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You may echo that

Sunday 12 May 2013,

Bless me was I a walking cold virus today…. all bunged up and chesty, still the show must go on..and read more

Brilliant – you are..

Saturday 29 September 2012,

It seems clear that we have now finally seen the end of our little summer…..aww. On the bright side, we read more

The Box was trick

Saturday 22 September 2012,

Busy Friday was had by little old me…..New phone, and I manage to see three bands at their show in read more

Mid September madness

Saturday 15 September 2012,

September is certainly a wash with madness, in the sense that I’ve noted Christmas items in some shops already…… Blimey, read more

Aiming for Strange

Saturday 24 March 2012,

Yet another yummy sounding show packed with great music, all to round off a really sunny spring week. An if read more

Spring will eat itself.

Saturday 17 March 2012,

Hallo all, thanks for tuning in and indeed popping back to read my little blog. This spring malarky is being read more