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The Bliss Disciples – Show 88 – Musical Euphoria

Saturday 9 December 2023,

Welcome to ‘The Bliss disciples,’ the ultimate destination for music lovers seeking a refreshing escape into the world of uplifting read more

The Bliss Disciples – Show 86 – Silence The White Noise

Saturday 25 November 2023,

Sometimes you don’t realise that you are being assaulted from every possible angle by apps grappling for your attention. Emails, read more

Studio Guest Ella Fae – Mix It Up Show 65 – Florence Road-Rose Betts- Bessie Turner & more

Tuesday 14 February 2023,

Ella Fae Alt/Pop/Indie Local Artist Ella tells of ‘Overthinking’ and the reason behind her ‘Guilty Conscience’ Hear about her upcoming read more

2022 Artists/Guests Mix It Up – Including your fave tracks of 2022

Monday 2 January 2023,

2022 Special – Mix It Up Guests/Artists of the week Hear Music from 2022’s Guests including ARXX – Jo O’Meara read more

Show 53 – ARXX Track Of The Week – New Music From Swimschool, Bessie Turner, Charlotte Clark, Gabrielle Aplin & So much More

Tuesday 22 November 2022,

Track Of The Week: ARXX Rewind Guess The Intro WSL Round Up Hear the Best Alt Pop & Indie new read more

Show 51 – Live Harry And The Chicks – New Music From Bleach Lab, Rosie Betts & Much More

Monday 7 November 2022,

Harry & The Chicks played 3 songs Live in the studio – chatted about WHU, videos, the meaning behind ‘Snakes read more

Show 46 – Studio Guest Rory Wilkinson – Track of the week Big Joanie – Mix It Up

Thursday 6 October 2022,

Jo’s Studio Guest was Rory Wilkinson East Londoner, Rory played Live in the studio and we heard about his Eponymous read more

The Bliss Disciples – Show 25 – Feeling Tense?

Friday 23 September 2022,

It’s my first week back at work after taking a year out, and I need some help shaking off the read more

The Bliss Disciples – Show 24 – Back From The Wilderness

Friday 16 September 2022,

Let us restore the Bliss in your lives with music designed to stimulate irresistible forces that will have you tapping read more

The Bliss Disciples Show 23 – F.O.M.O “D”iffuser.

Saturday 3 September 2022,

We live in a society where F.O.M.O sadly has an ever increasing influence, but thankfully due to the joys of read more

Show 42 – Mix It Up – Guess the intro

Tuesday 30 August 2022,

Catch up on Sunday the 28th August’s Show “Guess the Intro” + “Turn Back Time” Tracks from Georgia – Jamie read more

The Bliss Disciples- Show 22 – Uplifting and Inspiring

Saturday 27 August 2022,

I have been fortunate to enjoy a week to remember meeting interesting and inspiring people and I have reflected that read more

The Bliss Disciples Show 21- VFFV

Monday 22 August 2022,

In this weeks’ show I am highlighting several acts who will be playing at Stowaway Festival. There’s work from Orbital, read more

The Bliss Disciples – Show 20 – The Bliss Re-Choon

Saturday 13 August 2022,

Check yourself in for a weekly service at The Bliss Disciples workshop and let the music add grease to your read more

Show 39 – Track of the Week from The Great Leslie

Wednesday 10 August 2022,

Catch up on Sunday the 12th June’s Show Alt/Pop/Indie “Guess the Intro” + “Turn Back Time” Track of the Week: read more

The Bliss Disciples – Show 19 – BPM Rocket Rollercoaster

Sunday 7 August 2022,

There are thrills galore as we twist and tumble through along the BPM range. So find an empty seat, buckle read more

The Bliss Disciples – Show 18 – The Bliss Superfood Shake

Saturday 30 July 2022,

Welcome to the Bliss Superfood Shake. Nourish your mind, body and soul with our highly nutritious blend of music. (It’s read more

The Bliss Disciples – show 17- Bouncing On The Fun-K!

Tuesday 26 July 2022,

This week’s show is heavily loaded with choons created specifically for bouncing to. Don’t let the heatwave discourage you from read more

The Bliss Disciples – Show 16- Summer Mixers

Saturday 16 July 2022,

Pour yourself a long drink, throw in a mountain of ice, then choose one of the following mixers for a read more

The Bliss Disciple – Show 15 – The Bliss Breeze

Saturday 9 July 2022,

Summer is in full swing, but no need to fear about overheating. Simply close your eyes, open your arms and read more