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Drive – educator, voice artist, entertainer and one half of Lea & Lulu!

Saturday 19 August 2023,

Local, Leanne Herring a video content creator, voice artist, entertainer & educator joined Jo who threw quick fire questions at read more

The Arts Programme – 106 – Wellbeing: It’s Good To Talk!

Sunday 30 January 2022,

It’s Good To Talk! This week we talk to children’s book author and writer Colin Taylor. He has been telling read more

INDEPENDENT BOOKSHOP WEEK – Natasha of Chicken & Frog Book Shop tells us more!

Tuesday 22 June 2021,

Great to catch up with Natasha, owner of the amazing Chicken and Frog Book Shop here in Brentwood to talk read more

Chicken & Frog Book Shop – Free Online Story Telling

Tuesday 7 April 2020,

  Michelle spoke to Natasha Radford of Chicken and Frog Book Shop in Brentwood to talk about their free story read more


Thursday 2 April 2020,

  Michelle Ward talked to local writer Jo Lee about her fabulous children’s book JEREMY LOVES TREACLE DELIGHT On Amazon read more