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Love Your Pets (Ep301)

Wednesday 21 February 2024,

It’s Love Your Pet Day! Like you needed a special day to do that! Anyway Ben plays loads of tracks read more

300th Special Facts Show (Ep300)

Wednesday 21 February 2024,

What’s the best way to celebrate a milstone in broadcasting? By setting yourself a ridiculous challenge of course. This week read more

Pay Someone a Compliment (Ep299)

Wednesday 7 February 2024,

It’s time to say something nice to everyone you know. Because it’s Pay a Compliment Day. It’s also Chopsticks Day, read more

Escape Day (Ep298)

Wednesday 7 February 2024,

It’s Escape Day. And Plan for Vacation Day. Maybe you could combine the two and escape on vacation somewhere. It’s read more

The Hunt for Happiness (Ep297)

Wednesday 7 February 2024,

It’s Hunt for Happiness Week. So prepare for music to make you happy. But it’s also Sticky Toffee Pudding Day, read more

The Nightshift – Louise Parker

Friday 26 January 2024,

Louise Parker is a modern country artist from Chelmsford who is currently working on new music following a string of read more

The Hot and Spicy of Life (Ep296)

Monday 22 January 2024,

Ben is back live in the studio and embracing 2024 with all the usual vigour and ridiculousness you’ve come to read more

Alphabet ‘T’ Special (Ep295)

Thursday 11 January 2024,

Songs that begin with T from all around the world of music and from any era. And in between Ben read more

Alphabet ‘S’ Special (Ep294)

Thursday 11 January 2024,

Songs that begin with S, and info about stuff that begins with S. It may only be worth 1 point read more

Boxing Day Panto Show (Ep293)

Wednesday 10 January 2024,

When you’re in pantomime for 6 weeks, you live in a bubble with a small group of people and become read more

Alphabet ‘R’ Special (Ep292)

Tuesday 9 January 2024,

Tracks and Artists that begin with an R. And intersting things in between that begin with R. Don’t get Rsey read more

Alphabet ‘Q’ Special (Ep291)

Tuesday 9 January 2024,

“Another Alphabet Special”, you say! Well it might not be as you think. Mainly because there aren’t that many songs read more

Alphabet ‘P’ Special (Ep290)

Tuesday 2 January 2024,

Songs or artists that begin with a P. And loads of info about stuff that begins with P. Enjoy P-ing read more

Songs From 1-20 (Ep288)

Tuesday 2 January 2024,

This week Ben set himself a challenge. To play consecutive tracks that had numbers from 1-20 in the title. Easy read more

The Nightshift – SilverSpark

Friday 29 December 2023,

Like a cup of tea with a shot of whiskey; last night I shared my interview with SilverSpark and dived read more

The Arts Programme – 190 – Interrogation, Critique and Curation

Friday 22 December 2023,

Join us in conversation about Gallery Curation with our guest  from Spread Creative. This week Natalie and Claire spoke about read more

Here Come The Girls (Ep287)

Saturday 18 November 2023,

It’s a lot of ridiculous holidays today. National Pickle Day. National Seat Belt Day. Also this week it’s Geography Awareness read more

The Nightshift – The Jackson Line

Friday 17 November 2023,

On last night’s episode, we discussed the story behind the new release of Chelmsford’s star-studded band, The Jackson Line with read more

Event Music (Ep286)

Tuesday 7 November 2023,

54 years after their last song, The Beatles release their last song! Truly amazing. This week, Ben takes a look read more

Hallowevening (Ep285)

Monday 6 November 2023,

It’s rare to actaully broadcast on Halloween itself. So let’s enjoy actually getting to do it. Scary music. Excellent music. read more