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Former Pussycat Doll J Sutta interview with Antonia Jones available now!

J sutta

Former Pussycat Doll J Sutta now turned chart-topping artist, joined Antonia jones for the Saturday Breakfast Show (18 3.17) to talk about her debut album “I Say Yes”.  J Sutta also give the listeners a rundown about life before and after leaving the Dolls, with the band who were one of the most successful girl groups of the 2000s, having sold more than 54 million records worldwide. Plus hear her new track ‘Feel Like Making Love’.

Listen to the interview here:
To keep up to date with J Sutta and to watch the latest video to her new track ‘Feel Like Making Love’ click the link here.

This week’s playlist:
Pointer Sisters – I’m So Excited
Marc Cohn – Walking In Memphis
TLC – Waterfalls
Journey-Don’t Stop Believing
Kool and the Gang – Celebration
What Do I Know
BB Diamond – Praying
Mike and the Mechanics – Over My Shoulder
Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha
Cee Lo Green – Forget You
Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson-The best things on life are free
Train – Play That Song
Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling
Ciara – I Bet
Charles Hamilton feat Rita Ora – New York Raining
Maroon 5 – This Love
Maroon 5 – Sugar
Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger
Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill
Izzy Bizu – White Tiger
James Arthur – Safe Inside
Coldplay – Hypnotised
Rihanna – Sledgehammer
Drake feat Wizkid Kyla – One Dance
Ed Sheeran (Stormzy Remix) -Shape of you
J Sutta  -Feel like making love
Tinie Tempah feat Tinashe-Text from my ex
Jonas Blue – Perfect Strangers ft. JP Cooper Katy Perry feat Skip Marley – Chained To The Rhythm
Bruno Mars-That”s what I like
Zara Larsson feat -Ty Dolla Sign-So Good

To keep up with:

See you this Saturday 25 March 2017 – I’ve got Molly Miller coming into the studio talking nail care and beauty plus former EastEnders actress Maisie Smith is back talking about her new single, which you’ll also get to hear.  Join me between the hours of 7am-10am for a mix of great music, quirky news and more.

The Jed Shepherd Show/Alternative Chart Show ft. Emily Capell


The Jed Shepherd Show featuring Emily Capell – 3 February 2013

I love having Emily on the show. She came in during November and we did a ouija board together and from then on the radio station has been haunted (probably), so I decided to get her in again for my new Sunday show to see what her songs sound like in the daytime (still very very good). If I was pushed to describe her sound it would be; Kate Nash but less annoying mixed with Emmy the Great but less pretentious mixed with a dash of Billy Bragg’s political vitriol and rounded off with a dollop of Bjork’s quirkiness all smooshed into one cute package.


Click on the player above to listen to the whole show from 3/02/13 featuring Emily Capell doing 6, yes SIX songs! I know I often listen to myself while on the bus and laugh at my own jokes. During the second hour it was the Alternative Chart Show and below is the top 10!

10. iyes – lighthouse

9. flume – left alone ft. chet faker

8. shout out louds – walking in your footsteps

7. the strokes – one way trigger

6. snakadaktal – dance bear

5. global deejays – sound of sanfrancisco

4. the hood internet – pyramidspeak

3. zz ward ft kendrick lamar – cryin wolf

2. cat power ft angel haze – manhattan

1. bastille – pompeii (monsieur adi remix)


Thanks again to Emily Capell for coming in and singing so many songs!


You can find her on twitter @emily_capell and I’m @jedshepherd


Next week I have the Essex ghost hunters in so stay tuned for that interview (the show was today, im just a week behind :P)





if you want to download the show, you can do that here: https://www.phoenixfm.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/JedShowwithEmily.mp3



The Jed Shepherd show – Episode 9


dems – one of the best new bands of 2013


It’s the first show of a double bill this weekend.


This is the Saturday playlist for the Jed Shepherd Show.




ra ra riotwhen I dream

blue rosesriver (joni mitchell cover)

bowmont – ruphmiup

local nativesheavy feet

mndrfeed me diamonds (rac mix)

cy dunewhere the wild things

magnetic poetry – paper hands

1975 you

chVrchesthe mother we share

the airplanespaper hearts

iyeslighthouse (SINGLE OF THE WEEK)

future islandscotton flower

sin fangyoung boys


wait what?speak breathe

sky ferreiraeverything is embarrassing

strfkr leave it all behind

chrome sparkssend the pain on

emily capelllouis matthews



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THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW – EPISODE 1: The Rise and Fall of The Greatest New Music Show on Radio.

jed shepherd's single of the week

jed shepherd's single of the week "The Mother We Share" by CHVRCHES


on a true story.


those who listened to my comeback show (Nov 3rd 2012 – first one for about 4
years!) you won’t need me to tell you that I played the SONGS OF THE FUTURE.
Songs that are so new, that they almost haven’t been written yet. Songs so
fresh that… something something something freshness…. hmmm. You also won’t
need me to tell you – as you can recall fondly – how in order to ingratiate
myself back in the Phoenix FM fold, I spent the show learning facts about
Essex. You possibly didn’t expect this to be life-affirming nuggets of info
that may – or may not – have brought you closer to the ones around you.

facts included:

  • The
    mystery of Thomas Richman’s buried treasure has gone unsolved since 1780.
    It is suppose to be buried somewhere in Essex
  • The
    first crocodile to be brought to the UK was in 1701 by Richard Bradley who
    kept it in the lake and grounds of his home in Braintree
  • During the
    witch hunt in the Middle Ages there were more reported witches in Essex
    than Devon and Cornwall combined
  • People
    living in Essex are 38% more lightly to be hit by falling aeroplane parts
    than anywhere else in Britain
  • The first ice
    making machine in the UK was built in Romford in 1871 by James Ernest
    Lighthouse using the vapour evaporation method
  • The
    male suicide rate in Essex is the lowest in the UK
  • Women from
    Essex have larger breasts. The top bra companies sell 25% more D to G cup
    bras than anywhere else in the UK
  • NASA’s
    space shuttle has only ever had one report of theft. That was in 1983
    whilst on display atop a Boeing 747 at Stansted Airport Essex. In total
    seventeen items of value were stolen along with a further fifty three
    items from the Jumbo jet used to carry it. Nobody was ever charged by
    Essex police in connection with the theft.
  • In 1651 Henry Joist, an amateur
    cartographer from Ilford attempted to measure various distances between
    Essex villages. Unfortunately for Joist he failed to calibrate his
    equipment first. As a result Joist’s mile was in fact just over a mile and
    a half. Using his calculations would have put Clacton about thirty miles
    into the English Channel. From then on distances that appeared further
    than imagined were called “an Essex mile” later changed to “a country mile”

you can see, much fun was to be had. I also brougnt to light the mystery and
myth of A DRAGON THAT WAS SEEN IN ESSEX. Yes, a news report that I found on the
ever reliable INTERNET, brought me the story of a live dragon that was
witnessed in Brentwood and lovingly captured in the form of MSPaint and lies.

you didn’t listen to my show to hear about cryptids did you? No. you listened
on the oft chance you would hear new music, new bands and me messing up and
trying to dodge the webcam. You wish was answered and in no particular order
here are the songs I played in no particular order.

The Hidden Messages/Apple Eyes – The Jed Shepherd Show

I have a theme song. Yes that is an explosion at the end. and what?

CHVRCHES – the mother we share (SINGLE OF THE WEEK)

I said around 26 times on the show, I genuinely think this is not only the song
of the week, month or year… but maybe the song of the 21st century. Maybe its
just me. Actually its quite possible I have just formed some sort of bond to
this song as it has everything my ears need, encapsulated in a 3 minute bullet
of indietronica that threatens to TEAR MY HEART APART. Okay maybe not as
dramatic as that, but the first time I listened to it I had to put it on 100
more times until I was sure that a band from Glasgow, who had never done
anything previously, had somehow crafted a song of such majestic pop beauty it
cast a shadow on the entire concept of The Jed Shepherd Show. How am I meant to
play new music all the time when all I want to play is this over and over again
until they take me away to a nice bouncy room with nothing but the people I
draw on the walls as company? I don’t think I’ve been so in love with a song,
so immediately that I daydream about it like its an unrequited love thats
accidentally sent me a text. I dare you not to embrace this like it’s a cold
pillow on a hot night, like it’s a high five from that guy you’ve always
thought was cool but never gave you the time of day, like its a incredible
moment of clarity in your working day when you realise that life isnt just
about trying to make everyone else happy, its about making yourself happy and
everyone else can go eat bees. This song is like that.

The Griswolds –

love The Griswolds. this sounds like a Lonely Island parody song, but its real.
Very real. In fact its brilliant.

Yuko Yuko – My Ego, Your Echo

this is a new music show I wanted to throw in a band that nobody has ever heard
before and think I succeeded with this one. Its also a really lovely song . I
have no idea what its about but throw me a catchy chorus and I’m all up in

Yuno – Sunlight

friend Tina used to call herself Yuno on music forums. I don’t speak to her
anymore. Hope she is okay. I don’t think this is her, but she used to sing, so
maybe it is. *sigh*

Matt & Kim – Let’s Go

welcome on the Jed Shepherd Show, M&K just make happy music. A mainstay of
any summer mixtape and I don’t think I’ve ever heard them produce a bad song
(or at least one without some sort of merit)

Young Dreams – fog of war

genius. I’d never heard of Young Dreams until recently but I have scoured the
internet for everything they have ever done now. If ever a band is due to go
mainstream, just through quality of output, it’s them. Steadily accruing more
and more interest on music blogs across the world, these are one to watch.

Andrew Bird – Three White Horses

Beautiful. Andrew Bird has been around for ages, but this isnt a new band show,
its a new music show so thats why I’ve plumped for this. Summons up images of
riding across a desert with nothing but the sky above you and the sound of
galloping, echoing across an expansive canyon, and then suddenly it stops and
you realise you are in your flat in london and the horse you were riding on is
in fact the arm of your sofa and everybody is looking at you.

Kopecky Family Band – Heartbeat

band I’ve ever listened to has a song called ‘Heartbeat’ but I’ve never heard a
bad one. Maybe bands make a quality tune and then attach the moniker
‘heartbeat’ to it to become part of a great collection of songs with that name.
That’s why I’ve written a song called “Candle in the Wind” about that
time when I threw a candle at a cat on a windy day.

DUDES – Somewhere Close 2 U

knows there is nothing cooler than substituting words with numbers. Okay maybe
EVERYTHING is cooler than that. Good song though, terrible spelling.

Elvis Depressedly – Hurt Everything

chose to play this based on the band name. Thats an incred good band name. This
is probably style over substance as in hindsight I’m not too peachy keen on
this song. Still… that band name eh?

Childhood – Blue Velvet

the show, my ex-girlfriend text me to let me know she endorses this song.
Therefore I retract my previous love of this tune and consign it to the ‘Never
Play Again’ List. I will however play other songs called ‘Blue Velvet’ as a nod
to David Lynch for being the best human being alive.

Crystal Castles – Affection

the most well known band I played. It’s their new tune and its a canny one at
that. They are the band that for the most part sounds like a robot falling into
some Lego, but are consistantly innovative and breathtakingly fresh. Live they
are a bit hit and miss, but exciting nonetheless.

ABADABAD – All The Bros Say

would have been amazing if ABADABAD was the chord sequence for this song. It’s
not though. I checked. It’s a really poppy slice of Americana that I’ve found
myself playing on my iphone most days. I know how that sounds.

Chad Valley – Fall 4 U

Valley is one of my favourite new bands. I will probably play another new track
from them on my next show. they seem to be remixed to high heavens, which only
means more bang for your buck. Google them and listen to their soundcloud.

The 1975 – You

the show, I proclaimed that this band are potentially the next big thing. I
don’t mean that in an altogether good way. I mean they are possibly the next
Snow Patrol. Yes, that sounds like a diss and perhaps it is. Commercial indie
rock for the masses is exactly what they were going for an I think they
achieved it. It’s very listenable and I have oft hummed this on the way to the
fridge. they have a song called ‘Sex’ that should have been the song of the
summer but kinda fizzled out. Give them your ear and you’ll probably love them.

Electric Youth – The Best Thing

film ‘DRIVE’ has alot to answer for. It has brought a bout of copycat films,
all trying to get that same neo-noir look that harks back to neon-nights and
80s sensibilities. I’m all for that. More 80s in my face please. What ‘Drive’
has also done is created an industry of bands who are trying to imitate the
perfect soundtrack. Electric youth appeared in the aforementioned soundtrack
with probably the best tune of all ‘Real Hero’ and in a perfect facsimile of
themselves, have produced a song that sounds exactly like it. This is of course
in hope of crafting the same success, but thats never going to happen. In
summary, this is SUCH an emotive tune, a bit like getting a message off the
ghost of someone with soft hands, who only throws around teddy bears.

Sky Ferreira – everything is embarrassing

of all, DO NOT JUDGE ME. I stand by this song and also the artist. Even though
she is POP through and through. just find this song and listen to it. The
reverb, the pauses, the brevity of narrative, the tailing off of Sky’s vocals
at the end of some of the lines. It’s like it was recorded at the bottom of a
well where every now and then, a villager drops pennies on her head in the
belief the ‘magic well witch’ might grant them a bountiful harvest. I would
have said it was my song of the week but that is coming up. honestly, listen to
any song Sky’s ever done and you’ll be amazed at how creative pop can be.

Solange – sleep in the park (Twin Shadows Remix)

original is awful. This remix by Twin Shadows elevates the below-par to
something akin to radio-friendly Valhalla. again, there’s only approx 5 words
in the whole song, but the repetition and the bass/drum tangle made me wake up
and question whether Solange (aka Beyonce’s sister) has something that other
artists don’t have. she doesn’t. she isn’t really any good, but it highlights
what a great producer can do with the minimum of content. Twin shadows
(Solange’s labelmate) is a force to behold. Anything with the TS name on it in
any capacity is a joy to behold and worth a second listen.

A Fine Frenzy – Now is the start

took me a while to warm to this song. It’s as if it didn’t want me to like it.
Has this song been used on an Apple advert or something? It sounds like the
kind of Arcade Fire rip-off that they would go gaga for. I’m not kidding about
the Arcade Fire-ness of this track or the band as a whole. It’s uncanny but
obviously they do not have the twin-galaxies of Win & Regine to lend their
tragi-vocals to the track, so it ends up being an ultimately empty indie-pop
song with way too much synth in that middle 8. I’m an arm-length fan at best.

Pear shape – the coca cola kid

threw this in as it sounds like every Scando-band ever to come out of that set
of countries who secretly all hate each other. Surprisingly, this band do not
hail from Gothenburg but from Australia! the mroe I think about it, the more I
see similarities to one of the best band of the last decade (Architecture in
Helsinki of course) in the quirky intonations and the lyrical humour. Its
bubblegum, its lite-indiepop, its almost Strokes-esque but what it isnt, is a

Haerts – Wings

the last week this song has become even more popular across the internet. I’m
not surprised as it matters a female vocal comparable to Stevie Nicks against a
backdrop of a 21st century Tears for Fears track. I’m not quite sure where this
band is going, but I want a piggy-back there.

Trails and Ways – Border Crosser

Thats what we need in songs. More Whistles. this track delivers and also has
one of my fave hooks of the male/female – call/response dynamic. It’s just a
well constructed song that even manages to sound fresh when it has a train
sample in it.

Emily Capell – Louis Matthews

this song. LOVE this girl. LOVE. I’m totally biased though as she is coming in
to perform on THE JED SHEPHERD SHOW this week (yay!). This track is about her
unrequited affection to the titular character and her attempts at lovingly
GIRLS, MAN. I will be asking her ALL the questions and listening to alot more
of her songs during the next show. This is her myspace (myspace is still a
thing right?) https://uk.myspace.com/emilycapell
but you can hear hre in lots of places if you just google her name. I think she
is briliant and I will be playing more of her songs on shows even when she isnt

that was my first NEW show of 2012. If you listened in, I hope you enjoyed it.
If you didn’t then frankly you’re not my target audience and you should
immediately seek medical advice as I fear your ears (and possibly brain) are
not working as they should.

Whats on the next show?

Capell and me telling Ghost Stories (and playing new music).