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The Openly Prog Show – 23 March 2020

Saturday 21 March 2020,

On tonight’s third instalment of the Genesis singles, we cover 1982 – 1988 with tracks from 3X3 – Invisible Touch. read more

The Openly Prog Show – 17 Feb 2020

Sunday 16 February 2020,

On tonight’s world of proggy wonderment i will be featuring tracks by Kraftwerk, The Nice, 11 As In Adversaries, Genesis read more

The Openly Prog Show – 23 Dec 2019

Sunday 22 December 2019,

It’s nearly Christmas!!! I couldn’t resist the chance to play some Christmas choons, so i did, from Jethro Tull, Emerson, read more

The Openly Prog Show – 04 Nov 2019

Monday 4 November 2019,

On tonight’s show, we take a break from YES50, to bring you an interview with Genesis founder member and prolific read more

The Openly Prog Show – 10 June 2019

Tuesday 4 June 2019,

Well now, this week, we’re back to a show of random wonderment, with tracks from Gentle Giant, A((wake)), Kevin Ayers, read more