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Burpday Cometh

Saturday 8 February 2014,

Busy as a  bee today and with good reason, again we had new music and first airplays to enjoy along read more

You may echo that

Sunday 12 May 2013,

Bless me was I a walking cold virus today…. all bunged up and chesty, still the show must go on..and read more

Sea of music for Only You

Saturday 20 April 2013,

If last week’s Phoenix FM Creative session wasn’t enough live Music, then this week we had a little more- in read more

“Settle down now”

Saturday 18 February 2012,

The hot seat is certainly getting comfortable in the new studio, here at the Brentwood Centre, and it’s only the read more

House warming and Birthday DAY…..

Saturday 11 February 2012,

What a day… 1st show from the new  studio complex at the Brentwood Centre – Which I’m labelling the Phoenix Country read more