Shake It Out: 5 Music Genres to Boost Writing Creativity

If someone asks you to define today’s world with a single phrase, evolving would be the right one. Ten years ago, everything was different. Ten years from now, who knows what our lives will be like? Our work environments change, and our homes are getting more technology-driven. Creativity is the only constant. No matter what you do and what your hobbies are, it takes a lot of imagination to get better. Writing, in particular, requires both focus and uniqueness. 

Did you know that the right tunes can help you get into a creative writing mood? When working on a project that requires a unique approach, try getting out of your comfort zone. Listen to a genre that boosts your creative juices, even if you’ve never considered it before. 

5 Music Genres that Boost Your Creative Writing Potential

  • Instrumental Rock Music

When choosing a genre that would boost your creative potential, it’s best to opt for instrumental music, with little or no singing. You’re trying to write. Any words that you know would distract you from the project. In fact, if the lyrics are too distracting, music could impair your ability to think and create. The words may get into your head, so they could drive the thinking process in the wrong direction.

There’s another reason why instrumental rock works: it releases the tension while uplifting your mood. Instead of calming you down, it leads to higher intellectual arousal that inspires you to work. It’s the happy type of music that you want to play in the background while writing. 

  • Country Music

It’s still best to choose instrumental tunes, but country music with minimal singing also works. What makes this genre suitable for the background while you’re trying to write? The chord progression. It’s not complicated, so it’s comfortable and non-distracting. You can easily follow this musical flow without allowing it to consume your entire focus. 

Did you know that many students order their papers at because they cannot get into a creative flow? Country music can change that. Listen to it one hour before you start working on the project. Close your eyes, and don’t try to focus too much on the music. Allow it to play in the background, while you plan the outline in your mind. You can take notes during this brainstorming process; they will help you start writing later on.   

  • Blues

This genre works for personal essays. When you’re trying to convey a deeply individual experience, you want to play background music with a more soothing effect. Blues has the power to bring childhood memories to the surface. It has some rhythm in it, but it’s mostly soulful. It enhances your feelings, so you’ll approach all experiences with an enhanced emotional load. 

  • Jazz

Jazz can also awaken your emotions, so it works for personal writing projects. It’s the usual genre that people choose when they want to connect with old memories. When you combine it with freewriting, it will help you overcome a writer’s block. It might also help you reveal deeply hidden feelings and thoughts. 

Jazz works because it’s uplifting, but the progressions are not sudden. It won’t distract you when you play it in the background.   

  • Classical Music

Have you ever heard of the “Mozart effect?” Even babies are impressed by classical music. It stimulates their brains to develop. Classical music enhances our ability to think in a logical way. It’s almost mathematical in its composition. The tempo, tonality, and all other aspects are so perfect that they get deeply into your subconsciousness.

Research shows that listening to classical music (which falls under the category of happy music) inspires creative thinking. It might be because of its impact on your mood. Most people get impressed by the creativity of Mozart, Vivaldi, and other composers. They want to create something impressive of their own. 

Let the Music Play

The important thing is to allow the music to play in the background, without getting attached to it. That’s why we suggest choosing instrumental tunes, since lyrics have a greater potential to distract you. 

That being said, you shouldn’t expect to play a song and write an entire essay all of the sudden. You should still use organization apps, plan the stages, do your research, and start writing on time. The music is there to support the entire process. 

BIO: Joshua Robinson listens to music all the time: during his morning workout, while he’s trying to work, and before falling asleep. He realized that he can use music to control his mood and creative flow. Joshua is a blogger, who advises novice writers on how to enhance the writing process. Listening to the right type of music is the first tip he gives.

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