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Why Is It Important to Protect Your Brand and How to Do It?

Brand protection is essential for businesses from all industries. Read this article to find out how to make the most of it!

Companies need brand protection to prevent nefarious activities known under the umbrella term “brand abuse”. Such measures enable organizations to maintain their positive reputation and avoid losses. Here are a few examples of what third parties might do to abuse your brand:

  • Sell counterfeit products, branded as yours
  • Launch websites that mimic your official web resource
  • Run social media profiles that mimic yours
  • Infringe your copyright
  • Squat your trademarks
  • Steal your patents
  • Let your affiliates earn more than you

To avoid all these problems, you should resort to brand protection services.

What Do Brand Protection Services Do?

Such services perform four important functions:

  • Detect illegal actions
  • Double-check whether these activities are illegal indeed — and it’s not you who is experimenting with new tools and formats
  • Ensure compliance with the law
  • Inform you about their efforts

The service representatives will take down a rogue website or social media profiles of your brand. They will make sure counterfeit products aren’t available on marketplaces anymore. Then, they will send comprehensive reports to you.

Which Methods and Technologies Is Brand Protection Based on?

Brand protection services cope with the following tasks:

  • Monitor keywords. To efficiently sell counterfeit products, malicious actors publish their descriptions on websites and marketplaces. Bots crawl these texts and define whether these keywords match the ones used to describe the original products.
  • Recognize images. The simplest tools can detect photos of objects if there are no other items in the picture. Their more advanced counterparts can find even those photos that feature numerous items, one of which is the target one.
  • Employ machine learning. ML algorithms are highly efficient in revealing patterns and correlations in data. They let professionals who control them refine search parameters and accelerate the search process.

Alternatively, a company can hire a group of lawyers. Yet automated solutions tend to be much faster, more productive and more affordable.

Real-Life Example of How Brand Protection Software Works

Let’s consider the example of the established BluePear solution. It has been working in the sphere of affiliate marketing for over a decade. It has helped over 50 clients to save over $1 million. BluePear is focused on preventing excessive undeserved payments to fraudulent affiliates.

The target audience of this service is brands of any size and niche. Their geographical location doesn’t matter.

To find out how much BluePear can help you to save, you can visit the official website and use a handy calculator. It’s enough to specify only two numbers:

  • Search queries by brand
  • CPA rate in the affiliate network

The tools will show you how much the affiliate and the unscrupulous webmaster steal from you.

The cost of the service depends on the frequency of monitoring and the number of used keywords. Feel free to request a demo at any moment.

The client doesn’t need to do anything. A personal manager is assigned to each customer and they will do the job 100% themselves.

It takes only 5 minutes to get started. The client should only inform the manager about the keywords, search engines, devices and geographical locations to pay attention to. If the client lacks the list of keywords, the BluePear team can compose it for them.

The client will receive comprehensive reports that will clarify the essence and results of the BluePear actions. You’ll get exhaustive information about the ads they show as well as the links and landing pages they rely on. You’ll find out whether they work as you expect them to or not.

Customers who like BluePear can recommend it to their friends and earn rewards in terms of the referral program.

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