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The Impact of Technology on How We Spend Our Leisure Time

It is simply impossible to ignore the impact that technology has had on the world over the last three decades. There is not a single industry in existence that has not developed since we have entered the digital age. As a direct result of the digitalization of the world, the way we work and socialise has completely transformed. Despite this drastic transformation, the fact that it has moved in stages often disguises just how far we have come in such a relatively short period of time. Moreover, we also tend to look at the impact of technology through the prism of work, as opposed to leisure. This is despite the fact that it has completely reshaped how we spend our free time. In light of this, we have put together this article to take a look at the impact of technology on how we spend our leisure time… 

The Power of Now

Without focusing on specifics, a fundamental aspect of leisure time that has changed is directly in relation to time. The exponential growth of technology has resulted in an ‘on demand’ form of consumption. This is true in almost every respect. Individuals are no longer willing, nor do they have to, wait and/or commute for their entertainment.

The emergence of streaming services has completing revolutionised the concept of audiovisual art. While cinemas, music venues and galleries are still thriving, the act of watching a film or owning music in a physical format will never been the same.

Location, Location, Location…

Continuing on the aspect of individuals wanting to have autonomy over their time, smartphones have allowed for this to become a reality. Let’s focus in on the aforementioned impact of technology on the concept of the commute. There are two main points to look at here.

Firstly, instead of getting ready, making the time and travelling to a specific brick-and-mortar location in your free time, you are now able to access the exact same services online from the comfort of your own home. Secondly, on the occasions that individuals do have to travel somewhere, they are now able to utilise this time to its fullest potential via their smartphones.

The Convenience of Playing Casino Games

A perfect example of either accessing services from your home or on the go is the online casino. No matter where you are, you are now able to play your favourite casino games via your smartphone, laptop or tablet device. Furthermore, it is worth noting that these are not diluted or subpar versions of the casino games you would find at a physical location. In fact, many avid casino goers now prefer the game variety, bonuses and ease of access that online casinos allow them to avail of.

Herein lies one of the biggest impacts that technology has had on how we spend our free time. We are now more in control of how, what and where we seek our entertainment. This has quite literally allowed us to organise our time and live our lives in a manner that is closer to what we want. The example of the concept of the online casino is paramount to this in that we are now able to engage with a pastime in a way that was simply impossible as little as three decades ago.

The Final Word

It is worth reminding ourselves just how lucky we are to have the technologies that are available today at our fingertips. People have never had more authority over how they spend their free, which is something that should be celebrated in the name of progress. 

So the next time you make use of technology in your free time, take a moment to remember what you would have to do in order to experience the same entertainment in a previous era.

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