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Interior Design Trends for 2024 – What’s In and What’s Out

As we sally merrily through 2024, the world of interior design seems constantly abuzz with fresh ideas and exciting trends. Whether you’re planning a complete home makeover or just looking to refresh a room or two, here are the top trends you need to know about if you want your abode to be bang up-to-date and effortlessly stylish!

From colour schemes to materials and decor styles, let’s dive right in and find out what’s in and what’s out for 2024.

What’s In

1. Warm Earth Tones

Say goodbye to cool greys and whites; 2024 is all about warm earth tones! Think rich terracotta, warm shades of taupe, and deep, inviting browns. Although they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, these colours do help to bring a sense of comfort and cosiness to any space, making your home feel welcoming and grounded.

2. Sustainable and Natural Materials

Sustainability continues to be a significant focus in interior design. Natural materials like wood, stone, and bamboo are popular choices, along with eco-friendly options like recycled metal and glass. Not only do these materials look beautiful, but they also help reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design, which seeks to connect inhabitants with nature, remains a strong trend. This involves incorporating natural elements like plants, water features, and natural light into your home. Large windows, indoor gardens, and the use of organic shapes and materials help create a calming, nature-inspired environment.

4. Maximalism

Fans of maximalism will be thrilled to hear that this interior design trend is making a bold comeback!

If you’re not already familiar, this trend is all about embracing colours, patterns, and textures. Layered rugs, eclectic art collections, and vibrant upholstery can all contribute to a lively and personalized space. The key is to mix and match thoughtfully to create a cohesive look that’s rich in character.

5. Clear Switches and Sockets

One of the subtler trends gaining traction is the use of clear switches and sockets, like those offered by Corston. These sleek and minimalist fixtures blend seamlessly with any wall colour or design, providing a modern touch without drawing too much attention. They’re perfect for maintaining a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

6. Vintage and Retro Styles

As we find ourselves harkening back to simpler times, before Brexit and COVID, nostalgia is playing a big role in 2024’s design trends, with vintage and retro styles making a strong impression. Mid-century modern furniture, vintage lighting fixtures, and retro colour palettes are all in vogue. These elements add a touch of history and charm to contemporary spaces.

7. Personalised Spaces

Personalisation is key this year. As a result, our homes are becoming more reflective of our individual personality and style. This means bespoke furniture, custom art pieces, and unique decor items that tell your story. It’s about creating spaces that are truly your own.

8. Smart Home Integration

Smart homes are getting even smarter. Integration of technology into the home design is seamless and stylish. Voice-activated assistants, smart lighting systems, and advanced security features are all being incorporated into interior design in an unobtrusive way.

What’s Out

1. Minimalism

While minimalism has been a major trend for years, 2024 seems to be seeing a shift away from the bare-bones aesthetic. The sterile, all-white look is being replaced by more vibrant and lived-in spaces. People are moving towards homes that feel warmer, cosier, and more welcoming.

2. Fast Furniture

Disposable furniture is on its way out. Consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of fast furniture, and showing a growing preference for high-quality, long-lasting pieces that can be cherished for years.

3. Industrial Style

The industrial style, characterised by exposed bricks, metal pipes, and raw, unfinished elements, is fading. While it’s not disappearing completely, it’s being softened with more natural materials and warmer colours to create a more inviting atmosphere.

4. Grey Everything

The all-grey trend is over. While grey can still be used effectively as a neutral, the days of grey-dominated interiors are behind us. Homeowners are now favouring warmer tones and richer hues that add depth and personality to their spaces. Fifty shades of grey is no longer in vogue!

5. Matching Furniture Sets

Perfectly matching furniture sets are losing their appeal. Instead, 2024 is all about mixing and matching different styles, textures, and colours to create a more eclectic look. In a nutshell, this trend is about letting individuality and creativity thrive, rather than conformity.

6. Open Shelving

Open shelving in kitchens has been popular for a while, but it’s starting to fall out of favour. While it looks great, it can be impractical and difficult to keep tidy (just think of all the dusting…). Closed cabinets and more concealed storage solutions are becoming the preferred choice, for reasons hinging around both convenience and sophistication.

Wrapping Up

Interior design in 2024 is all about creating spaces that are personal, sustainable, and full of character. Warm tones, natural materials, and a mix of modern and vintage styles are at the forefront.

As we embrace these trends, our homes will not only look beautiful but also reflect our individuality and values. So, whether you’re planning a complete redesign or just a few updates, keep these trends in mind to create a space that’s both stylish and uniquely yours.


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