Show 181: SoSlam’s Young Musicians 2018

This week was a special week for me.

For the second year in a row my show has hosted SoSlam’s Young Musicians onto the show. It is something that I am involved with musically, and it is a pleasure to be part of. We had ten young musicians this year who were all great, and a joy to work with.

You can see the live performances of the youngster below, as well as the full show. Here is the songs played on the show as well as live performances in bold.

1. Apachelux – Red Light
2. Davey Hal – Fingertips
Ellicia – Moving On
3. Darren Jones – Do It
Clementine – Dreaming
4. Noah Fox – Where You Used To Stay
5. Lillith Vlkova – Past Just “Just”
Nyomi and Ruby – I Tried
6. Aaron Wong – Timelines
7. Emily Frith – I Think We Should
Scarlett – Something New
8. Leo C – If You’re Not Beggin’
Sam and Herbie – Sing Out
9. Owen Williams – Oil And Water
Nate and Herbie – 3am
10. Finding Miranda – Slow Drive Home
Niahm – Guide Me Home
11. Nicola Collis – Same You, Same Me
12. Anna Marie Childs – Ordinary Girl
Genevieve – Can You Hear Me?
13. Sarah Holburn – Battlelines song
Caitlin King – Senses
14. Thomas James – Battlelines Song
15. Alex Crowhurst – Battlelines Song
16. Tom Spence – Battlelines Song

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