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Spencer’s Show

A slightly different sound to this month’s BYTC Show, with just one member of the Youth Town Council, regular contributor Spencer holding things together very well with an hour of great music and updates on what they’ve been up to. Last Saturday’s Cake Bake was a great success, raising money for the Daisy Palmer Trust; Spencer also talked about last month’s  Spring Fling party, and took a look ahead to the SX Urban Games on Saturday 13 July. To find out more about BYTC visit their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

Never mind exams – the BYTC Show must go on!

Another great show tonight, with Shannen (Secretary), Finlay, Bradley & Tayler (Chairman) taking over Phoenix to give us an update on all BYTC’s plans for the summer:[audio:|titles=BYTC 03 06 13 part 1]

Starting with a bit of background about the Council:[audio:|titles=BYTC 03 06 13 part 2]

An update on Friday’s Spring Fling for the Daisy Palmer Trust:[audio:|titles=BYTC 03 06 13 part 3]

Tayler’s recent meeting with other youth councils, the Lake Meadows Skate Park and how you can get involved:[audio:|titles=BYTC 03 06 13 part 4]

Next month’s Urban Games – and another Bake Sale, 29 June in the Reading Rooms:[audio:|titles=BYTC 03 06 13 part 5]

Thanks so much to the guys for taking time to visit Phoenix, good luck to Shannen and Tayler who’re soon leaving for Uni – and long may BYTC keep up the great work for Billericay![audio:|titles=BYTC 03 06 13 part 6]

Keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter.

Billericay’s Easter Bunny, a Spring Fling and the SX Urban Games

The first BYTC Show tonight for Bethan, who joined Sam and James to talk about a very busy schedule of activities – but they started by explaining what the Youth Town Council is, and how they got involved:[audio:|titles=BYTC 06 05 13 part 1]

The show came at the end of a beautifully sunny day, but even though it was the May Day bank holiday BYTC had been enjoying their Easter Egg Hunt, which had to be abandoned just a few weeks ago because of the snow – what a change in the weather a few weeks can make! In fact, James explained that the Easter Bunny can always be seen in Lake Meadows – but never by the grown-ups…:[audio:|titles=BYTC 06 05 13 part 2]

Early next month the Council are holding a Spring Fling party night in aid of the Daisy Palmer Trust. Daisy, from Langdon Hills, has an incredibly rare illness known as Chronic Intestine Pseudo-Obstruction, which means she can’t eat anything orally and so has to be fed intravenously directly via her heart. The Spring Fling is on Friday 7th June; check out Facebook for details of the venue and acts lined up, including up-and-coming local busker Harry Cash:[audio:|titles=BYTC 06 05 13 part 3]

We also talked about this year’s SX Urban Games, taking place in Lake Meadows in the summer, for which James explained how thrilled the BYTC were to receive a grant from Basildon Council, Essex County Council and the Billericay Lions:[audio:|titles=BYTC 06 05 13 part 4]

As if all that’s not enough, the guys have also been busy with other things in our community, including another sell-out cake sale and a visit to some older folk living in sheltered accommodation in Billericay, whom they presented with a new radio and DVD player:[audio:|titles=BYTC 06 05 13 part 5]

It was great to meet the guys – the very best of luck to Bethan, James and the other older ones who’ll soon be moving on to other things; also to the newer members, like Sam, who I’m sure will carry on the great work that the BYTC has been doing for several years now, not only benefitting the youngsters themselves but lots of other people living in and around Billericay. Keep up to date on Facebook – and listen out for another show next month!

BYTC show number 2: happy new year!

Billericay Youth Town Council

BYTC: Let’s rock.

This month, Shannen, Spencer and Tayler took to the mics to keep us all up to date with what Billericay Youth Town Council have been up to.

Shannen revealed her unnatural fear of winged creatures and Spencer threw his now legendary shapes on the webcam.

Despite this mayhem, we found out that a spring ball may be in the offing from BYTC to raise funds for a local charity. Watch this space!

Billericay Youth Town Council are on air on the first Monday of every month. If you’re interested in finding out more about BYTC, check out the town council website ( or find them on Twitter (@BYTC_)

You can listen again to the whole show here…

[audio:|titles=BYTC Show number 2]

Billericay Youth Town Council has a new show!

BYTC live on air!

Billericay Youth Town Council took over Phoenix FM this week when they brought their new show to the station.

Tayler, James, Holly and Spencer chatted about how they got involved with the Youth Town Council; what sort of things they do; and how much fun they have while raising money for charity. They chose the music, did a few dedications, some interesting dancing on the webcam, and promoted local talent like young singer Jodie Leatt. James also talked about his strange fascination for Pokemon onesies…

A group from the BYTC will be in to do a show on the first Monday of every month at 8pm and they have lots of plans in store for future shows! You can get in touch with them via Billericay Town Council or find them on Facebook and Twitter (@BYTC_).