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Buildings Special (Ep277)

Crumbling concrete? We don’t care here at TSTGLT. Instead we play tracks inspired by various buildings, suggested by you, lovely read more

Air Traffic Kiss nearly with Dua Lipa (Ep276)

We commiserate with people suffering after the air traffic silliness by playing tracks linked to flying. Also in the wake read more

Three Lionesses almost with The Rock (Ep275)

After a fantastic World Cup for the England women, we celebrate with songs that celebrate women. We also look at read more

Let’s all Relax, kind of with Taylor Swift (Ep274)

It’s another 2 hours of excitement. Scott Fish goes all financial this week. Ben kind of talks to Taylor Swift. read more

Rewrite the Stars – sort of with Ed Sheeran! (Ep273)

If you like camping at night, you’ll love the fact that it’s Global Sleep Under the Stars Night. It’s also read more

A Load of Balls – almost with Margot Robbie (Ep272)

It’s Play Ball Day! So Let’s celebrate that musically with your song suggestions that link to balls! It’s also Spiderman read more

The Revamp! featuring Tom Cruise (Ep271)

After 270 shows, Ben decided an upgrade was necessary. No expense was then spent, to revamp the show, for you read more

Went without a Hitch(Hike!) (Ep270)

It’s Hitchhiking month in July. Did you know? Or care? We do. Well, musically at least. Thanks for all your read more

World Population Day (Ep269)

How to celebrate World Population Day on the radio? Play a load of tracks that link to people? Go on read more

Bingo! (Ep268)

Let’s enjoy the wonderful world of Bingo. How did it start? How many people play it? How did some of read more

Sorry about the Cricket (Ep267)

We’ve all been there. You meticulously plan a radio show and then keep interrupting yourself because an extremely tense Test read more

Superheroes Special (Ep266)

How do you put together a 2 hour radio show dedicated to Superheroes? You ask your legendary audience to suggest read more

Eyewear, Yoyos and Atheism! (Ep265)

It’s National Eyewear day. And in hot weather eyes like to wear sunglasses. So let’s have loads of tracks that read more

The End of the Peaky Blinders (Ep264)

Ben has worked on the hit immersive theatre show ‘Peaky Blinders: The Rise” for the last 11 months. After a read more

Lifehacks Special (Ep263)

Instead of a couple of Lifehacks in the show, why not a whole show of them. Find out how TV read more

Alphabet ‘J’ Special (Ep262)

Songs that begin with the letter J. As well as facts about things that begin with the letter J. Like read more

Clothes are good – unless you’re a naturist! (Ep261)

It’s Hooray For Buttons Day. And Lost Sock Day. So let’s play loads of songs that link to clothes. And read more

You’re FIREd (Ep260)

It’s National Fire Day! Whatever that actually means. It’s also Scurvy awareness day, but there aren’t many songs about scurvy. read more

Alphabet ‘i’ Special (Ep259)

In a series of specials where everything begins with the same letter, and the last episode like that was ‘H’, read more

Dark Sky Money & BIQLOL is back! (Ep258)

Could BIQLOL have ever returned and generated such excitement? You’ll have to ask Ainsley Fannen, this week’s competitor. Plus great read more