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Volunteers needed for two worthy projects that help others

Paul Golder writes for the Brentwood Gazette

Helen Wilkerson visited the studio last week to talk about two Chelmsford-based initiatives seeking to help vulnerable people and rough sleepers – Cool To Be Kind and Street Support.

We’ve featured Cool To Be Kind before and talked about their Rucksack Project, which aims to provide rough sleepers on the streets of Essex with much-needed warm clothing.

Helen updated our listeners on this initiative and also on Street Support, a one stop shop for homeless, rough sleepers and vulnerable people in Chelmsford.

The Street Support website also has a number of links detailing warm spaces, and others seeking to help with the cost of living crisis, which has been affecting many of us recently.

Helen also made an appeal for volunteers to help. She stated that everyone has a skill that could be used to help people, whether it is administration, driving, marketing, storage or fundraising, and encouraged people to be in touch.

We know we have a lot of listeners who live and work in Chelmsford so hopefully this will help to get them involved in these very worthy causes.

You can hear Helen’s interview with Patrick Sherring at

For more information on Cool To Be Kind visit, and to find out more about Street Support visit

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