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60 Second History – The Gardeners Arms (Brentwood)

Saturday 18 November 2023,

We love the 60 Second History Series with Sylvia Kent and this month she has dug out the history on read more

Brentwood Visitors. Boris Karloff, Paul Simon, Morecambe & Wise, Queen Elizabeth. 60 Second History

Thursday 26 October 2023,

For Sylvia’s 60 Second History this month we find out all famous visitors who came to Brentwood 60 SECOND HISTORY read more

Did you hear about the Monkey, The Candlestick and the Fire? BOOK CLUB September!

Saturday 30 September 2023,

It was such a fun BOOK CLUB this month with author, columnist, Sylvia Kent and Margaret Mills who is an Adult read more

Alleyways of Brentwood – 60 SECOND HISTORY with Sylvia Kent

Friday 28 April 2023,

Sylvia Kent (freelance columnist and author) gives 60 Second History of alleyways of Brentwood.

BOOK CLUB JANUARY – Sylvia Kent & Guest Writer Maria Conyers

Wednesday 1 February 2023,

Michelle was joined for the first Book Club of the year by Sylvia Kent and guest writer, Maria Conyers to read more