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Around this time last year, most of us had no real idea of what was about unfold for the next year or so. Some of us had plans and schemes, whereas I was six months into a brand new career path, that then went all remote and at times a bit lost. But now we see the path of our lives may be easing, so plans and things could be reactivated or actually realised, and for me, I might be finally able to get a grip on this new career of mine.
So in this week’s Chattybit wise, I wondered what went on hold for you last March and or have you rejigged any of those plans, maybe you still did part of your plan.

My ever going plan is new music, which again this week was eclectic, with New tracks from 5timeszero – Nature of Wires – Huguenot – Paul Manchin – Hybrid Spirits – The Lost Boy – Crimson Medici, Plus a cool remix for Blaklight and a few legendary artists.

1. Rain Diary – Frail Flags in Wind
2. Nine Inch Nails – Demon Seed
3. BlakLight – Unknown Love (Hollowlove Remix)
4. Rainland – Rainland
5. Maxx Silver – Realisation
6. 5timeszero – PoisonTree
7. Truthscan – Your Parallel Life
8. Tears For Fears – Mothers Talk
9. She Made Me Do It – Otherworldly
10. Nature of Wires ft Madil Hardis – Through Someone Else’s Eyes
11. Disrupted Being – Devoted
12. Volker Milch – Human nature
13. The Frixion – Heartbroke Disco.
14. Huguenot – Sidewalk Sale
15. Psy’Aviah – City In Flames (ft. Ellia Bisker)
16. Obsession of Time – You Brought Feelings
17. Paul Manchin – Gratification
18. Strange Eyes – THERE’S TOO MUCH BEAUTY
19. Matt Springfield – The End of Life
20. Hybrid Spirits – La Vie En Rose Et Noire
21. Black Nail Cabaret – Maelstrom
22. Tiny Magnetic Pets – Automation
23. The Lost Boy – Erudite
24. Depeche Mode – But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)
25. Munatix – Longing For Some Time With Me
26. Crimson Medici – Conscience
27. Bob Haro – Pink & Blue (Diamond Field Radio Edit)
28. Train To Spain – Dreaming Away

Broadcast on March 9th, 2021.
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Synth City with Rob Harvey

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