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Movie Title Fun (Ep310)

Saturday 27 April 2024,

How can you have fun with movie titles? By changing one letter of course. And reimagining a whole film. How read more

All the Right Moves (Ep309)

Saturday 27 April 2024,

We should all be aiming to move more. Especially during Move More Month. Who knew this was also April? Ben read more

Nothing Can Eclipse This (Ep308)

Tuesday 23 April 2024,

It’s an eclipse. So Ben plays songs that link to the sun. Plus all the other stuff you’ve come to read more

World Population Day (Ep269)

Monday 24 July 2023,

How to celebrate World Population Day on the radio? Play a load of tracks that link to people? Go on read more

Ridiculous Holidays Special (Ep255)

Thursday 6 April 2023,

After all the weeks of examining ridiculous holidays, it was time to dedicate a whole show to them. Some really read more

Remember Flowers, Optimistically! (Ep254)

Thursday 6 April 2023,

Today we celebrate Flower Day, Memory Day and Optimism Month. Plus we discover how Gary Oldman and Antione Griezmann are read more

Alphabet ‘C’ Special (Ep215)

Wednesday 15 June 2022,

On International Bath Day (WHAT?) let’s all ignore that and embrace the letter C instead. Who cares about baths? They read more

Smell My Ice Cream – it’s Chocolate! (Ep214)

Thursday 9 June 2022,

Wacky holidays are in full flow again as we all enjoy Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Bed Bug Awareness Week and read more

Smile at Driverless Cars (Ep213)

Thursday 9 June 2022,

It’s another marvellous episode. This week Ben looks at the world of smiles, the world of autonomous vehicles and some read more

Not that kind of Mooning! (Ep171)

Thursday 22 July 2021,

Today is Jump Day, Chess Day, Space Exploration Day and Moon day. But please don’t start removing your trousers. Ben read more

The Show That Goes Like This gets scary at Halloween – with Ben Simmons

Wednesday 1 November 2017,

Ben Simmons terrifies us all with another broadcast of The Show That Goes Like This. Featuring Simmo’s Simple Sports News and read more