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Design your own tin filled with a delicious Dutch treat: stroopwafels

Sweet treats have always been a popular way to say thank you or show someone appreciation. If you are looking for something a bit more unique than just a box of chocolates, however, then we have the perfect idea for you – a personalized custom tin of the original and best Dutch stroopwafels from Daelmans! Here is what you need to know about this delicious Dutch treat.

What are stroopwafels?

Stroopwafels are a popular Dutch treat consisting of two thin waffle layers filled with mouthwatering caramel syrup. The waffles are typically made from a batter containing flour, butter, sugar, and eggs, and are then pressed in a specialized waffle iron. Once cooked, the waffles are sliced in half horizontally and filled with a thick, sweet caramel syrup known as “stroop.”

The warm and gooey stroop is the highlight of the stroopwafel experience, and its flavor and texture perfectly complements the crispy waffles. Stroopwafels are a beloved snack in the Netherlands, where they are often enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea. Many people also like to place the stroopwafel on the top of their hot drink, in order to let the gooey syrup inside them soften even more..

While many people buy stroopwafels to enjoy by themselves, they also make for a great gift idea. Anyone that has a sweet tooth or likes to try something new will absolutely love stroopwafels!

The history of stroopwafels

Stroopwafels have an interesting history that dates back to the late 18th century in the Netherlands. It is said that a baker from Gouda named Gerard Kamphuisen created the first stroopwafel by using leftover dough and filling it with syrup. The stroopwafel quickly became popular in Gouda, where it was sold by street vendors and at local markets.

In the early 20th century, the stroopwafel became more widespread throughout the Netherlands. It was Daelmans, who started their business in 1904 and became really popular with their authentic stroopwafel recipes. After that, other bakeries began to produce them on a larger scale as well. Today, stroopwafels have gained popularity around the world, with many cafes, hotels and specialty shops serving this delicious treat.

Designing a personalized tin

Producing the perfect, traditional stroopwafel is not that simple. You have to use high-quality ingredients and the right methods for them to taste authentic as well as have that crispy texture with a gooey filling. The process can be quite messy and take some practice.

If you still want to sell or gift the perfect traditional stroopwafels, however, a great alternative is to order them straight from the original bakers, with a custom-made tin. Designing a personalized tin is super easy – all you need to do is choose your favorite tin design and upload your logo. You may also create your own design of the tin using provided templates.

Once produced, they have a long shelf life of 9 to 12 months, so ordering a stroopwafel bulk package is not an issue either.

Final thoughts

Custom stroopwafel tins are particularly popular amongst various organizations during the holidays or other celebrations. It makes for a lovely, personalized gift to partners and employees – it’s a small, delicious way to show them appreciation for their hard work. However, they are also the perfect treat to serve in your restaurant, cafe or hotel, next to a cup of tea or coffee.

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