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Surprising a Lady on a Date: Tips for Men

Whether looking to impress on a first or subsequent date, remember first impressions matter. Ladies remember the shoes you wore, the color shirt you had on, and the behavior displayed on dates. The first date is important because she will decide whether to engage further, or not.

Building lasting impressions is important. However, it is more important to be genuine. Portraying someone you are not is detrimental. With that being said, it is crucial to remember that dress codes, languages, and topics covered during dates are important too. Upon meeting a potential mate on an international dating site, here are a few pointers to guide you in the right direction.

1. Topics

Surprise the lady with interesting topics, avoiding politics and other contentious issues. Bring up something you recently learned to be of interest to her. This could be a cooking subject, perhaps something to do with women’s empowerment. Be passionate about it, but don’t be extreme. Women usually know when you are trying too hard. Additionally, you can discuss her necessities and desires more than speaking on the self.

2. Listen

Be attentive to what she shares and offer advice when appropriate. Become passionate about her desires, quirks, challenges, and what she has achieved. It is a different experience for a woman when she meets a man who doesn’t talk too much about his achievements. Focusing on her and her plans makes her feel like you care and it is refreshing.

 3. Gifts

Surprise her with a thoughtful gift and nothing clichéd. It means not showing up with flowers and rather a book, or souvenir. Something that she least expects goes a long way in securing a place in her good books. It takes the little things to make grand moves in making her yours for years to come. A gift also shows thoughtfulness rather than a simple date, as you hope for more.

4. Venture

Seek adventures that most people would not engage in on dates. Refrain from bars, clubs, and even restaurants. Most ladies love a man that can cook. So cook with a little help from YouTube if necessary. This can easily be achieved at your home or hers. It is the thought and effort that counts.

5. Dress stylishly

At all costs refrain from wearing shorts or vests to a date, whether it is hot outside or you just got back from the gym. Nothing is more off-putting than showing up smelling sweaty. It is not hot, contrary to what some might believe. Instead, try to be casual yet not too comfortable. If you show up like you grabbed any piece of clothing that was clean, it means you are not serious. Not being serious during a date implies a relationship may be doomed from the start.

6. Impress her

If you met the lady on an international dating site, she is likely foreign. Learn her language and focus on cute words, not harsh or rude slogans. Thereafter, during a subsequent date, apply these words during conversations and watch her blush. It is refreshing to know someone took the extra effort to learn her language and culture. Don a culturally inspired shirt or bracelet on future dates to show appreciation for her culture. Remember, do not overdo it; ladies notice when you try too hard.

Bottom Line

If it is your first date remember that first impressions matter. If it is a subsequent date, the same still counts. You need to create lasting and good impressions for further dates to come. Otherwise, the first date could be the last. 


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