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27/01/2015 – Phoenix Calling Session/Interview

27/01/2015 – Phoenix Calling Session/Interview

Alex Hoggett January 28, 2015 0

On this weeks show I was joined in the studio by Peterborough-based band; ‘Phoenix Calling’. They performed one acoustic track in the studio as well as doing an interview and playing their latest single;

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Alex Hoggett January 28, 2015 0

On this weeks show I looked at songs over 5 minutes, with one song going over 8 minutes! Full Playlist: Biffy Clyro - Different People Band Of Horses - The Funeral We Are Falcon

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Alex Hoggett January 16, 2015 0

On this weeks show, I played my top tips for 2015, with a lot of new and up and coming bands featured. I also played 3 bands that will be releasing new albums this

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Alex Hoggett January 16, 2015 0

Full Playlist: Temples - Mesmerise Oscar And The Wolf - All we want Keaton Henson - You Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - In The Heat Of The Moment The Red Paintings - You're

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Alex Hoggett January 16, 2015 0

Full Playlist: Castle River - Consistent Sister The Libertines - Music When The Lights Go Out Sons Of The East - Come Away Vampire Weekend - Diane Young Jamie T - Turn On The

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Top 30 Singles 2014

Alex Hoggett December 16, 2014 0

This week I counted down my Top 30 singles of the year, with Turbowolf finishing at number 1 with their song ‘Solid Gold’. Full Countdown: 30 – Vance Joy – Riptide 29 – We

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Alex Hoggett December 1, 2014 0

Mallory Knox were my featured artist on this weeks show, due to the fact of them releasing a new single and me seeing them the following day at The Electric Ballroom. The gig itself

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Alex Hoggett November 25, 2014 0

Full Playlist: Charlie Simpson - Winter Hymns Bear's Den - Magdalene Now, Now - Colony Bahamas - Lost In The Light Amber Run - I Found Bon Iver - Michicant Kasabian - Take Aim

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Alex Hoggett November 12, 2014 0

A themed show this week, with the theme being 'Guitar Anthems'. I went through finding all my favourite songs with either a good guitar riff or solo. Full Playlist: The Eagles - Hotel California

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Alex Hoggett October 24, 2014 0

On this weeks show, I featured a few new bands that I discovered this week. I also played brand new tracks from Mallory Knox, Biffy Clyro and Bear's Den. Full Playlist: Sticky Fingers -

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Alex Hoggett October 24, 2014 0

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town City And Colour - Confessions Castle River - Lucid The Winter Tradition - From Afar Falling Off Maps - I Don't Know What You Want

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Alex Hoggett October 9, 2014 0

I introduced a new feature on this weeks show. 'Same Name, Different Song', pits two songs with the same name back to back, showing how despite having the same name, two songs can sound

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Alex Hoggett October 2, 2014 0

Full Playlist: Babel – Hozanna Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours Smoke And Jackal - Fall Around The Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth Foals - Inhaler Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow (hey oh)

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Alex Hoggett September 24, 2014 0

On this weeks show I had a lot of new music, as well as a selection of older songs. My track of the week came from Catfish And The Bottlemen and their song ‘Sidewinder’.

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Alex Hoggett September 17, 2014 0

On this weeks show I had several new singles to play, including tracks from; Jungle Doctors, Lonely The Brave and Mallory Knox, who also took my track of the week accolade with their song

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Alex Hoggett September 11, 2014 0

On this weeks show, lots more new music! My track from the past feature was also back, with Led Zeppelins’, ‘Bron-Y-Aur Stomp’, taking the accolade for this week. Track of the week came from

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Alex Hoggett September 6, 2014 0

After 3 Months in Canada, I was back on the radio this week, with a jam packed show, full of new music I had discovered during the time I was away. My track of

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Alex Hoggett May 25, 2014 0

This weeks show featured a few brand new songs. ‘Hot Squash’, by Pulled Apart By Horses was one of these songs, and also took the title of my ‘Track Of The Week’. Another new

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Alex Hoggett May 25, 2014 0

Full Playlist: Twin Atlantic - I Am An Animal Band Of Skulls - Hoochie Coochie Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights Fatherson - I Like Not Knowing Rainbows Are Free - Last supper Bring

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Alex Hoggett May 8, 2014 0

On this weeks show I had a lot of new bands to show off that I had discovered in the last couple of weeks. Most of these bands were in the heavy rock genre,

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Alex Hoggett May 2, 2014 0

On this weeks show I had a few new singles to play you coming from; Turbowolf, Harper and Arcane Roots. Turbowolf’s new single ‘Solid Gold’, was my Track Of  The Week, following seeing them

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Alex Hoggett April 24, 2014 0

On this weeks show I had a real variety of music, crossing over to many different genres! Ranging from Ben E. King (Track from the past) to Eddie Murphy (And now for something a

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Alex Hoggett April 20, 2014 0

Back to normality this week, with no bands in the studio or guest presenters, so a pretty standard show with the usual features; Track of the week, track from the past and my random

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Alex Hoggett April 14, 2014 0

On this weeks show I was joined by the boys from Feral Sun for a session and interview. Their latest single 'Evacuate', was also my track of the week. Full Playlist: The Kooks -

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Alex Hoggett April 2, 2014 0

On last weeks show I was joined by Dave the front man of the band ‘Falling Off Maps’, for a session and interview. I was also joined by the bassist from local band ‘Harper’.

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Alex Hoggett March 20, 2014 0

On this weeks show I had more new bands to showcase with Australian Indie-Pop Five Piece 'Ball Park Music', taking my track of the week with their song 'She Only Loves Me When I'm

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Alex Hoggett March 12, 2014 0

On this weeks show, I featured bands that had either been on the show doing a session, or I have found through my show (getting emailed the songs). The previous guests I played were;

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Alex Hoggett March 6, 2014 0

A few new bands to play on this weeks show as well as a selection of acoustic and rock songs throughout the show. Royal Blood were my track of the week with their song

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Alex Hoggett March 6, 2014 0

Last weeks show had a rather heavy feel to it, with a lot of metal songs being played to contrast with the previous weeks retro feel. Full Playlist: Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters &

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Alex Hoggett February 21, 2014 0

This weeks show had a strong retro feel to it, with a lot of the songs being 'Golden Oldies', despite this I still had a few new songs and more current music too! Full

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Alex Hoggett February 13, 2014 0

On this weeks show, I had several new singles to play. Coming from the likes of Editors, Curse These Metal Hands and Arctic Monkeys. I also played 'Out Of The Black', from Royal Blood,

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Alex Hoggett February 9, 2014 0

Looking back at one of my first shows this week, as well as throwing in the odd new track I was able to relive the nostalgia and see which bands are still going strong

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Alex Hoggett January 30, 2014 0

A fairly quiet show this week with a few new songs getting plays, as well as some old school funky tunes too! Next week I will have an interview from 'The Winter Tradition', who

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Alex Hoggett January 21, 2014 0

Back to normality this week, with no band in the studio, so just a lot of good songs! I also featured a lot of new bands that I have found in the past few

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14/01/2014 – Harper Interview and Session

Alex Hoggett January 20, 2014 0

Apologies for the delay in getting this weeks show up, but I have been busy following the band who I had on the show around London. 'Harper', were the band I had on my

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Alex Hoggett January 7, 2014 0

The first show of 2014 was jammed packed full of great music, old and new! My band of the week were Deaf Havana, a band I managed to see a couple of times in

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Alex Hoggett December 17, 2013 0

On this week's show, my band of the week were Kasabian. I played three of their songs, from three different albums of theirs. My track from the past came from The Faces with their

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Alex Hoggett December 13, 2013 0

Track of the week - Back to the boogle by Curse These Metal Hands. The local bands brand new single managed to capture my track of the week due to the nature of this

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03/12/2013 – Sol Silver & The Red Paintings

Alex Hoggett December 9, 2013 0

          I was joined in the studio by local band ‘Sol Silver’, who came in to talk about their debut EP that they have just released. You can listen to

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Alex Hoggett December 1, 2013 0

This weeks show featured local band Harper’s new single ‘Feels So Hollow’, as my track of the week, and Arctic Monkeys ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’, as my track from the

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One For The Road – Interview with Chasing Echoes

Alex Hoggett November 19, 2013 0

Tonight I was joined in the studio by Canvey Island based band 'Chasing Echoes', who came down for an interview and to play their new E.P 'G.O'. My track of the week came from

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12/11/2013 – One For The Road

Alex Hoggett November 14, 2013 0

This week was the second edition of my new show ‘One For The Road’. Slightly more varied than my original show ‘Late Night Rock’, I tend to play acoustic songs during the first half

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Alex Hoggett November 14, 2013 0

A lot of heavy songs were played on the show, showing another direction to my musical taste. I then reeled it back in to Rock and gave some funky songs, still keeping it relatively

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05/11/2013 – One For The Road

Alex Hoggett November 14, 2013 0

The first of my new show 'One For The Road', kicked off with a wide variety of music, to show the type of songs I will be playing on the show each week. Full

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Alex Hoggett November 1, 2013 0

On last night’s show, despite it being Halloween, I tried to steer clear of all the cliched Halloween songs, and stood firm with my song choices, all rock orientated as usual. I was fortunate

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Alex Hoggett October 26, 2013 0

On Thursday night's show I had some new bands to play to you. Friends of mine had sent me a few tracks by these bands after I'd asked for some recommendations. I was pleasantly

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Alex Hoggett October 22, 2013 0

I’m a bit slow putting this up this week, because of a busy end to the week/weekend, but the show featured a few more obscure bands this week, but still a lot of Rock

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10/10/2013 – The Ends and Matthew Broadbent (Harper)

Alex Hoggett October 12, 2013 0

On Thursday I was delighted to have local band The Ends on my show. Originating from Canvey, the boys have become one of the most exciting bands on the local Essex scene, playing a

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Alex Hoggett October 4, 2013 0

This weeks show consisted of all 3 of my features, as well as a few unsigned bands and a few older songs, some of you may have forgotten! Harper and Witchdoctor were the two

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Alex Hoggett September 27, 2013 0

After a cancellation from tonight’s band ‘Curse These Metal Hands’, I had to reconfigure the show, adding a few more songs, still sticking to the rock vibe of the show however. I featured  songs

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Alex Hoggett September 20, 2013 0

With new albums coming from both Deaf Havana and Arctic Monkeys, I had to feature both bands on the show, playing two songs from each album. 'Saved', a track of Deaf Havana's new album

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Alex Hoggett September 13, 2013 0

Tonight's show saw the return of both features 'Track of the week', and 'Track from the past'. These saw The Cardigans and Buckethead claiming the accolades for this week. Next week I will be

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Alex Hoggett September 6, 2013 0

This weeks show was very stripped back, with neither of my regular features being on the show. This was so I could showcase some new songs, and squeeze in some songs that wouldn't usually

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Alex Hoggett August 31, 2013 0

Back from Reading after a week off, and I had a lot of bands to recap, after seeing them live at the festival. My track of the week even came from an unsigned band

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15/08/2013 – Reading Special

Alex Hoggett August 16, 2013 0

On tonight’s show I featured 27 of the bands playing at Reading festival that I think are worth going to watch. These consisted of; Rock Bands, Acoustic Bands, and a couple of Dance Bands.

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08/08/2013 – Interview and Session with ‘We Are Falcon’

Alex Hoggett August 9, 2013 0

Tonight I had the guys in from ‘We Are Falcon’, to do a live session and interview. They spoke about plans for the future, regarding gigs and recording, and it’s safe to say they

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Alex Hoggett August 2, 2013 0

On tonight’s show I went back over half a decade with my track from the past, Marvin Gaye’s; ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’, a hugely successful song for him, listened by many people

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25/07/2013 – 4 Hour Special!

Alex Hoggett July 26, 2013 0

So tonight I had the job of doing my show as well as fellow presenters Eddie Currys’ before mine. So a 4 hour show. This allowed me to play a lot more music than

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Alex Hoggett July 19, 2013 0

Tonight's show featured a real variety of rock songs, ranging from 'Pop-Punk' to 'Heavy Rock', and everything in between! My track from the past came from the 90's this week and was the massive

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Alex Hoggett July 12, 2013 0

Back on the radio again after a week off in Spain, and glad to say I enjoyed doing the show as always! A couple of new singles from locals bands ‘Harper’ and ‘False-Heads’, as

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Alex Hoggett June 28, 2013 0

Tonight’s show featured a variety of rock songs, with some light rock mixed with some heavy metal. I featured Franz Ferdinands’ brand new track ‘Right Action’, which was released today. My track from the

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Alex Hoggett June 21, 2013 0

The show tonight had a more acoustic rock vibe, with mainly acoustic songs being played throughout the night, with the odd ‘big’ rock song. My track from the past came courtesy of the 1970’s

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Alex Hoggett June 14, 2013 0

This weeks show consisted of a few new releases from rock bands, including Enter Shikari and letlive. The Enter Shikari track 'Radiate', was also my track of the week, with Wilson Picketts' 'In The

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Alex Hoggett June 7, 2013 0

Tonight's show consisted of a lot of new music that I have discovered over the last few weeks, and haven't stopped listening too! The Strokes - Reptilia Foo Fighters - Arlandria I, Am Waiting

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31/05/2013 – Cover Show

Alex Hoggett June 1, 2013 0

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work - [Ted & Francis remix - Deluxe ed. version] Sam Cooke - It's A Man's Man's Man's World George Benson - The Greatest Love Of All

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Alex Hoggett May 31, 2013 0

Mystery Jets - Somewhere In My Heart Passenger - Let her go (Acoustic) Alt-J feat. Mountain Man - Buffalo The Black Keys - Everlasting light Blitz Kids - Never Die Vampire Weekend - Diane

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Alex Hoggett May 24, 2013 0

Paramore - My Heart The Maccabees - First Love Charlie Simpson - All At Once Spector - Chevy Thunder Kings Of Leon - Wasted Time I, The Mighty - Cutting Room Floor The Strokes

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Alex Hoggett May 10, 2013 0

Tonight's show was longer than normal as I covered half of Eddie Currys' show also. In this hour a played more of a variety of music, showing a wider range of my music tastes.

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Rubylux back at Phoenix FM

Rubylux back at Phoenix FM

Alex Hoggett May 1, 2013 1

The Brighton four-piece were back in the studio for another acoustic session

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29/04/2013 – Cover Show – With Rubylux Session/Interview

Alex Hoggett April 29, 2013 0

Tonight’s cover show consisted of mainly old school classics, with a selection of rock songs, similar to what I play on my Late Night Rock show on a Thursday night. I also had the

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25/04/2013 – Prismism Session

Alex Hoggett April 26, 2013 0

Tonight I had my second session and interview, with new artist ‘Prismism’, a.k.a. Greg Hummell, who many of you would of heard of from one of his many other bands; ‘The Lites’, ‘The Felonie’,

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22/04/2013 – Cover Show

Alex Hoggett April 23, 2013 0

Tonight’s cover show consisted of an hour of covers, so as to give the show a theme. The second hour consisted of music i wouldn’t usually play on my ‘Late Night Rock’ show. Full

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Alex Hoggett April 19, 2013 0

Tonight’s show consisted of a lot of rock music….as usual! My track from the past came from the noughties this week and was Mew – Am I Wry-No. My track of the week came

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15/04/2013 – Cover Show

Alex Hoggett April 16, 2013 0

Once again last night i covered the monday night show. Trying to play a wider variety of genres compared to my rock show on a thursday night, i delved into the other genres within

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Alex Hoggett April 12, 2013 0

Tonight’s show consisted of a few new singles from this week and last from well known rock bands including ‘The Pigeon Detectives’ and ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’. I also had my track from

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09/04/2013 – Cover show

Alex Hoggett April 9, 2013 0

So last night i did a cover show 8-10pm. I thought i’d try and steer clear of my usual music that i play on a Thursday night, so i played a lot of songs

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Alex Hoggett March 29, 2013 0

So tonights show was the last of March and consisted of more rock songs, as well as playing a selection of new music for you to enjoy.   Full Playlist:   Biffy Clyro -

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Alex Hoggett March 22, 2013 0

Tonight’s show saw more rock tunes, as well as, the occasional less rocky song too. My track from the past was from 1964 this week and was; Animals – House Of The Rising Sun.

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Alex Hoggett March 15, 2013 0

Tonights show featured a wide variety of rock songs, from acoustic songs to metal songs. My track of the past was from the 2010's this week, and I had another new up and coming

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Alex Hoggett March 8, 2013 0

My show tonight consisted of more variety again this week, playing some heavy rock music as well as the softer rock songs. My Track of the past this week came from the 00’s and

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05/03/2013 – Cover Show

Alex Hoggett March 6, 2013 0

Last night i covered Graham Stannards’ show and instead of doing a normal rock show like my thursday night slot, i decided to play a wider variety of music, trying to keep away from

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Alex Hoggett March 1, 2013 0

Last night show was a complete contrast to its predecessor the week before, in being that the majority of the show consisted of much heavier tracks. My track of the past was from the

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Session with Sinead Mallen

Alex Hoggett February 24, 2013 1

So on Thursday i did my very first acoustic session on the show, with the brilliant ‘Sinead Mallen’, coming in for a chat and playing a few covers for me. It was a fantastic

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Alex Hoggett February 18, 2013 0

So i was fortunate to have my show this week land on valentines day. Fear not, i did conform to it somewhat playing a few rock love songs to keep people happy haha. My

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Alex Hoggett February 12, 2013 0

Apologies for posting late again, been very busy! My show this week consisted of yet more songs from Biffy Clyro’s new double-album. I also introduced my new feature looking back at an old rock

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Alex Hoggett February 3, 2013 0

Slightly later than this should of been, but my show this week saw me playing a couple of new songs from Biffy Clyro, following the release of their new double-album ‘Opposites’. They even featured

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Alex Hoggett January 29, 2013 0

Just a quick post to say hello to everyone on the website! I’ve been at the station just over a month now, and i’m having a great time doing my show. From now on

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