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Spring forth with Happiness, Atheism and French Sparrows!

Ben got into Acid House 3 decades late!

Another tremendous Tuesday has passed with Ben attempting to be slightly more verbose this week. Listen in amazement as The Show That Goes Like This deals with the hard hitting issues of Springtime, Storytelling and Sparrows. Then be aghast as the same show skirts simpler topics like Alien Abduction, Atheism and Happiness.

Listen back to another 2 hours of random ridiculousness, social media interaction and Good Songs. Cry tears of regret that YOU didn’t win the legend of the Week Award. Next week it could be you!

Music featured tonight included the likes of The Beach Boys, Madonna, One Direction, One Republic, Celine Dion, Pharell & Kylie Minogue.

Click the player to relive the glory. See you soon. Like you all a lot x

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Put your Diamond-encrusted earmuffs on and watch Donald Duck!

At least Ben wasn’t bothered by that leak!

Two hours flies by as Ben Simmons shares his knowledge of jewellery, winter headwear, Disney, good deeds and superstitions.

Be amazed once again at the ridiculous holidays that are celebrated on 13th March. Enjoy the banter as Ben’s leg-ends get interactive as well. Be impressed as Ben changes the name of his weekly award. Do all these things and enjoy the plethora of good songs Ben plays, just for your ears. Yes yours. Featuring the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs, Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls, Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong and Tommy Steele!

Click below to listen again. Don’t feel bad. Just do it.

One for sorrow, two for joy etc. etc.

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Retro Strawberries are a No-Brainer for Polar Bears!

Ben likes The Jam!

The Show That Goes Like This braves the cold this week to acknowledge Strawberries and all things Retro. As well as enjoying a few No-Brainers and some Polar Bears. All these weird things are celebrated on the 27th of February. As is Ben Simmons every Tuesday on Phoenix FM.

Music featured tonight includes good songs by Oasis, Bonnie Tyler, A-Ha, Starship, Wham, Franz Ferdinand, Snow and Little Richard, to name but a few. It’s unpredictable, it’s a bit random, quite amusing and generally ridiculous. But enough about Ben Simmons. His show is the same as well!

Heavy Petting Guaranteed!!!

Ben is thinking of starting a Pet Cat-alogue!

Forget vegetables and minerals as The Show That Goes Like This gets very animal on this week’s extravaganza.

Ben Simmons celebrates the fact that the 20th of February is Love Your Pet Day.

Most of the songs played tonight celebrate the joy that looking after the many creatures we keep as pets can bring. Listen intently as Ben discusses Cats, Dogs, Tortoises, Budgies and even Playboy Bunnies!

This show includes songs from the likes of Florence and the Machine, Chas and Dave, Peter Gabriel, Janet Jackson, Culture Club, Tom Jones, Prince and Cat Stevens! If you like animals and you like songs, and you like Ben Simmons, click the player below and relive the glory. Do it now!

The Aliens are coming – in the name of Love!

Don’t panic – Ben hasn’t joined Heart FM. It’s nearly Valentines.

Ben resists getting loved up this week and instead focuses on World Radio Day, Get a Different Name Day and Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

Then he gets friendly and celebrates Palentine’s Day. The day to spend time with your friends, not your lovers. Then Ben gets very lovely and plays some pre-Valentines offerings.

All interspersed with interactions from Ben’s listening leg-ends. And music tonight from the likes of Babylon Zoo, Tina Turner, Meatloaf, Backstreet Boys, Queen, David Bowie and Jamiroquai.

The Show That Goes Like This. You learn, you laugh and you listen. The 3 Ls. There you have it.

Click the player below to listen at your leisure. Ok that’s too many Ls now!

Lame Ducks and Frozen Yoghurt but mainly Compliments on this week’s show!

What a coincidence that Ben should find this on Compliment Day!

On the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote in the UK and on the 107th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, Ben celebrates everything and vows to be lovely for a whole show. It’s also Compliment Day see, and not of the backhanded variety.

Listen and listen again as Ben gives and receives all things complimentary, whilst embracing the cold and playing cleverly linked music from the likes of Sam Smith, Stormzy, Beyonce, Duck Sauce, Demi Lovato, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Madonna, Calvin Harris and more artistes than those as well!

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You’re all leg-ends!

‘Ooh La La’ says Ben, running away from Phones, Violence and Yodelling!

Ben leaving an ‘exciting’ answerphone message.

Another Tuesday night has passed, and Ben’s leg-ends have once again been treated to some brand new information. January 30th is National Croissant Day, and Escape Day, and Inane Answering Machine Message Day. It’s also Non Violence at School Day (honest!) and Yodel for your neighbours day. Don’t yodel for yourself. Share your vocal dexterity with those next door!

Once again The Show That Goes Like This celebrates the weird, wonderful and ludicrous holidays we should all be celebrating. Whilst bantering on social media and informing everyone about important historical events and birthdays. Ben even finds time to intersperse deeply researched music into the mix. Playing tracks from the likes of Will Young, Girls Aloud, Enrique Iglesias, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Gwen Stefani, The Feeling and Busted. And that’s less than half the list.

Listen to it now. Go on. I won’t tell you again (until next week)!

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Feet, Pies and Success on The Show That Goes Like This!

Yes, Ben has a personal trainer!

With another theme of crazy holidays, tonights show celebrates Measure Your Feet Day with ‘Footloose’, Handwriting Day with ‘Sign Your Name Across My Heart’, Pie Day with ‘American Pie’ and Speak Up And Succeed Day with ‘Scream and Shout’. Everything’s cleverly linked see?

Or is it all a ridiculous accident and Ben Simmons unwittingly shares stupid public holidays, famous birthdays, current events and irreverent anecdotes whilst playing any old bit of music to hold it all together.

It’s the first one.  It’s DEFINITELY the first one!!

Enjoy the likes of Will I. Am, Tears For Fears, Gloria Estefan, Meghan Trainor, The Four Tops, Abba and Little Boots all being played in these 2 hours of glory. There’s a wide variety of music to be found here!

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The Show That Goes Like This Appreciates Dragons and Loves Printer Ink

Ben has literally got the whole world in his hands!

Listen hard to another 2 hours of completely random things interspersed with live social media banter and general hilarity.

This week we celebrate lesser known holidays. Did you know January 16th is Appreciate a Dragon Day? And it is also Good Teenager Day. And Nothing Day!

Learn things you never realised you wanted to learn after another crazy Tuesday with Ben Simmons. Artistes featured include the likes of Nirvana, The Spice Girls, The Prodigy, Boyzone, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and UB40. Varied choices? Yes they are!

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Ben has a plan(niversary) for this week’s show!

One ring to rule them all!

The Show That Goes Like This allows you to immerse yourself in the sheer unadulterated excellence of ridiculousness interspersed with songs linked to Wedding Anniversary presents!

Be amazed as Ben Simmons guides us all through two hours of celebrating years spent with a loved one. Enjoy the incessant poll-taking, joking, social media bantering and worthless prize-giving – all to a soundtrack featuring the likes of Bruno Mars, Steps, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, The Ting Tings, The Beautiful South and Shirley Bassey! Now That’s What I Call An Anniversary.

Why didn’t Ben think of that before? There could be an album in that!

Click the player below to listen