed Shepherd Show Theme

Little Stella – Bluff

Twin Shadow – Beg For The Night

Childhood – Blue Velvet

Local Natives – Breakers

Los Jardines de Bruselas – Butterflies

Teen Daze – By Love

Chet Faker – Cigarettes and Chocolate

Parade of Lights – Just Give it Up

Leann Grimes – Leann Vines

Oh No! Yoko – Mimi Ashi – Song Of The Week

Sea Wolf – Old Friend

Why? – Strawberries

Chvrches – The Mother We Share

Electric Youth – The Best Thing

Ultraista – Small Talk


At the end of the show, Emily and I did a ouija board – for possibly the first time on radio – to try to contact the ghost/spirit of The Brentwood Witch. The planchette moved when we called to Elsie, but it confirmed that it wasnt Elsie, it was something else.


Bit of a downer to end the show, but it was extremely eventful 2 hours. Thanks again to Emily and go visit her (and buy her EP on Dec 1st) at and @emily_capell on twitter.


see you next week!




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THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW – EPISODE 1: The Rise and Fall of The Greatest New Music Show on Radio.

jed shepherd's single of the week

jed shepherd's single of the week "The Mother We Share" by CHVRCHES


on a true story.


those who listened to my comeback show (Nov 3rd 2012 – first one for about 4
years!) you won’t need me to tell you that I played the SONGS OF THE FUTURE.
Songs that are so new, that they almost haven’t been written yet. Songs so
fresh that… something something something freshness…. hmmm. You also won’t
need me to tell you – as you can recall fondly – how in order to ingratiate
myself back in the Phoenix FM fold, I spent the show learning facts about
Essex. You possibly didn’t expect this to be life-affirming nuggets of info
that may – or may not – have brought you closer to the ones around you.

facts included:

  • The
    mystery of Thomas Richman’s buried treasure has gone unsolved since 1780.
    It is suppose to be buried somewhere in Essex
  • The
    first crocodile to be brought to the UK was in 1701 by Richard Bradley who
    kept it in the lake and grounds of his home in Braintree
  • During the
    witch hunt in the Middle Ages there were more reported witches in Essex
    than Devon and Cornwall combined
  • People
    living in Essex are 38% more lightly to be hit by falling aeroplane parts
    than anywhere else in Britain
  • The first ice
    making machine in the UK was built in Romford in 1871 by James Ernest
    Lighthouse using the vapour evaporation method
  • The
    male suicide rate in Essex is the lowest in the UK
  • Women from
    Essex have larger breasts. The top bra companies sell 25% more D to G cup
    bras than anywhere else in the UK
  • NASA’s
    space shuttle has only ever had one report of theft. That was in 1983
    whilst on display atop a Boeing 747 at Stansted Airport Essex. In total
    seventeen items of value were stolen along with a further fifty three
    items from the Jumbo jet used to carry it. Nobody was ever charged by
    Essex police in connection with the theft.
  • In 1651 Henry Joist, an amateur
    cartographer from Ilford attempted to measure various distances between
    Essex villages. Unfortunately for Joist he failed to calibrate his
    equipment first. As a result Joist’s mile was in fact just over a mile and
    a half. Using his calculations would have put Clacton about thirty miles
    into the English Channel. From then on distances that appeared further
    than imagined were called “an Essex mile” later changed to “a country mile”

you can see, much fun was to be had. I also brougnt to light the mystery and
myth of A DRAGON THAT WAS SEEN IN ESSEX. Yes, a news report that I found on the
ever reliable INTERNET, brought me the story of a live dragon that was
witnessed in Brentwood and lovingly captured in the form of MSPaint and lies.

you didn’t listen to my show to hear about cryptids did you? No. you listened
on the oft chance you would hear new music, new bands and me messing up and
trying to dodge the webcam. You wish was answered and in no particular order
here are the songs I played in no particular order.

The Hidden Messages/Apple Eyes – The Jed Shepherd Show

I have a theme song. Yes that is an explosion at the end. and what?

CHVRCHES – the mother we share (SINGLE OF THE WEEK)

I said around 26 times on the show, I genuinely think this is not only the song
of the week, month or year… but maybe the song of the 21st century. Maybe its
just me. Actually its quite possible I have just formed some sort of bond to
this song as it has everything my ears need, encapsulated in a 3 minute bullet
of indietronica that threatens to TEAR MY HEART APART. Okay maybe not as
dramatic as that, but the first time I listened to it I had to put it on 100
more times until I was sure that a band from Glasgow, who had never done
anything previously, had somehow crafted a song of such majestic pop beauty it
cast a shadow on the entire concept of The Jed Shepherd Show. How am I meant to
play new music all the time when all I want to play is this over and over again
until they take me away to a nice bouncy room with nothing but the people I
draw on the walls as company? I don’t think I’ve been so in love with a song,
so immediately that I daydream about it like its an unrequited love thats
accidentally sent me a text. I dare you not to embrace this like it’s a cold
pillow on a hot night, like it’s a high five from that guy you’ve always
thought was cool but never gave you the time of day, like its a incredible
moment of clarity in your working day when you realise that life isnt just
about trying to make everyone else happy, its about making yourself happy and
everyone else can go eat bees. This song is like that.

The Griswolds –

love The Griswolds. this sounds like a Lonely Island parody song, but its real.
Very real. In fact its brilliant.

Yuko Yuko – My Ego, Your Echo

this is a new music show I wanted to throw in a band that nobody has ever heard
before and think I succeeded with this one. Its also a really lovely song . I
have no idea what its about but throw me a catchy chorus and I’m all up in

Yuno – Sunlight

friend Tina used to call herself Yuno on music forums. I don’t speak to her
anymore. Hope she is okay. I don’t think this is her, but she used to sing, so
maybe it is. *sigh*

Matt & Kim – Let’s Go

welcome on the Jed Shepherd Show, M&K just make happy music. A mainstay of
any summer mixtape and I don’t think I’ve ever heard them produce a bad song
(or at least one without some sort of merit)

Young Dreams – fog of war

genius. I’d never heard of Young Dreams until recently but I have scoured the
internet for everything they have ever done now. If ever a band is due to go
mainstream, just through quality of output, it’s them. Steadily accruing more
and more interest on music blogs across the world, these are one to watch.

Andrew Bird – Three White Horses

Beautiful. Andrew Bird has been around for ages, but this isnt a new band show,
its a new music show so thats why I’ve plumped for this. Summons up images of
riding across a desert with nothing but the sky above you and the sound of
galloping, echoing across an expansive canyon, and then suddenly it stops and
you realise you are in your flat in london and the horse you were riding on is
in fact the arm of your sofa and everybody is looking at you.

Kopecky Family Band – Heartbeat

band I’ve ever listened to has a song called ‘Heartbeat’ but I’ve never heard a
bad one. Maybe bands make a quality tune and then attach the moniker
‘heartbeat’ to it to become part of a great collection of songs with that name.
That’s why I’ve written a song called “Candle in the Wind” about that
time when I threw a candle at a cat on a windy day.

DUDES – Somewhere Close 2 U

knows there is nothing cooler than substituting words with numbers. Okay maybe
EVERYTHING is cooler than that. Good song though, terrible spelling.

Elvis Depressedly – Hurt Everything

chose to play this based on the band name. Thats an incred good band name. This
is probably style over substance as in hindsight I’m not too peachy keen on
this song. Still… that band name eh?

Childhood – Blue Velvet

the show, my ex-girlfriend text me to let me know she endorses this song.
Therefore I retract my previous love of this tune and consign it to the ‘Never
Play Again’ List. I will however play other songs called ‘Blue Velvet’ as a nod
to David Lynch for being the best human being alive.

Crystal Castles – Affection

the most well known band I played. It’s their new tune and its a canny one at
that. They are the band that for the most part sounds like a robot falling into
some Lego, but are consistantly innovative and breathtakingly fresh. Live they
are a bit hit and miss, but exciting nonetheless.

ABADABAD – All The Bros Say

would have been amazing if ABADABAD was the chord sequence for this song. It’s
not though. I checked. It’s a really poppy slice of Americana that I’ve found
myself playing on my iphone most days. I know how that sounds.

Chad Valley – Fall 4 U

Valley is one of my favourite new bands. I will probably play another new track
from them on my next show. they seem to be remixed to high heavens, which only
means more bang for your buck. Google them and listen to their soundcloud.

The 1975 – You

the show, I proclaimed that this band are potentially the next big thing. I
don’t mean that in an altogether good way. I mean they are possibly the next
Snow Patrol. Yes, that sounds like a diss and perhaps it is. Commercial indie
rock for the masses is exactly what they were going for an I think they
achieved it. It’s very listenable and I have oft hummed this on the way to the
fridge. they have a song called ‘Sex’ that should have been the song of the
summer but kinda fizzled out. Give them your ear and you’ll probably love them.

Electric Youth – The Best Thing

film ‘DRIVE’ has alot to answer for. It has brought a bout of copycat films,
all trying to get that same neo-noir look that harks back to neon-nights and
80s sensibilities. I’m all for that. More 80s in my face please. What ‘Drive’
has also done is created an industry of bands who are trying to imitate the
perfect soundtrack. Electric youth appeared in the aforementioned soundtrack
with probably the best tune of all ‘Real Hero’ and in a perfect facsimile of
themselves, have produced a song that sounds exactly like it. This is of course
in hope of crafting the same success, but thats never going to happen. In
summary, this is SUCH an emotive tune, a bit like getting a message off the
ghost of someone with soft hands, who only throws around teddy bears.

Sky Ferreira – everything is embarrassing

of all, DO NOT JUDGE ME. I stand by this song and also the artist. Even though
she is POP through and through. just find this song and listen to it. The
reverb, the pauses, the brevity of narrative, the tailing off of Sky’s vocals
at the end of some of the lines. It’s like it was recorded at the bottom of a
well where every now and then, a villager drops pennies on her head in the
belief the ‘magic well witch’ might grant them a bountiful harvest. I would
have said it was my song of the week but that is coming up. honestly, listen to
any song Sky’s ever done and you’ll be amazed at how creative pop can be.

Solange – sleep in the park (Twin Shadows Remix)

original is awful. This remix by Twin Shadows elevates the below-par to
something akin to radio-friendly Valhalla. again, there’s only approx 5 words
in the whole song, but the repetition and the bass/drum tangle made me wake up
and question whether Solange (aka Beyonce’s sister) has something that other
artists don’t have. she doesn’t. she isn’t really any good, but it highlights
what a great producer can do with the minimum of content. Twin shadows
(Solange’s labelmate) is a force to behold. Anything with the TS name on it in
any capacity is a joy to behold and worth a second listen.

A Fine Frenzy – Now is the start

took me a while to warm to this song. It’s as if it didn’t want me to like it.
Has this song been used on an Apple advert or something? It sounds like the
kind of Arcade Fire rip-off that they would go gaga for. I’m not kidding about
the Arcade Fire-ness of this track or the band as a whole. It’s uncanny but
obviously they do not have the twin-galaxies of Win & Regine to lend their
tragi-vocals to the track, so it ends up being an ultimately empty indie-pop
song with way too much synth in that middle 8. I’m an arm-length fan at best.

Pear shape – the coca cola kid

threw this in as it sounds like every Scando-band ever to come out of that set
of countries who secretly all hate each other. Surprisingly, this band do not
hail from Gothenburg but from Australia! the mroe I think about it, the more I
see similarities to one of the best band of the last decade (Architecture in
Helsinki of course) in the quirky intonations and the lyrical humour. Its
bubblegum, its lite-indiepop, its almost Strokes-esque but what it isnt, is a

Haerts – Wings

the last week this song has become even more popular across the internet. I’m
not surprised as it matters a female vocal comparable to Stevie Nicks against a
backdrop of a 21st century Tears for Fears track. I’m not quite sure where this
band is going, but I want a piggy-back there.

Trails and Ways – Border Crosser

Thats what we need in songs. More Whistles. this track delivers and also has
one of my fave hooks of the male/female – call/response dynamic. It’s just a
well constructed song that even manages to sound fresh when it has a train
sample in it.

Emily Capell – Louis Matthews

this song. LOVE this girl. LOVE. I’m totally biased though as she is coming in
to perform on THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW this week (yay!). This track is about her
unrequited affection to the titular character and her attempts at lovingly
GIRLS, MAN. I will be asking her ALL the questions and listening to alot more
of her songs during the next show. This is her myspace (myspace is still a
thing right?)
but you can hear hre in lots of places if you just google her name. I think she
is briliant and I will be playing more of her songs on shows even when she isnt

that was my first NEW show of 2012. If you listened in, I hope you enjoyed it.
If you didn’t then frankly you’re not my target audience and you should
immediately seek medical advice as I fear your ears (and possibly brain) are
not working as they should.

Whats on the next show?

Capell and me telling Ghost Stories (and playing new music).



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