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Rising Stars – show 325

Rising Stars is our regular radio show and podcast which allows unsigned and emerging artists from around the world to get their music out to our regular audience of 99,000 listeners – 38,000 on FM in the East London and South Essex area and 61,000 online.

You can hear today’s show again here:

P H O E N I X   P L A Y E R
Rising Stars 325 - 23 Jun 2024
Rising Stars
Paul Golder

Today’s shortlist:

Dr Jaymz – Oh Happy Day
Sarah Leanne – Gone
Scott Briggs feat Samantha Jane – One More Mile
King 40+ – Mindframe
The Ruben – Your Name (Karma)
Alain B – Generation
Mycelf – Miss You!
D Monell Edwards – Young And Restless
Prezzaman – Let’s Brawl Mania
Irrenoid – Filthy Blood
El Larra, Cool & Dre, icekream – Mambo
Bobby Winns – Daydream
Illeeria Lee – I Won’t Let You Take My Soul
Prezzaman – Gillingham Golden Socks
Kal Mystikal feat Rippas Production – Shine
Shar – Miss You (Remix)
Prezzaman – GFC
Jsing – Road Pilots
Red White and True – Rebel Road
Ziggyjay – Bam Bam
Da Grioht – Inside The Hourglass
S3TH – Stuck In My Ways
Latavion15 – Chapters
Ian Dencker – When Stars Collide
Javy Campuzano – Si Te Quedas
Joseph Pagano – Damned If I Do
1HiT 1DeR – Sweat

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