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Why Using ChatGPT to Complete Your Assignments Is a Bad Idea

Many students across the world struggle with this one thing – homework. From day to day, it’s the same boring but important activity that has to be done regardless of your wish or mood.

Many require not only support from close family and friends but practical solutions. Students always seek ways to make the academic load less difficult. Whether it’s by turning to an assignment writing service or using various online tools, the point is to hack the system in some way.

And with the advancement of technology, and more specifically, artificial intelligence, more helpful bots have started to appear. For instance, the ChatGPT bot comes out with a shocking statement: the homework can now be done in a matter of minutes.

But before you get all excited, keep in mind the bot is the beginning of a disaster in education. And it won’t make you succeed in your studies.

“But why can’t I use the ChatGPT bot to get chemistry assignment help?” – you probably wonder. Let’s get it sorted out!

What Is Wrong With ChatGPT Bot?

Professional writers have come to the conclusion that AI writer bots are not the best solution. The main issue with this technology is that it clearly lacks human perception of the topic. And it’ll highly lead to poor results and bad grades for students. For this reason, it is better to use college admission essay tips to avoid all the possible issues with writing.

There were many cases when students got in trouble after using similar tools as assignment writers. The thing is, educational institutions already use AI-detecting software. A human might not notice the text composed by ChatGPT, but another AI tool will easily crack the code.

So, once your professor finds out you used ChatGPT, it will be considered an act of academic dishonesty. Both your grade and reputation will be ruined – scary, isn’t it?

What should you do then when you struggle with a challenging writing assignment or simply don’t have the time for it? Well, there are other ways to cope with your piled-up homework. For one, you can turn to the best assignment writing services for help. You’ll be able to find a professional well-versed in your subject and complete the task without a hassle.

Alternatively, you can hire a tutor who will explain difficult concepts in simple language. This will take more time, but with some effort, you’ll have a better understanding of the topic and will cope with the task faster.

Still tempted to try ChatGPT for homework completion? Let’s learn more about the pitfalls of sensational software.

What Do You Need to Know About the Risks of ChatGPT?

If you are confused about what ChatGPT is and how it works, here is the truth. It’s a relatively new technology that uses the prompts you give it and answers by automatically writing your task. It uses a conversational style to communicate and provides the information upon your request.

However, the tool can tell when you need it to do your homework and warns you that you cannot submit the result as your own work.

All the information is based on various sources from the Internet that may or may not be reliable. The bot works by just piling suitable words or ideas together to fit your request. No matter how simple and useful it may seem at first, the chance of receiving wrong information that makes no sense is extremely high.

The risks this tool poses are not worth the free use it offers. At this point, it’s better to just buy assignment to save yourself from having to revise huge chunks of text or receiving a poor grade.

Besides getting your homework done in the wrong way or having false statements used in your document, there are also other, more dangerous outcomes you can come across.

ChatGPT could easily be manipulated by hackers. They could cause some serious damage to your device or even collect some of your private data. You don’t want your computer to be flooded with spam emails or malicious software.

The Problem With Originality

We bet you have heard of artists claiming that AI bots stole their artworks or created something very similar. Many have been able to discover the pitfalls when it comes to the originality of the text. Plagiarism-free texts are crucial in college, and you can even be expelled for stealing someone’s work.

And it’s not surprising. The bot has limited abilities when it comes to writing something from the ground up. ChatGPT also won’t provide you with all the necessary sources for a bibliography. That is a huge difference between a professional assignment writer and a bot. They simply can’t compare.

Moreover, with enough effort and perseverance, you can do a good job on your own. Your first draft won’t be perfect, but you can use teacher-approved tools like Hemingway and Grammarly to polish the paper.

Of course, you should apply your own judgment before submitting the final version. Yet, even if you make a small mistake, the work will still count, and you still will have a chance to get a good grade. But when it’s completely unoriginal and made up of chunks of text from unknown sources, failure is inevitable.


It may seem at first that AI bots have almost God-like power, but if you dig deeper and study the experience of everyone who used the tool, the truth turns out bitter. You should be careful with entrusting your homework to someone because your college success directly depends on it.

It’s important to protect yourself from the risks ChatGPT poses and have a clear understanding of how current technologies work. Many sensational AI tools are not only weaker compared to the human brain, lacking attention to detail and creativity. They also can cause copyright infringement or computer fraud.

Thus, if you don’t want to jeopardize your reputation and expose personal data, it’s better not to rely on ChatGPT when it comes to college assignments.

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