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A Guide to a Better PPC Campaign

Poorly run PPC campaigns are costly. You may end up spending more money on your underperforming PPC campaigns. However, some marketers often overlook certain tips for improving their underperforming PPC campaigns. If you can optimize your PPC campaigns, you can improve the performance of your PPC campaigns. Optimizing your PPC campaigns can even maximize your return on investment (ROI) a Google ads audit can help you to see where improvements need to be made.

1. PPC Landing Page

It is easy to overlook a PPC landing page. In fact, some marketers do not even spend enough time to ensure their PPC landing is relevant to their PPC campaign. These marketers spend more time on their copy, tweaking their bids, creating new PPC campaigns, and more. They do not confirm if their landing page aligns with their paid advertisement.

Marketers use PPC campaigns to drive traffic to their websites. However, if they do not take the time to optimize their PPC landing page, they may end up losing traffic. People will not stay on the landing for a long time. The landing page will have a high bounce rate. And the conversion of the landing page will be very low. Optimizing the PPC landing page can increase conversion.

Therefore, you need to ensure your landing page is consistent with your PPC campaign. Your CTA and messages should be consistent across your landing pages, ad copy, and keywords. If a prospective customer clicks on your PPC advert, then know that they are interested in either the message of your advert or your keywords. You need to use the same keywords and message on your landing page to convert prospective customers.

2. Negative Keywords

There are so many things you can view and manage on Google Ads. You may not want to use some keywords in your PPC campaigns because they are not a good fit for your PPC campaign. It is easy to specify these keywords in Google Ads. You should only use relevant keywords in your PPC campaigns.

You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find related keywords to your PPC campaign and to know the keywords you may want to remove. Also, you can use Google’s search query report to find negative keywords. It is easy to use this tool to find the keywords that do not relate to your PPC campaign. If you do not use these keywords, you can improve the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Google will serve your PPC ads to your target audience based on the objectives of your PPC campaigns. It is, however, better to help the algorithm to find the right people. If you do not use negative keywords, you can improve the performance of PPC campaigns. Also, if you do not use these keywords, you will not spend your money on underperforming PPC campaigns.

3. Remove Your Low-Performing Keywords

Analyze the performance of your PPC campaigns to find your low-performing and top-performing keywords. It is best to focus on your top-performing keywords. The low-performing keywords do not offer anything to PPC campaigns. Remove them since they offer no conversions. They just increase your ad budget.

Therefore, look for low-performing keywords and remove them. They waste your ad budget because they do not generate impressions. If you have optimized your PPC campaign for these keywords, then you should know that no one is searching for these keywords. You will, however, need to give your PPC campaigns time to perform. If you are not seeing any results for specific keywords, you will have to stop these keywords.

In addition, some keywords may not result in clicks. They usually lack relevance. So, you may need to rework them. If some keywords do not produce conversions, you may need to check the settings of your PPC campaign and ensure your landing page is consistent with your keywords and PPC ads.

If some keywords do not result in impressions, clicks, or even conversions, you can take your time to analyze your low-performing PPC campaigns. You can optimize your low-performing PPC campaigns to improve their performance and increase your conversions.

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