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Welcome along to another new summer month and to one with high hopes and expectations. Good weather and more sporting success may be, plus the glimmer of life moving gingerly toward a version of normality we once felt we knew. June may have been wet but at least those into their football had a few sunspots, which even I am thankful for as I’m as into football as I’m into another lockdown. I never have been a sporty type and things like this are tribal rubbish to me.
In this week’s chatty bit wise, I asked is there anything you dislike or have no interest in but go along with it to avoid issues or negative passing comments?

One thing I do love is the tons of new music out there and how I wish I had more time to in a week to play. This week we had a new track from Decisive Koala & Star Madman – Channel 69 – Volker Milch – Amongst The Pigeons – Full Frontal Disco – anpl – Scala, plus a remix from Rob Bradley for LorD and Master, plus another splash of hot classics.

1. Strange Eyes – Black Heart
2. Massive Ego – Let Go
3. LorD and Master – Greenlight (featuring Neil Francis) [Rob Bradley mix]
4. Tarabud – My Hero
5. Man Without Country – Gardener in a War (Edit)
6. Decisive Koala & Star Madman – Future Roads
7. H2SO4 – Machines Love (radio edit)
8. Buggles – Kid Dynamo
9. MORE – Provoked by Motions
10. Channel 69 – Goodbye Horses
11. Vogon Poetry – Passion
12. Violet Orchestra – Sunshine Yellow
13. Spacebuoy – Somersault
14. Volker Milch – Why don’t you understand
15. Chekhovs Beautiful Gun – Always The Same
16. Depeche Mode – The Darkest Star
17. Amongst the pigeons – Bring the stars closer feat. Emma King
18. White Lies – Is My Love Enough
19. Piston Damp – Something In Me.
20. Full Frontal Disco – Beautiful Crisis (Radio Edit)
~~ Chvrches and Robert Smith – How Not To Drown
21. Promenade Cinema – Cold Fashion
22. Ekkoes – Last Breath (Radio Edit)
23. anpl – controversial.
24. Martyn Bailey – Boys and Girls
25. Beyond Border – What Makes The World Go Round
26. SCALA – Exist
27. NOPRISM – Order
28. SoftWave – System Failure

Broadcast on July 6th, 2021.

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