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Fitness In Mind All Dayer – Saturday 25 June 2016 – information for performers

Phoenix FM has teamed up with mental health charity Fitness In Mind and we’re looking for bands and singers who want to take part AND end up with lots and lots of radio airplay …

Our first all day gig is taking place on Saturday 25 June 2016, with the first band starting at 2.30 and the last one finishing at 11.00.

As well as co-hosting the shows and promoting them on air, we will also be recording the shows and producing a special live programme after each show to be broadcast on our FM service and online. We will also be promoting the gigs and programmes in our weekly Brentwood Gazette column too, so we hope that all the performers will get a fantastic amount of local exposure from the shows.

Covers are fine but please let us know if you are a covers or originals band or a mix of both.

The venue is: The Brentwood Centre, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9NN

There is parking available at the venue.

We can’t offer any payment to bands but the Brentwood Centre will provide food and drink for those performing. Plus we’re hoping bands think of it as an extended session, as the songs will be getting lots of airplay!

Bands will need to bring a drum kit and guitar amps plus instruments – our sound guys will supply PA/monitors plus all mikes and DI boxes. We will try and organise a drum share if necessary.

As the shows are going out on the radio (which is subject to Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code) we would appreciate it if there is no swearing otherwise we won’t be able to rebroadcast the songs, thanks!

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