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Well as we finally say goodbye to January, which in my opinion is one of the two worst months of the year, it’s time for me to bow out from the current series of the PHOENIX OVERDRIVE SHOW.

Next Tuesday sees the start of a brand new series of high octain motor sports shows – FIRST GEAR – which will be anchored by one of our sports supremos, DAVE TURNER.

But did we go out with a whimper? Certainly not! With some cracking new songs from people like  Django Django, M83 and Jessie J mixed along with some absolute classics from people like Bryan Adams and Mel C, David Dundas, Blondie, Kid Creole, Backman Turner Overdrive, Don Henley and Squeeze as well as some real greats from the recent past from people like Amy MacDonald, James Blunt, Foofighters, Mika, Take That and Daniel Benningfield, the whole was another pure nugget of musical excellence that you’ll hear nowhere else except on PHOENIX FM.

I’ll be back on my PACKED LUNCH SHOW this Saturday at noon when I’ll be joined by PAT POUND who is just about to have a new book published, which is all about HORNCHURCH. If you really can’t join me then, I hope to have your company in my regular spot next Tuesday at 2. Meantime take care and make sure to join DAVE next Tuesday at 6.

Bye for now,



Well another “grungy” drive home but at least every day takes us closer to the day the clocks go forward!

Anyway as usual we enjoyed that the usual great mix of music that you’ll hear nowhere else other than PHOENIX. Amazingly we managed to squeeze in no less that 25 songs over the two hours.  The complete list was as follows: –


Paulo Nutini – Pencil full of lead

Kula Shaker – Gavinda

Shins   – Simple Song

Travelling Wilburys – End of The Line

George Michael – Shoot The Dog

Boyzone – When The Going Gets Tough

Drake feat. Rihanna – Take Care

Pink – Who Knew?

Drew Levi Huntsman – What If?

Jon & Vangelis – I’ll Find My Way Home

Noah & The Whale – Five Years Time

Young Knives – Up All Night



Alesha Dixon –  Do It Our Way

Santana  – Black Magic Woman

Spice Girls – Wannabe

Zoe – Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Lucky Soul – Up In Flames

Bruce Hornsby & The Range – The Way It Is

Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Some Things You Never Get Used To

Maccabees – Pelican

JLS – Do You Feel What I Feel?

House of Pain – Jump Around

Do Me Bad Things – Time For Deliverance

Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin

Ricky Nelson – Hello Mary Loo

Well there we go, that’s it for another week. Do hope you can join me again next Tuesday when we’ll do it all over again. Meantime look after yourselves and keep fit.

All the best,




Once again I had the pleasure of being in the driving seat for the PHOENIX OVERDRIVE show this evening, and seeing that we have just issued a brand new “A LIST” of songs, I thought it would be a good idea to pack as many of these into tonight’s show as possible. We still had a selection of great oldies, one even went back to November 1961 – more than half a century. Frightening! What is even more frightening is that I can remember rocking and rolling to it when it first came out!

But I digress. Whilst I didn’t manage to play all the songs on our new A List I did manage to fit 11 of them in, and by golly they were all great songs. The ones I managed to play were these: –

Alesha Dixon – Do It Our Way (Play)
Bombay Bicycle Club – Leave It
Drake feat Rihanna – Take Care
Ed Sheeran – Drunk
Flo Rida – Good Feeling
JLS – Do You Feel What I Feel
M83 – Midnight City
Metronomy – The Look
Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again
Shins – Simple Song
Train – Drive By

Well that’s all for now. See you again next week.

All the best,



I was delighted to find myself in the driving seat for another PHOENIX OVERDRIVE show this evening. Unusually for a January evening both the weather and roads were being kind. Even the trains were keeping to schedule!

Anyway anyone who might have been held up will at least have been able to tap their toes and sing along to some of the greatest memory stirrers and latest sounds. In addition we looked at some of the new features coming to Phoenix in the very near future, notably the new book feature coming to Eat My Lunch on Thursdays and we took a sneak preview of the  forthcoming ESSEX BOOK FESTIVAL taking place across the county in March.

I won’t be around for the next three weeks on the Saturday lunch time show, Packed Lunch so am looking forward to another OVERDRIVE SHOW next Tuesday at 6. Hope you’ll join me then.

All the best for now,



All good things have to end sometime and the long Christmas/New Year break is no exception.

Today was probably your first drive home of the New Year but the good thing was that the first day back at work was over and only three days left until the weekend. Also we are over the hump of the shortest day. It’s all downhill now to the lighter evenings. Just 82 days til the clocks go forward and if you work from Monday to Friday you have less than 60 drives home in the dark. The other good news was that although trees had blown down all over the place, most of the roadworks seem to have gone into hibernation, allowing a generally smoother drive home. Hopefully we helped to smooth the way home as well with a great mix of music on the first PHOENIX OVERDRIVE show for 2012. We heard some fabulous offerings from the likes of Travis, Donna Summer, Tony Christie as well as some of the best current songs from Rihanna, Cast, Olly Murs and, of course Brentwood’s very own Pixie Lott.

I hope you enjoyed the show. If so I hope you’ll join me again next week as I’ll be looking after things on this show for the next 6 weeks or so.

Oh and by the way – a very Happy and hopefully healthy New Year to you.

See you next week.

Bye for now.



Hi, it’s me SCOTT ROSS once again sitting in on the PHOENIX OVERDRIVE show.

It may have been a horrible night on the roads, although it cleared up a bit later. I’m not sure that we can claim credit for that but at least we were able to indulge ourselves in an orgy of great songs from the past mixed with some of the latest music. We also had some fun looking at some classic, but  genuine bloopers made in Church Bulletins. We also looked forward to many exciting upcoming events in and around town as well as forthcoming highlights scheduled for shows on PHOENIX over the next few days.

Fortunately in spite of the heavy rain, there were not too many dramas on the roads, or indeed on public transport. Long may this continue!

I’m away now for few days but I’ll be back next Tuesday on my usual TWO O’CLOCK SHOW. If you can I’d love to have your company then, meantime have a good week.

All the best,



Once again I had the pleasure to keep you company on the final stage of your journey home tonight. Unlike yesterday which was gloomy enough to make you not want to get up this morning, we did at least catch some glimpses of the sun this afternoon and we tried to keep that brightness alive with some great music along with news of some of the many exciting events happening in and around town in the run up to Christmas.

Fortunately there were not too many horror stories on the travel front to delay your journey home so we could relax cocooned together in your car or train carriage (if you were listening on your phone).

Whilst not yet definite, watch out because I may be with you at this time for the next 3-weeks or so, but if not I hope you can join me on my new Saturday lunchtime programme starting at 12 noon. I’m normally on for 2-hours, but this coming Saturday, I have a specially extended edition, so will be with you through until 3. See you then, I hope!

All the best,




For this week and next I am sitting in for the master, ED WELLMAN on Tuesday nights with the PHOENIX OVERDRIVE SHOW between 6 and 8.

Now I don’t know about you, but I really hate these gloomy winter evenings, especially if you are having to drive home, those glaring headlights coming towards you, possibly at some speed whilst everything has come to a standstill in the direction you are trying to go! So this is the show where we try to brighten your journey home, if only a little. So we kicked off the show with ABC’s “ONE BETTER WORLD”. Well that song certainly buoyed me up a bit and so although we had to keep reminding ourselves of the current traffic conditions, we also looked forward to some of the up and coming exciting events in our area, as we approach the festive season and played a whole heap of fantastic current songs along with some carefully selected fabulous oldies.

That’s the great thing about PHOENIX, others may promise more music variety but only PHOENIX delivers!

I hope that in spite of the downhill helter skelter that we are now on as we head towards mid winter, that together we can enjoy another show packed with music next week. See you next Tuesday at 6!

Bye for now,