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Warehouse Management: 101

The more carefully designed and efficiently executed your warehouse system is, the more productive your company will be, the faster orders will be completed and the higher your customer satisfaction levels will rise.

With all that in mind, continue reading for advice on warehouse management: 101.

Strive to Eradicate Shipping Errors

Not only do packaging and shipping errors lead to hold-ups and complications at your end, even one little mistake in a shipment order can drastically and negatively affect the satisfaction of the customer.

Obviously, the supreme importance of customer retention is paramount, so striving to eradicate – or at the bare minimum, to reduce – the number of shipping errors is a fantastic place to start.

Follow these top tips to set you on your way:

  • Introduce end-to-end tracking services
  • Ensure all packaging is safe and secure
  • Implement regular and thorough inventory checks
  • Always double check every single order

Upgrade and Update Your Core Equipment

When just one piece of machinery breaks down or even ceases to function to its highest levels of productivity, this can become an exceedingly costly inconvenience.

This is why the next suggestion on the list is to conduct thorough research into the different types of heat exchangers and to upgrade and improve your machinery as and when you can afford to.

Consider Investing in RFID Technology

RFID (radio frequency identification) systems work by using radio waves set at different levels and frequencies to ensure the complete tracking and management of shipments and inventory items.

There is a wide plethora of advantages to investing in RFID technology, including but not limited to the fact that your company will save both time and money; health and safety considerations are perfected; and the availability and accuracy of data are dramatically increased.

Other key benefits of RFID technology as part of your new warehouse management system involve the enhanced levels of traceability of single and bulk shipments and the overall heightened level of control you will be afforded over the entire production process.

Train Your Staff Above and Beyond the Standard Requirements

There are numerous profitable advantages to training your staff members not only to the industry standard needed in order to fulfil the legal requirements relating to what they know and their levels of experience – but above and beyond the minimum levels.

Employees are much more likely to work efficiently and productively if they feel as if the company they work for wants to invest in their progression and therefore provide them with additional training opportunities (even if said opportunities are to be completed in their own time).

Improve the Core Layout of the Warehouse

Finally, and perhaps the simplest piece of advice in theory (yet the most complicated one to actually enact), you need to take a good look at the current layout of your warehouse and strive to make key improvements where applicable.

In addition to moving certain areas and sectors of your warehouse floor around to better suit the purpose, it is also important to ask your workers about which changes they would like to see in the set-up, and how you can move equipment around to make their working lives easier and crucially, safer.

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