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Synth City: Slay those bells

Wednesday 21 December 2022,

It is almost time for us to gather up and eat and be as jolly as we can muster. There read more

Synth City: The Age of the innocent trousers

Wednesday 19 September 2018,

  New music: The Frixion – Brutalist Architecture In The Sun – AfterDark – L’Freaq – Aurel D Powered by read more

Synth City: Beyond the realms of the Z list

Wednesday 12 September 2018,

New this week: Graflex [remixed by Nature Of Wires] – GJART – Dark Smoke Signal – H-OM – Electro Spectre read more

Synth City: We miss the 12″ extended remix limited edition stuff

Wednesday 5 September 2018,

New tracks  Psykelektric – The Secret Light – Color Theory – Matthias – Woodrowgerber – Ladytron – Solitary Experiments. Welcome read more

Synth City: There goes my Summer Luv, farewell

Wednesday 29 August 2018,

New tracks from The Rude Awakening ft Bridget Gray – Soft Cell – Twist Helix – Le Groupe Fantasique – read more

Synth City: Career day to celebrate

Wednesday 22 August 2018,

New music tracks: InFiction – Cocksure – Ladytron – Lucky & Love – Solar Fake – Ashbury Heights – Jonah Sharp read more

Synth City: As fit as an Analogue wave

Wednesday 15 August 2018,

New tracks this week came from: Human Condition – BirdPen – Room 1985 – In This Mode – Shanghai Beach read more

Synth City: When you just cannot Adam and Eve it

Wednesday 1 August 2018,

This week we heard from Armada Named Sound – Vague Notion – Projekt Ich featuring Erik Stein – Lunr1982 featuring read more

Synth City: Pools out for Summer

Wednesday 25 July 2018,

As we bask in the ridiculous heat of a record breaking British Summer here, I got side tracked prior to read more

Synth City: 8 is Great

Wednesday 8 February 2017,

  This weeks edition of Synth City was all new; well new’ish… as the show had it’s new starting time of read more

Pointed less

Wednesday 14 December 2016,

Unlucky for some is the number 13, and so it I should had realised as I dashed about making a read more

Looking like Xmas

Wednesday 7 December 2016,

Well we are here, December and the weird and humble 2016 year is getting geared up for the final push read more

First Humbug

Wednesday 23 November 2016,

The seasons getting super busy again, we seem to be rushing head long in to Christmas and yet it is read more

Tenek of Life

Wednesday 16 November 2016,

In a week where there was excitement about a Super Moon, we had a super show….. I know, I’m such read more

Almost 19

Wednesday 19 October 2016,

Another busy start to the show and this wee I guess is almost as per. We chatted about gadgets you read more

That’s the Spirit

Wednesday 12 October 2016,

Swinging into October, and saying bye bye to the lovely summer….ahem, well the brighter  weather, but never mind as the read more

Forget summer

Wednesday 5 October 2016,

On this weeks show I didn’t mention once the fact of my ailments in the cold virus department, such is read more

Never Enough

Wednesday 28 September 2016,

“I’ve just come down from the isle of Skye”….. actually Perth, as I had a little wee Scottish break. Yet read more

Hands three

Wednesday 21 September 2016,

Well I hope you caught this weeks live radio show?, as I struggled with some important things and some maybe read more

Electro Triumph

Wednesday 14 September 2016,

Well this weekend was quite busy live music affair, as on Friday I went to London’s east end to Brick read more