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It’s all change for me in September and the look for pastures new is on my horizon. I always thought it was Spring where we did all the changes, not autumn, still, the last 2 years have had their fair share of madness, so it continues. As the weeks go by we hear of more live music events and I would say by 2022 we maybe mack in the going to gigs saddle; so to speak.
Chatty bitwise this week, It’s rarely a good time to be between employment, but I’m wondering what new career path have you walked this year or have plans to?

Keeping between in mind, we had a selection of new tunes in Between the lines this week from Blaklight – Lines Of Flight – Into The Blood – Oui Plastique – Darkov Strange – The Ocean Beneath – Lluva & LAU, plus a fun set of known artists with some currently unsigned gems.

1. Massive Ego – Silence Rising (Frixion Mix)
2. Shadows and Mirrors – Judas (Radio edit)
3. LorD and Master – Modus operandi (E39 Floor On The Four Mix)
4. Honey Beard – Hummingbird
5. Gulvoss – Breathe
6. BlakLight – Reset
7. Retrograth – BLACK LIQUID
8. Jon & Vangelis – I Hear You Now
9. Strange Eyes – Black Heart
10. Lines of Flight – Between the Avenues
11. Shmoo – An Animal
12. Shiny Darkness – Attractive
13. Noprism – Animosity
14. Into the Blood – The Fence (Sorry the Hedgehog Remix)
##. A-Ha – Hunting High and Low
16. Maxx Silver – Visionary
17. Oui Plastique – Crossing Over
18. Depeche Mode – Leave In Silence
19. Pulse Lab – Music Is Dead
20. Darkov Strange – 0
21. Sugar Wings – Replace
22. Cult With No Name – The Automatic Day
23. The Ocean Beneath – Sounds
24. Zoodrake – Success of the snake
25. Volker Milch – Pretentious Punk
26. Lluva & LAU – The Waves
27. Young Empress – Eyes Closed
28. Color Theory – The Next Thing

Broadcast on Sep 14th, 2021.

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