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Creative Sessions – Information For Artists

Phoenix FM, in conjunction with the Creative Recording Studios in Brentwood, will be recording 10 artists between 12pm and 10pm on Saturday 2nd September 2017.


The venue is the HOLIDAY INN in Basildon.

Address is: Festival Leisure Park, Waterfront Walk, Basildon SS14 3DG

The sessions will be recorded downstairs in one of the conference rooms.


If you’re ready to commit to a time please have a look at the schedule below and pick a slot:

1200-1300 available
1300-1400 available
1400-1500 available
1500-1600 available
1600-1700 available
1700-1800 available
1800-1900 available
1900-2000 available
2000-2100 available
2100-2200 available

Then email me on and I will confirm.

You should get here about 30-60 minutes before your time slot and we’ll be looking to keep you in the conference room for about 50-60 minutes depending on number of people, equipment etc and then we’ll rush you out again. We’ll be taking photos and carrying out interviews as well. We will also video some of the tracks and put them up on our website/YouTube after the event (with the actual desk recording synced to it).

Creative will supply a 200W Trace Elliot bass amp, 2 x Marshall 100W guitar amps and a Mapex V-series drum kit with single pedal and drum stool. Drummers should bring their own snare, cymbals, double bass pedals etc as they see fit. We recommend that apart from instruments, you bring as little of your own gear as possible.

Finally … we like swearing as much as the next man or woman (in fact, probably more than the next man or woman) but the songs will be given daytime radio play so please … no swearing in the lyrics, or it will be a bit of a waste of time for all of us as we won’t be able to play them!

We’re looking to get the sessions out on the radio soon afterwards – the recordings will be mastered/polished up by Creative and we will then have a session a day featuring on our station. We will then feature recordings in our various programmes after that date. We’ll let you all know well in advance exactly when they’re going out for the first time.

Ownership of the recordings will remain with Phoenix FM and Creative, but if you want digital copies of the tracks we will send them over on request after they have been played on Phoenix FM for the first time, and then you can do what you like with them after that. We don’t have a formal release policy surrounding the sessions but we do allow you to use the recordings in whatever way you choose and we ask in return that we publicise the audio and video on our websites to promote all of us.

Phoenix FM and Creative have been doing stuff together for 12 years and we hope you can be a part of this year’s event!

Paul Golder, Phoenix FM