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Tenek of Life

Wednesday 16 November 2016,

In a week where there was excitement about a Super Moon, we had a super show….. I know, I’m such read more

Forget summer

Wednesday 5 October 2016,

On this weeks show I didn’t mention once the fact of my ailments in the cold virus department, such is read more

Electro Triumph

Wednesday 14 September 2016,

Well this weekend was quite busy live music affair, as on Friday I went to London’s east end to Brick read more

Catch my Phrase

Wednesday 6 July 2016,

Another busy show this week, crammed full of lovely new synth music with the odd remix along the way, and read more

The right Price

Wednesday 5 August 2015,

Nice to start a new month with a new guest or two, and this week we had a chat with read more

Unlucky 13 and 2014 dawns

Sunday 29 December 2013,

As another final end of year passes, I liked to look forward these days but its only fair to also read more

Don’t be Darth it’s CHRISTMAS

Saturday 21 December 2013,

Twas the last Rob Harvey Saturday Breakfast show before Christmas and no body stirred…. well most had hangovers. Still I read more

Not so far off

Saturday 17 August 2013,

Yet another busy show with a ton of Brilliant new music; which is very useful on a music show. Our read more

The Tomorrow People today

Saturday 8 June 2013,

Yet another jam packed music show today with quite a few new singles, from White Lies, Mooger and Go Yoko, read more

Hurry up and wait….

Saturday 17 December 2011,

The rush of Christmas is almost complete, so now we are almost at the ‘wait for it’ period. The big read more