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Blue Scarr & Amiee Britannia – IN YOUR POWER

Thursday 2 May 2024,

Great to catch up with Blue Scarr and and Aimee Britannia. Both are talented Producers and Songwriters.  I spoke to read more

Square Wave – “Are you an angel in disguise or just a trick of the light?” – TOO FAR

Thursday 4 April 2024,

It was great to catch up with Essex band, SQUARE WAVE (Mike, Alex and Braden) after our previous interview & read more

Carlos Abril – An incredible new release DISTANCE

Friday 23 February 2024,

I discovered Carlos Abril on TIK TOK and heard DISTANCE which is a beautiful neo soul track with AMELIA ROSE. read more

The Rebel Party – Live Acoustic Performance

Thursday 1 February 2024,

Love live music in the studio and today it was good to finally meet and hear, THE REBEL PARTY. Their read more

The Nightshift – Nickola Magnolia

Friday 19 January 2024,

On last night’s broadcast we were joined by special guest Nickola Magnolia. She is a country artist from Canada, however read more

AWESOME-O-SAURUS! IMMA MESS? No Way! Say hi to the catchy Synth Pop Trio

Friday 18 August 2023,

I discovered AWESOME-O-SAURUS on Tik Tok. The more posts I liked of their tune IMMA MESS the more videos appear. read more

Catch Satin Beige Live Wednesday 5th July HOTBOX CHELMSFORD

Tuesday 4 July 2023,

I happened to be at HOTBOX in Chelmsford (check it out for live music) and Satin Beige was on stage read more

SAFENATH – Talks EP – SPRINGFIELD & Glastonbury Gig

Monday 22 May 2023,

Great to finally catch up with SAFENATH who is making waves in the industry with his rap, vocals, production with read more

Ria Barkr – Incredible Live Performance from R & B Star EXCLUSIVE FIRST UK INTERVIEW

Tuesday 9 May 2023,

What a voice Ria Barkr has, she was incredible live in the studio. Three live performances. This Nashville singer, songwriter read more

BROKEN BEAR – Exclusive first interview

Saturday 8 April 2023,

In her first radio interview, BROKEN BEAR singer/songwriter, Laura talked about duo (Paul), song writing, inspirations and more. Today sees read more

Helen McCookerybook – In Conversation & Live Performance

Friday 11 November 2022,

Helen McCookerybook is one of those guests that you could talk to for hours and myself and Bob Simpson (who read more

Roisin Quinn – Listen to her beautiful live performance on Eat my Brunch

Monday 24 October 2022,

Fantastic to have live music in the studio from an incredible singer, songwriter whose track RUNNING FROM YOURSELF is one read more

Emily Gray – Singer Songwriter talks about her new release ENGLAND

Monday 17 October 2022,

Machelle was joined by singer, songwriter, Emily Gray to talk about her music and to hear her new release ENGLAND.  read more

The Arts Programme – 141 – The Show of Fire!

Sunday 16 October 2022,

We were joined by Josh and the crew from Adsum Audio to tell us about their new single ‘Watch The read more

ALAN DREEZER (Singer, Songwriter) talks about his new release – BUTTERFLY

Saturday 24 September 2022,

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with singer, songwriter, ALAN DREEZER and this time we talked about his excellent read more

MAYFAIR LADY – SUMMER BODY her brand new release and the story behind it

Saturday 6 August 2022,

Always a good to talk to the talented singer, songwriter, pianist, MAYFAIR LADY. We have been supporting her music since read more

Singer/Songwriter, Lee Gilbert talks about his latest release – SOLDIER ON & more!

Sunday 22 May 2022,

Michelle was joined by Singer, Songwriter, Lee Gilbert to talk music, writing, albums , acting and so much more. Hot read more

Papaya Noon – NEW MUSIC – Chilled, Soulful – FLUTTER (check it out)

Saturday 7 May 2022,

  It was great to finally catch up with Greg and Annie, PAPAYA NOON, who I discovered on Tik Tok read more

Alan Dreezer – Talks about his latest release, TIME STAND STILL

Saturday 30 April 2022,

Always great to catch up with singer songwriter, Alan Dreezer. Alan’s new track, TIME STAND STILL along with this album, read more

The Beautiful Voice of LOGAN J PARKER

Saturday 19 March 2022,

  With her stand out vocals and amazing song writing talent, it was a pleasure to talk to singer, songwriter, read more