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Superman can fix your car like Magic!

Ben can stand like a superhero

Yet again a Tuesday has been and gone. Yet again Ben Simmons has hosted The Show That Goes Like This. This week’s offering featured Superman Day, Automotive Service Professionals Day, Magic Day, Red Roses Day and Pet Memorial Day.

Plus yet more requests and banter online from Ben’s listening leg-ends.

Hear at your leisure as 2 hours flies by and includes musical moments from Mike and the Mechanics, Queen, Westlife, ACDC, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, Little Mix and Florence and the Machine. It’s wacky, it’s diverse, it’s a bit ridiculous, and it’s here whenever you want. Just don’t say ‘hence’ too much!

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Even Goldfish remember Gingerbread with Attitude

Ben has a bad attitude!

It’s time to be amazed again as Ben Simmons busts many myths on tonight’s excellent episode of The Show That Goes Like This. Goldfish remember things, Swans won’t break your arm and sitting on a Cold Wall won’t give you piles. Enjoy these truths and many more as Ben also discusses Attitude Day, Gingerbread Day and Hot Air Balloon Day as well as the incredible Festival of Popular Delusions Day.

Music featured relates to the themes and includes tracks from Jordin Sparks, Lenny Kravitz, Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Tori Amos and many more.

Listen with delight as another Legend of the Week is crowned. Next week it could be you!

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Biscuits rule – over Coq au Vin, Compost and Fridge Pillows!

Oh crumbs!

It’s another totally tumultuous Tuesday with lots going on. Listen with delight as Ben Simmons discusses French food, Waste Organic material and Fridge Pillows, then finishes off with a veritable feast of biscuits!

This episode of The Show That Goes Like This even fits in a radio first – the first airplay of a song Ben co-wrote in the 1980s while still at Junior School.

Enjoy the social media banter from Ben’s leg-ends again and be in awe of another Legend of the Week as well as many wonderful biscuit-related puns on National Biscuit Day.

Music includes offerings from Limp Bizkit, Lionel Rich Tea, OREO Speedwagon, The Bay City Fig Rollers and the Urban Cookie Collective.

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Sail with an Instrument for Vanilla on Baker Street (with a live guest)!

Ben talks to other people live – this proves it!

The Show That Goes Like This finally progresses to having a LIVE studio guest. Actually in the same room as the host. Hear Ben’s interview with show business stalwart – actor, director, producer, musician and all-round lovely guy Peter Dayson on this week’s show.

Plus Ben manages to discuss Maritime Day, Buy a Musical Instrument Day, Vanilla Pudding Day and Sherlock Holmes Day. He even finds time to crown another Legend of the Week.
#lotw – he’s trying to get it trending.
And he even squeezes in numerous suggestions from his listening leg-ends on social media of guilty pleasures. Songs you love, but don’t love to admit to loving.

Is that too much love? Can there ever be too much love?

Click the player below to catch up anyway. Ben will love you forever. Ok, enough now!

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Let’s play the first song you bought and eat Chocolate Chips with Family Dinosaurs!

Ben has a chip on his shoulder – not chocolate though!

It’s another tumultuous Tuesday of fun, frolics and other forgotten f words for alliteration.

Ben celebrates Dinosaur Day, International Day of Families, Chocolate Chip Day and the genuinely-ludicrously-long-titled Relive Your Past By Listening to the First Music you Ever Bought, No Matter What, No Excuses Day!

Click the player box below to enjoy everything again, at your leisure. Marvel at Ben’s leg-ends creating havoc on social media and find out who this week’s celebrity Legend of the Week is.

Decide for yourself just how sexy Ben’s voice is this week.

Enjoy time and again, the wide variety of music played, much of which was sent in as examples of first music ever purchased. Listen to the likes of Kylie, Kesha, Rizzle Kicks, Boney M, Wham, Shaggy, Deep Purple and Terry Wogan! Yes really!

The World Cup of Misheard Song Lyrics!

Win, lose or Tie?

A dramatic night unfolds on The Show That Goes Like This as Ben Simmons unveils his tournament to rival all others. The World Cup of Misheard Song Lyrics.

Be literally amazed as Ben manages to fit this song clip extravaganza into his regular 2 hour show, as well as discussing Free Trade Day, No Socks Day, National Teacher Day (hence his first school tie, above!) World Red Cross Day and The End of the Second World War.

How is there room for all this and Good Songs and another crowning of another Legend of the Week? It’s quite unbelievably, all here – as will you be, if you click the player below.

Music tracks played include songs from Simply Red, Gloria Estefan, Pink Floyd, REM, Kool & The Gang and Abba. And loads more as well. Can Sister Sledge win the World Cup? Listen to find out!

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New homeowners frequently fly around in love!

Ben has got the key but has he got the secret?

It’s another jam-packed ‘The Show That Goes Like This’, which is sadly lacking in jam!

But is otherwise full of Couple Appreciation, Frequent Flyers, New Homeowners, and Global Love! With another wide variety of songs that link to these themes.

Tonight’s extravaganza even includes a telephone interview with 60s sensation, Frank Ifield!

Plus lots of banter from Ben’s leg-ends concerning the best place to sit on a plane, and easily misunderstood songs lyrics.

Music tonight includes tracks from Bruno Mars, Jess Glynne, Randy Crawford, Michael Buble, Madness, Queen and Rihanna, plus (actually) many more!

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New Kids on the Bus play Guitar and love Maths!

Ben forgot to take a new photo so used this old one!

It’s Tuesday at 6pm which means it’s time for another rip-roaring The Show That Goes Like This.

But without any ripping, or roaring!

But with plenty of celebration of New Kids on the Block, School Bus Drivers, Guitar Riffs, Maths & Stats and important birthdays!

See who wins another Legend of the Week accolade. Enjoy the plethora of social media banter covering topics like Kissing, First Concerts, Autographs and Selfies.

Music played includes offering from The Beatles, The Vengaboys, Aerosmith, Dolly Parton, Divine Comedy, De La Soul and of course on their own day, New Kids On The Block.

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There is nothing like a rich woman who appreciates Bats!

Ben thinks this is genuinely nothing like a dame!

To celebrate feeling a bit better than last week, Ben asked Phoenix FM if he could do his show at 6pm instead of 10. Amazingly they agreed. Be shocked like Ben as he discusses the themes of Winged-rodent appreciation, Ford Mustangs, Malbec wine, Money and Women! And all 4 hours earlier than normal. Listen with giddy excitement as another Legend of the Week is decided. Join in, even now on the controversial weekly poll. It might not be too late. Click the player below to catch up. Songs featured by the likes of Kylie, Lady Gaga, Dire Straits, Britney Spears, Abba, Jessie J, Fleur East and Carly Rae Jepsen. The Show That Goes Like This. You listen, you learn, you laugh. You like!

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Hit a 3 Wood non-litigiously, while quietly farming in a library!

No comments about ball tampering please!

Another whirlwind broadcast of The Show That Goes Like This has happened. This time with a presenter slightly incapacitated by man flu, who doesn’t go on about it endlessly! But does a bit!

Today’s ludicrous holidays cover Golf, Lawyers, Siblings, Farms and Library workers. Sadly not pharmacists though – they could have helped Ben. Did he mention he was a bit ill?

Thrill yourself at your own leisure by catching up on these two hours of hilarity. Click the player below to enjoy everything. Including songs by Kylie, Cee Lo Green, The Clash, Shakespeare’s Sister, Elton John, George Michael, D Ream and Flo Rida. Do it. NOW I said! x

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