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  • ⚒ Reece Brooks ⚒

    One thing we desperately need to do is stop making our transfer activity public. By that I mean David Sullivan needs to stop throwing names & figures into the public eye. Look at Bacca for example. He must have seen that we were willing to offer Tevez extortionate wages, so wanted a big wages packet too!

    Antonio. I love the bloke. Every West Ham fan does. Him playing at right-back is just devastating. Not only is he not a defender, his confidence is being broken!

  • Anna Inns

    Good evening from Portugal Patrick 🙂

  • Henry Coars

    Amazing tunes. chilling right out after the week ive had . Well done

  • Clare Hunter

    Hi Courtney Lee love the music lots of love Lucy and Evie

  • Lisa

    Hey cl … Just to let you know we are listening !! Love lisa and Scarlett xxx

  • aldensteve

    The rather excellent MICHELLE WARD @luckybitches, up next with EAT MY BRUNCH, bringing you three hours of music and ramblings on phoenix98. A great listen. Very FUNNY lady!

    • michelle ward

      You are fabulous, thank you Steve your comments are much appreciated.

  • Stephen Twelker

    Hello from Oregon. Thanks for helping me get through a Monday afternoon at the office. Lovely stuff.

  • Nigel Gallifent

    Yes – can hear you now (after several minutes of not the news…)

  • aldensteve

    The rather excellent MICHELLE WARD @luckybitches, up next with EAT MY BRUNCH, bringing you three hours of music and ramblings on phoenix98. A great listen. Very FUNNY lady!

    • michelle ward

      Thank you Steve for your continued support xxx

  • Linda Klein

    Go Hunting for Wolves, woop woop

  • Andrew

    The infamous singer of infrared penguin is listening in. Great tunes michelle.

    • michelle ward

      Thank you for tuning in! Great track now on the a list. x

  • aldensteve

    The BEST morning show in ESSEX is – EAT MY BRUNCH, hoseted by the lovely MULTI-talented MICHELLE WARD! @luckybitches @phoenixfm

    • michelle ward

      Thanks Steve xxx

      • aldensteve

        Yay, Michelle’s back on the radio! 10 till 1. #eatmybrunch #phoenixfm

  • Alison

    David’s had 5 hours in the car…but now he is home for a curry and Phoenix fm!

  • Lisa

    Hahaha awwww ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aldensteve

    The BEST morning show in ESSEX is – EAT MY BRUNCH, hoseted by the lovely MULTI-talented MICHELLE WARD! @luckybitches @phoenixfm

  • Margaret O’Connor

    FListening waiting for The Legend @Chelsea_Singh_ to come on!!! Let’s Avvvvv it!! Chels ❤️❤️

  • Muriel Venant

    do you have room for a
    new guy

  • Martin Young

    Going well Chris Ronald & John Ellis!!! Mart xx

  • Jordan

    Noel’s solo tunes are better than oasis!!!
    Headsssss Gone!!!

  • Jordan

    Drummer is on point!!! Great work

  • Matt Thraves

    Hey Daryl its me Matt you know your Hockley neighbor i’m slightly drunk and i can hear you on to Radio say Hello to me I love you dude!


    Weekdays, 10am to 1pm – @phoenixfm #98fm Three hours of music and ramblings, presented by MICHELLE WARD in her own inimitable style @luckybitches @phoenixfm #98fm

  • Amy Atrill-gold

    Hi Courtney-Lee and Stephanie! We are really enjoying the show. Love from Amy (and my mum)

  • krish Reddy
  • krish Reddy

  • krish Reddy

    nice voice

  • aldensteve

    Weekdays, 10am to 1pm – @phoenixfm #98fm Three hours of music and ramblings, presented by MICHELLE WARD in her own inimitable style @luckybitches @phoenixfm #98fm

  • aldensteve

    Thanks very much PHOENIX 98FM RADIO – brentwood and billericay’s cOmmunity radio station for inviting LEigh Luscious, Dagenham’s own punk guitarist/ singer-songwriet into your studios for a coffee/ chat and live music session with Michelle on #EatMyBrunch #youvebeenlushed

  • Joe Ortiz

    Loving this Brazilian music!!!

    • phoenixfm

      Thanks, we do too!

      • Joe Ortiz

        Will definitely be tuning in again and catch the broadcast from the start but what I heard was just divine 😉

  • Joe Ortiz

    Ask them if they know Chimpspanner 😉
    Sounds like they all come from the same corner of the block 😉

  • Padders

    Loving Nikki Mills!


    Adam the bassist and is amazing fiance say “my chicken chew mein!” But on a serious note loving it!

  • bob

    Tell us about some of the UFO sighting you have seen steve.

  • bob

    What was that Zappa tune called.

  • AndysRecords Aberystwyth

    Steve, please tell us about staying in mink hollow, working with Todd Rundgren?

  • Steve Chard

    any chance of posting the playlist of steve hillage’s faves, i know the bands so far, but have not heard the tracks before, apart from its all too much, thanks in advance.

  • Steve Chard

    very nice program steve, really enjoyed it, thank you.

  • Norquay

    Been played on here a couple times which is cool. If you like my music you can purchase my EP vices here cheers to all.

  • Selena Atrill-gold

    Merry Christmas Courtney Lee x

  • Terry

    Hi Patrick, can’t get camera on the table to work

  • Terry

    That’s tablet

  • Vivien Lee

    I love this song Mary Did You Know..

  • laurence cottam

    Ronnie is it true you going in big brother

  • Slavko


  • Yeeh

    How about a swap deal – Payet for Martial?

  • Omiljeni Radio
  • Omiljeni Radio
  • Djmoreese Turner

    Much love and respect for playing Plusar

  • Turn up Tony

    Come on you O’s

  • Turn up Tony

    Can just about here Andy

  • Turn up Tony

    I was there
    We were totally outplayed but the effort was there

  • Turn up Tony

    Andys Mike isn’t working

  • martyn

    Please stand closer to the mic

  • Turn up Tony

    The Ref was the biggest Homer ever

  • martyn

    sounds like norman collier

  • Turn up Tony

    Andy should come with subtitles

  • Turn up Tony

    Whispering Bob Harris

  • Dave Parry

    can’t hear the guy.

  • Ashley

    Keep up the good work Brian, looking forward to the future projects. All the best your big bro Ash

  • Peter Olley

    Ex how are you in the players Whatsapp group?

    • Dormgron

      He’s magic.

  • Carl church

    I don’t think Defoe is the answer. I don’t think hogan is the answer. Why don’t we put our money in for chicharto Hernandez??

  • Carl church

    Do u not feel it’s to late though!!! They have initially sold a lie

  • Angela

    Great show ☺ Love Between the Lines with Steve, Aaron and Scott xxx

  • SoftWave

    We love your show Rob. Thanks for supporting us and for playing our new remix by David Burdick 🙂

  • Brian Ager

    thanks Paul

  • Tracey P

    Hi Courtney-Lee are you able to read out the messages?

  • Rachel

    Thank you for supporting Ask Albie – helping us to raise money to grant wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions and children who are terminally ill in Essex xxxx thank you

  • COYI

    talking of michy, is he a possible buy in the summer?

  • Terry

    Hi I made it

  • Don

    Love the show

  • John Linden

    Hello mate, hope all is well!

  • Stevie Taylor

    Say hello to the jack dee of boxing for me tell him is bollovski

  • Angela Heanue

    Fab show with Steve and Aaron ☺

  • Monika Alicja Patrzykąt

    Hi my dear friend Magda!I’m listening to you here in Poland. You rock guys!Cheers.

  • Jan Ticehurst

    Enjoying listening to Magda Czula and the Band here in the mountains in Oz en Oisans. Fantastic guys. Xxx

  • Tom

    Loving the show! Thanks Leo!! -The Physics Lads

  • Daniel Harvey

    Whheeeeyyyyy gwan leo

  • Physics lad


  • RolfHarrisLover1

    Quality stuff from Leo there.

    • Verity

      Hi Liam

      • RolfHarrisLover1

        Marry me?

        • Verity

          Only if I can have your babies

          • RolfHarrisLover1

            That’s the only way I know how baby doll

          • Verity


          • RolfHarrisLover1

            Yeah 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          • Liam

            Would you rather marry me or have my babies?

          • Verity

            Id rather block you on Facebook tbh

          • Liam

            That’s just rude

  • Neil Gray

    listening instead with the boy. wish i could’ve been there

  • Claire Layzell

    Great show Courtney-lee! Singing along, fab song choices. thank you for playing our request too

    • Courtney-Lee Collins

      Thank you for listening Claire and Kayla! xxx

  • Amanda

    Can i put in request for my lil girl loves a bit of ed sheeran thinking out loud

    • Courtney-Lee Collins

      Of course Amanda, what’s her name? x

      • Amanda Holt

        Lily mae boorman

  • Amanda Holt

    Lily mae

    • Amanda Holt

      Thank u lovely

  • Elliot Robert Knight

    Evening Graham

  • Richard Jones

    AC/DC !!!!

  • Mark Shurben-Browne

    Is Byram not good enough?

  • Mark Shurben-Browne

    Shape and Balance, with Kouyate at RB, the balance of the team is not right!

  • Mark Shurben-Browne

    He will be better than Payet!!

  • Mark Shurben-Browne

    Does Paul play golf?

  • Evan Guest

    Say hi to alcanian the lead Singer is one of my mates

  • Evan Guest

    Can you play rap god

  • Mel Jaybee

    Looks like this one worked

  • Evan Guest

    Alcanian is one of the best young bands go jason
    Also can you put on the Mack or is this love remix

  • Evan Guest

    Great job Jason

  • Evan Guest

    Don’t forget your agent me

    • Evan Guest


  • Evan Guest

  • Shannon Heffernan

    Great stuff guys, keep it going sounds amazing!! So proud

  • Evan Guest

    Shout me out

  • Evan Guest

    Ha banter you are good presenter

  • jackie

    What a fabulous group for such young lads, shame there are’nt more young boys like them, go Jason go. nosebud

  • Isabella

    Hi your doing great Jayson

  • Evan Guest

    Yay callum

  • Cerys

    We love you Jayson and Kyle and Callum❤️ – Cerys

  • Cerys

    Just so you know the fact that you’re on the radio is all over my social medias! Doing amazing boys!

  • Evan Guest

    Great song can you buy your album on amazon

  • Isabella

    Whooo go Jayson

  • Cerys

    Thanks interview man for pronouncing my name right

  • Tina Lobel

    Awesome as always. We’re all listening. T xx

  • Alex

    So good well done boys x shout me out x

  • Cerys

    Doing great guys you’re so supported

  • Alex

    So good. Do u think ur gonna do worldwide tours? Dunno if u already are but just a question. Keep up good work x

  • Evan Guest

    Thanks for getting my name right to lots call me evin Jason or even

  • jackie

    Great sounds Jayson & friends won,t be long before you hit the big time. Jackie nosebuds friend

  • chloe

    woo go jayson

  • Louise Heffernan

    Amazing young talent, keep up the hard work boys and you’ll go far.
    Couldn’t be prouder of you all!!
    Obviously a shout out to Kyle!!!!

  • Cerys

    You’re doing great guys❤️

  • Cerys

    How do you get tickets for your gigs?

  • Irons

    Great music and band keep it going lads

  • Alex

    How much would ur tickets be?

  • Evan Guest

    Your the best around nothing going to bring kyle

  • Isabella

    Your doing awesome you guys

  • Evan Guest


  • Cerys

    Woo Kyle

  • Cerys

    Kyle when can you give me tickets

  • Cerys

    I’ll pay you in science

  • Cerys

    Omg I want a shirt

  • Alex

    Do u have a YouTube channel? If u do, what is it called?

  • Isabella

    Can’t wait to go to one of your gigs

  • Evan Guest

    Jason you are a great Singer but you could put and ad out

  • Alex

    How did ur band start up?

  • Evan Guest

    I’ll set you it up Jason reserve. Me one please

    • Evan Guest

      The ticket

  • Evan Guest

    The you YouTube channel

  • Alex

    How long have you guys been playing together?

  • Cerys

    I have a puppy

  • Isabella

    Great song Jayson

  • Louise Heffernan

    This is the one I always sing along to haha think Kyle wishes I wouldn’t!

  • Evan Guest

    Shout out to Nick field

  • Alex

    When did ur band start and how did long have u been together

  • Alex


  • Isabella


  • Alex


  • chloe

    yer well done ❤️!!

  • Isabella

    Well done guys

  • Evan Guest

    Great show

  • Keith Chanter

    Thanks to all who tuned in & for you messages! – Nick

  • Kylah

    Yinka is my auntie

  • Sami Cole

    Love the new single yinka , sami

  • Angela Heanue

    Always great to hear Steve and Aaron ☺☺☺☺

  • M.L.

    Metropolis!!!! Listening to Rob Harvey here in Canada.

  • Mark Shurben-Browne

    Eddie Howe!!

  • Terry Turbos

    Can you ask Steve if he fancies a Nandos next week?

  • Bonzai

    great band… not sure about the bass playing though..

  • didi dowling

    OMG loving this track…by far my new favourite.

  • Danielle Lesley Parker-Thomson

    Loving the new songs!

  • Bonzai

    banging tune, easily my favourite

  • Angela Heanue

    Fantastic show Aaron, really enjoyed it ☺

  • aldensteve

    I took my mother to Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford City to see Vintage jazz trio from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex named <> perform a Mother s Day special concert. They were excellent, with their unique mix of jazz standards, modern songs with a Daisy-Bowler twist and the pn-stage banter betwixt the band members. Thought they were so good, I bought one of their compact disks for my mother afterward. I would recommend their live show to anyone who enjoys easy listening from 1910’s to 1950’s ! Stephen Alden, Billericay

  • Lucy

    Has girls just want to have fun been on yet? Lol x

  • victoria bishop

    Loving Colette tonight

  • Princess

    Question for joe are u going to box differently then the last fight I.e any other tactics? By the way congratulations on your new baby boy!

    Princess x

  • HurricaneShiro

    Go Emily!!!

  • Seaside

    What a lot of young talent, inspiring!

  • aldensteve

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