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Star Recorder-player Visits Phoenix

12576022_10154512408291038_1768724630_nThis is Kim Tobin and last Friday she popped along to Phoenix to play her beautiful version of Westlife’s “My love” live on air. It was an experience that myself, Mike Jones and Bob Simpson will never forget. Awe-inspiring, moving, heartfelt, and now you have the opportunity to share with us that magical performance once more as it has been recorded and added to the Phoenix archives. Just click on the link above.

What’s happening at Saint Francis Hospice?

Click here to listen again:

Saint Francis Hospice’s PR and Communications Manager, Peter Stremes, came back to Phoenix FM for his regular slot about the hospice’s latest fundraising news.

2015-12-03 09.24.39

For further information be sure to check out their website which has a dedicated events section.

Brentwood Gazette with Simon

Our regular weekly visit from the “Brentwood Gazette” and Simon makes his debut on the Keith Rogers Drive Show. He had appeared on the show when Mike was presenting it and wasn’t sure what was in store for him with yours truly. He needn’t have worried, I handled him with kid gloves. 🙂

“Don’t look now” at the Queens Theatre

A young couple whose daughter has died under tragic circumstances, journey to Venice to try and save their troubled marriage. While there, supernatural forces appear to take over.

Tom Cornish plays the role of the husband, John Baxter. He found some time to chat to me on the phone, and you can hear the interview again below:

Don’t Look Now runs at the Queen’s Theatre from 23 October to 14 November. For more information visit

Tom Cornish

Roland Kannor from the Brentwood Brewing Company chatting about the upcoming Conker Championships

Listen again here:

Roland Kannor from the Brentwood Brewing Company came in to talk about the forthcoming Open Conker Championship – with a squirrel!

2015-10-02 Conker Squirrel

You can find out more about the event here:

Brentwood Gazette Visit



Every Tuesday we are visited by one of the journalists from the “Brentwood Gazette”. The paper is published on a Wednesday so we are given a sneak preview. This week it was the turn of Joe. Here’s our little chat.

Visit from the “Brentwood Gazette”

2015-09-22 Alan Woods with clowns 02This is my first blog. as it has taken me six months to get the hang of the software. Yay!! My guest on Tuesday was the eloquent and vividly-dressed Alan Woods, the editor of the “Brentwood Gazette”. Here’s a picture of him with my two surprise guests, Popol and Cakehole from Circus Wonderland. You can visit the circus this week and next week at Sun Corner, Billericay. On the front cover of this week’s “Gazette” is a pic. of the HUUUUGE sink-hole that has appeared at the junction of Ongar Road and Doddinghurst Road. Here is the audio recording with Alan, Popol and Cakehole.

If you want to know more about Circus Wonderland, just click this link: