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Challenging MND – The Big Gibbo Walk

Monday 26 April 2021,

  Great to chat to the inspirational Guinness Book of Record Holder, Alex GIBBO Gibson and Andrew Cappaert for updates read more

Challenging MND – A Inspirational Talk with Alex Gibson aka Gibbo

Thursday 6 August 2020,

    Alex Gibson is an inspiration. Listen to the interview with Alex and Andrew Cappaert of Challening MND talking read more

Challenging MND (Motor Neurone Disease) Creating Memories

Thursday 12 March 2020,

Michelle was delighted to be joined in the studio by Alex Gibson and Andrew Cappaert to talk about CHALLENGING MND. read more

Challenging MND – Three Peak Cycle Challenge

Saturday 20 July 2019,

Michelle Ward was joined once again by Alex Gibson who is an inspirational guy putting back something good into the world read more