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How To Buy Your First Dab Kit

If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy cannabis concentrate, then your best choice should be a dab kit. But, if you’re expecting to receive powerful effects from your dabs or concentrates, like wax, shatter or live resin, you’ll want to know what to consider when buying your first dabbing equipment. It’s crucial that you select one that’s suitable for you. 

What Does A Dab Kit Contain?

Almost all dab kits come with essential pieces that will make dabbing convenient. They usually include the following:

  • Dabbing rig: This is a device that’s mainly made to vaporize the concentrate. You’ll use it by firing the dab nail using an e-nail controller and breathing in the vaporized concentrate. However, this will depend on what you want to smoke. Therefore, you should choose a rig based on the hits you’re looking for. Moreover, ensure that you buy a rig that’s durable and reputable. 
  • Nail: This is the part that’s heated to produce vapor. 
  • Dabbing tool: Most kits provide dabbing devices that make you handle the concentrates more easily. Dabbing kits usually contain pick, which works well with sticky concentrates, and paddle tools, which are best used with crumbly concentrates.
  • The torch: Ordinary dab kits come with a torch, which is used to fire or light the nail to vaporize the concentrate.
  • Concentrate storage: The best starter kit should contain a means of storing and transporting your concentrates. Certain concentrates, like oil and wax, can be messy, so you need something secure in which you can store them.
  •  Cleaning supplies: The kit you’re looking to buy should contain materials for cleaning your rig. They may include alcohol or cotton wipes. 

Some kits contain other dabbing accessories, like a dome. All these components allow you to enjoy your concentrates more and amp up your overall dabbing experience  


What To Consider When Buying Your First Dab Kit?

Here are a few things you need to consider while buying your first dabbing kit: 

  • Search for a high-quality piece

The most important thing to consider when buying a dab kit is to ensure that you get a kit made of top-quality materials. While you can forego quality kits and go for the cheap ones you can find, it’s probably going to last for a short time.

Kit components like the dab rig should be made of top-quality, strong glass material that can endure too much heat. Also, make sure to check if your kit has the correct type of nail that matches the rig. 

Moreover, ensure that your kit contains a nail dab that can resist high heat. This will enable you to heat it to the level that it vaporizes the dab immediately. Quality dab nails are made of titanium, quartz, and ceramic materials. Usually, dab kits contain one of these materials, although you can buy one made of quartz separately.

  • Consider a kit with a dab rig combo

Some devices are specifically designed for dabbing, but you can look for a kit with a rig that’s suitable for both cannabis concentrates and cannabis flowers. You can swap it from a glass bowl to a quartz rig anytime, making it amazingly functional if you want to dab your favorite concentrates and smoke weed with one device.

  • Make sure it fits your type of concentrate

While purchasing a dab kit, make sure it fits the types of concentrates you use. For example, if you’re using shatter extract, you’ll use a separate tool from what you’ll use with crumble or oils. 

For sticky concentrate, buy a dab tool formed like a spoon to aid you in scooping and breaking the hunk without making any mess. For wax extract, buy a cushioned tool to simply hold the concentrate. Lastly, if you want to use more than one concentrate, choose a tool that’s suited for all of them 

  • Easy To Use

The dab kit you’ll buy should be easy to use. This means it should be easy to assemble and disassemble all the items. The nails should also be easy to heat to quickly vaporize the concentrate, making your dabbing experience convenient and enjoyable.

  • Budget

Like any other item you buy, you’ll pay more money for kits with high-quality items or those that come with extra accessories. However, even the most expensive kit will still end up to be more affordable when compared to buying pieces individually. 


Dabbing is the best option if you want to consume your concentrates more powerfully. It’s way better than smoking. The above tips will help you buy your first complete dab kit. However, remember to be careful when dabbing, especially if you’re transitioning from smoking because it’s much more potent. Always be responsible not to overdo it so you can have a great experience. Consider looking for quality dab kits online and pick one that best suits your needs. 


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