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5 Online Casino Games That are Perfect for Newbies

Greenhorns to the gambling game may want to start slow. It takes time to build up risk tolerance, and you definitely don’t want to register in an online casino only to lose all your money in one go. There are certain games that are excellent for beginners, but there are also specific categories that offer a more acceptable risk for newbies.

We’re here to identify and help you choose the best online slots and casino games for new players. It doesn’t matter what range of volatility you can deal with; we have a suggestion for you.

Gambling in Sweden

The legal gambling age in Sweden is 20 years old for most in-person casinos. It’s important to have knowledge of casino law.  For the online platform, the age restriction is a little looser, starting at 18 years old. This means you are able to register and play on online platforms, but you can’t set foot into an establishment. 

Online casinos are an excellent source of fun that you can access from the comfort of your own home. Online casinos such as the bästa casino online offer a variety of games that suit professionals, veterans, and beginners alike.

The talented author Amy Martinsson has extensive knowledge on the subject of casinos, and she has lent her expertise to identify some of the best online casino games for newbies. You can learn more about her here.

Slot Machines

It’s no surprise that slot machines take the top spot on our list. Some casino games take a lot of skill and analysis, but slot machines are much less demanding. That’s not to say that there isn’t a certain level of skill involved because you have to assess the machine, but for the most part, it’s just wagering your bet and pressing spin.

Slots were initially placed in casinos as a way to pass the time while players waited for available seats to open up. Slot machines have come a long way since then and have become a stable fixture in most online and in-person casinos here in Sweden and around the world.

These games are awesome because they come in different themes and variations, complete with different mechanics. Online casinos are where slot machines can really shine as they aren’t limited by real-world physics. They can shower you with coins, and little characters can pop up across the screen to make your experience a more colorful one. 


Online casino games are easily customized with different themes and styles, and roulette is the same. It’s a recommended game for newbies for the great odds it gives. You can bet on red or black, odds or events that completely hinge on luck. In this way, everyone at the table is on the same level, and skill doesn’t come into play.

Yes, the dynamics of roulette are a bit slower than other fast-paced and adrenaline-rushing games, but it’s good to slow down sometimes. Gain back your equilibrium to make good decisions down the line. It’s so easy to ride on the high of a major win and to lose it all on the next bet thanks to an impulsive decision.


A popular favorite, blackjack is one of those games that can get your brain, as well as your adrenalin, going. It’s the perfect combination of luck and strategy, but the rules are very simple. The bets can also range from as low as $5, and the sky is the limit. 

First-timers can quickly grasp the concept of the game, and there are plenty of resources online or even in the casino that can help you learn the game and better your strategy. 

Let it Ride

Let it Ride is another card game available in online casinos, and it’s based on poker. If you are a poker lover, then you’ll like Let it Ride. You start with 5 cards and place wagers on each hand. It’s very easy to learn, and it consists of 3 cards, plus 2 community cards.

Whoever wins is the player with the hand that’s worth the most value. Similar to poker, the rules are easy to learn, and the betting range is wide enough to encompass players of all risk tolerance levels.


Craps will put newbies shoulder to shoulder with veteran players. Yes, it can be quite daunting, and the vast selection of options for the bets makes craps even more intimidating, but there are a few tried and true options you can go for.

Craps is a newbie game with higher stakes, but we promised to give beginners online options with minimal risk to ones capable of higher returns but pose more probability for losses. Craps is a fun game that will bring a sense of community around the table, but be sure to consider each bet carefully.


As a beginner, our best bet to getting a foothold in the casino world is to start with games that have low risk and are rooted more in luck like the ones we suggested.  


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