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Ep 18 Plantar Fasciitis – You voted and you decided that Michelle’s theme tune is????

Plantar Fasciitis – Plant-er fash-ee-eye-tis — Plantar = Foot Fasciitis = Muscles Plantar Fasciitis = Means cramps or pain, near read more

Ep 17 – Improving your balance – Michelle Spencer Drive’s Wellbeing coach

Today Michelle showed us a super easy exercise to improve our balance. The Mountain Pose Did you know that 1 read more

Ep 16 – Life Gets Good At 40! – Drive well-being coach – Why call her classes Midlife Yoga instead of Menopause Yoga

Our resident Yoga Guru Michelle, tells us why she calls her classes Midlife Yoga instead of Menopause Yoga? Life gets read more

Ep 14 Menopause, Dangers of self diagnosis, Thyroid & Good Vibrations

Song choice of the day was Fleetwood Mac with Don’t stop We’ll be putting out a poll soon for your read more

Ep 13 Do your hips lie? Michelle Spencer, Drive Wellbeing coach

We are still looking for a theme tune for Drives wellbeing coach/guru, Michelle Spencer. Contenders so far are: Bros & read more

Ep 12 – How Yoga can help with insomnia

Are you an insomniac? If so then this will be the best 10 minutes you’ll spend listening on catch up read more