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Life is Beautiful (Ep317)

Wednesday 12 June 2024,

This week Ben plays your suggestions of tracks that mainly link to Life being Beautiful. Also the odd track about read more

TV Ads for Glory (Ep316)

Wednesday 12 June 2024,

Some songs have featured on tv ads and then gone into the charts. Some already released songs have been on read more

Show Your Political Colours (Ep315)

Wednesday 12 June 2024,

Musically, this week’s show is dedicated to major political parties and the colours we associate with them. Plus, Scott Fish read more

Synth City: Eye see you – June 11th 2024

Wednesday 12 June 2024,

Here I am, back in the fine radio studio, after missing one show in my 9 year tenure of Synth read more

School Reunion (Ep314)

Wednesday 29 May 2024,

Ben went old school this week. He actually went back to his old school. It was good. And nostalgic. So read more

That Winning Feeling (Ep312)

Wednesday 29 May 2024,

We all know how good it is to win! And this week Lando Norris won his first Grand Prix. Ben read more

Synth City: Staring down the line – May 28th 2024

Wednesday 29 May 2024,

Welcome to the last live show of this there May and you know, for the first time in 8 years read more

Synth City: No fear

Wednesday 22 May 2024,

It’s the middle of the month of May and soon I will have to miss my 1st show in June, read more

Synth City: Sneezy daze are here again

Wednesday 15 May 2024,

Wow, what a scorching May we are having right now, I was almost baked to a crisp and already having read more

Synth City: May be may hey

Wednesday 8 May 2024,

So, it is the middle of spring time in the UK and we are on the cusp of summer officially read more

Honesty is the best policy (Ep311)

Thursday 2 May 2024,

It’s all go this week – he must confess! Ben plays your suggested tracks about secrets, lies, truth and honesty read more

Synth City: Prepare to lawn

Wednesday 1 May 2024,

We are now seeing the tail end of Spring with Summer on the horizon. I am in a small vanity read more

Movie Title Fun (Ep310)

Saturday 27 April 2024,

How can you have fun with movie titles? By changing one letter of course. And reimagining a whole film. How read more

All the Right Moves (Ep309)

Saturday 27 April 2024,

We should all be aiming to move more. Especially during Move More Month. Who knew this was also April? Ben read more

Nothing Can Eclipse This (Ep308)

Tuesday 23 April 2024,

It’s an eclipse. So Ben plays songs that link to the sun. Plus all the other stuff you’ve come to read more

Alcohol Aware (Ep307)

Tuesday 23 April 2024,

Whether you like it or hate it – be aware of alcohol this week. As long as you acknowledge that read more

Summer Lee Carlson – SLEEPY LITTLE TOWN

Thursday 4 April 2024,

Finally caught up with singer, songwriter, SUMMER LEE CARLSON about her new release featuring MUTE SPEAKER, SLEEPY LITTLE TOWN. The read more

Square Wave – “Are you an angel in disguise or just a trick of the light?” – TOO FAR

Thursday 4 April 2024,

It was great to catch up with Essex band, SQUARE WAVE (Mike, Alex and Braden) after our previous interview & read more

If You’re Lonely – Adopt a Guinea Pig! (Ep306)

Friday 29 March 2024,

Don’t be lonely this week. But still experience solitude. Maybe to help calm your brain. Also it’s Purple Day and read more

Nurse, I need help! (Ep305)

Friday 29 March 2024,

This week, it’s Nurses Day! Also we celebrate laughter, Agriculture and Ninja Turtles. Ben also helps you declutter and Scott read more