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Health & Wellbeing Conference – Essex Business Partnerships

Saturday 13 January 2024,

Sally Sykes brought along Wendy Smith of Bulletproof Coaching & Liz Rotherham of Heads 2 Minds (Liz Via Zoom) as read more

Drive – Ep 3. Michelle Spencer dispelling the myths of yoga

Saturday 3 June 2023,

Drives wellbeing coach, Michelle spoke about what yoga really is, helping to dispel the myths. “You don’t have to be read more

Get Involved – Dr John Day’s Obesity in Men Research Project – Healthwatch Essex

Saturday 24 October 2020,

  Michelle spoke to Dr John Day about his research project,  Dr John Day’s Obesity in Men Research Project – read more

Healthwatch Essex

Thursday 18 October 2018,

On Wednesday 17th October I had the pleasure of welcoming Dave Sollis on Drive to talk about Healthwatch Essex. Healthwatch read more