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Three major renovations that will enhance the value of your home

Since your home is meant to be a space you live in, it should feel cosy and nice. As interior designers say, wellness starts at home, and whether you believe it or not, your home’s design significantly impacts your mood. But aesthetics isn’t the only important aspect – your home should also be functional.

If you aren’t satisfied with your home’s current design, you may want to consider a renovation. Most people believe that home renovation is about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living space, but it goes beyond that. The goal isn’t just to make a home prettier but to enhance the experience of using this space and ensuring it suits your lifestyle and caters to all your needs. 

Hence, when starting a home remodelling project, you want to ask yourself what you want to get out of each room. For instance, you may need more kitchen cabinet space or an improved bathroom bath experience. Take the time to carefully consider what you need a room to do for you, and once you do so, you can start planning the renovation by getting inspired by the most common trends.

What are the most popular home improvements?

After figuring out your home needs, you can start looking at each room and considering how you can improve them to suit your purposes better. Generally, the best way to enhance your living space is by adding square footage or giving your kitchen or bathroom a makeover.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and probably the most important room, as it serves multiple functions. It isn’t just a space where you cook meals for yourself and your loved ones but also a place dedicated to gatherings and entertaining guests. So, it’s not surprising that renovating your kitchen is one of the best ways to add more value to your home. Obviously, you should start with your kitchen cabinets, as they are a vital element in this room, having the potential to make or break the entire design.

If your cabinetry is outdated – or damaged- consider replacing them with new ones. For instance, shaker kitchen units are a great option for a classic and easy kitchen renovation project, opening the room and making it more inviting. Enhancing the storage space is another essential transformation you can make in your kitchen. Kitchens can get cluttered quickly, especially if you have many single-use appliances like a coffee machine or rice cooker, which take up a lot of space in the room. When the room becomes overcrowded, it can affect its flow and functionality, requiring smart storage solutions. But before you make any significant changes, consider decluttering your kitchen – you’ll be surprised how impactful this can be. After decluttering, it will be easier to find creative ways to add more storage, such as dividing cabinet space, customising cookware storage, or designing a small kitchen island. All these changes will make a significant difference in your kitchen.


Following the kitchen, bathrooms also represent a significant home selling point. While the kitchen is a more public area dedicated to community and entertainment, the bathroom is an intimate space. When renovating your home, you want to consider your needs to decide which one of these two rooms you should start with. Suppose you don’t host many guests in your home and use your kitchen solely for cooking; in this case, it may be better to renovate your bathroom first. Besides, this is a safe space where you will relax and get ready for the day, so it only makes sense to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If you’re wondering what are the best ways to renovate your bathroom, the good news is that the possibilities are endless. Tiles are always an essential consideration in this room, and if you choose them right, you can create any atmosphere you want, whether it’s a glamour zone, a moody retreat, or a spa-like feel. When thinking of adding personal touches to this room, consider how different elements come together – what you want is to create an inspired space, so make sure to balance textures and colours in the bathroom.

Adding square footage

Adding square footage is another major improvement that can boost a home’s value. It’s worth noting that this renovation doesn’t come at the bottom of the list because it is less worthy than the other options. It is just as valuable as remodelling the kitchen or bathroom but can be much more expensive. However, if your budget allows, you should definitely go for it, as it has great potential return on the home’s value. One of the easiest ways to add square footage is to include another bathroom or bedroom in the home.

Let’s say the house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. If one of the bathrooms is large enough, you can split it down the middle and have two separate bathrooms instead of one. This will naturally increase the home’s selling price because there is one extra bathroom. It doesn’t matter whether two bathrooms are smaller than the others – this is still a significant improvement that will make your home more valuable if you ever decide to sell it.

The bottom line

Let’s be honest: it can feel daunting to design the perfect home that is both functional and beautiful. When you decide it is time for a renovation, you want to ensure you spend your cash wisely. This means figuring out which home improvements make the most difference in your home, as not all of them are worth the investment. For instance, renovating a kitchen is much more important than changing your bedroom, so, obviously, if you have to decide which one to start with, it only makes sense to pick the former.

After deciding which renovations add the most value to your kitchen, you should give yourself enough time to plan the makeover. The last thing you want to do is make changes you’ll regret because they don’t fit your personality or don’t make your kitchen look good! There’s no need to rush the process, so do your homework, look up the latest home remodelling trends, and start making improvements that will enhance your home’s looks and practicality.  


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