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Ep 18 Plantar Fasciitis – You voted and you decided that Michelle’s theme tune is????

Plantar Fasciitis – Plant-er fash-ee-eye-tis — Plantar = Foot Fasciitis = Muscles Plantar Fasciitis = Means cramps or pain, near read more

Ep 17 – Improving your balance – Michelle Spencer Drive’s Wellbeing coach

Today Michelle showed us a super easy exercise to improve our balance. The Mountain Pose Did you know that 1 read more

Ep 14 Menopause, Dangers of self diagnosis, Thyroid & Good Vibrations

Song choice of the day was Fleetwood Mac with Don’t stop We’ll be putting out a poll soon for your read more

Ep 13 Do your hips lie? Michelle Spencer, Drive Wellbeing coach

We are still looking for a theme tune for Drives wellbeing coach/guru, Michelle Spencer. Contenders so far are: Bros & read more

Ep 12 – How Yoga can help with insomnia

Are you an insomniac? If so then this will be the best 10 minutes you’ll spend listening on catch up read more

Drive – Ep 8 Meditation easy steps – Tips

Michelle takes us through super simple steps to basic meditation. Meditation and the eight limbs of Yoga – You don’t read more